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39 Traditional Anniversary Gifts Perfect for Any Anniversary Year

Whether you’re looking for traditional anniversary gifts or you’d prefer something more avant-garde, you’re sure to find the perfect item to say “congratulations” to the happy couple as they celebrate their years together. From simple to exquisite, you can choose personalized, handcrafted, or whimsical gifts. Something to suit everyone’s taste, all at moderate price points.

traditional anniversary gifts

Anniversary Wine Box

Anniversaries are wonderful reminders of monumental occasions. This charming keepsake box is designed to hold three bottles of wine (or sparkling cider) and can be personalized to commemorate special days to remember. With several options, the couple’s names or initials, important event, and your personal message are “engraved.” Just add your (or their) favorite vintage.

Price varies

Love Never Ends Wood Laser Cut Keepsake Box

Gifts run the gamut from consumable to timeless. This exquisitely detailed laser cut keepsake box is a timeless gift that your recipients will cherish. Each box is individually crafted and can be personalized with a design which complements the message “love never ends.” Perfect gift for any occasion for the people who matter the most.


Etched Champagne Flutes

Combine the craftsmanship of glass etching with a whimsical tree trunk design, and you have a beautiful pair of champagne flutes suitable for a husband and wife’s first toast, or to commemorate their fourth anniversary with traditional anniversary gifts of glass. This one-of-a-kind gift is refreshing in its delicate simplicity and charming reminder of love.


Anniversary Serving Tray

Are you looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your favorite lovebirds? This beautiful tray features a wooded scene with a pair of white lovebirds. Make it even more unique: the happy couple’s initials and a date can be “carved” in a heart on a nearby tree, reminding them of the simplicity of pure love.


Wedding Anniversary Sundial

For a timeless love, this sundial is a beautiful reminder to cherish every moment together, and makes a perfect gift to give your favorite couple to commemorate their anniversary. It’s a beautiful piece, exhibiting superb craftsmanship, and will certainly stand the test of time. Cast brass is suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

Prices Vary

Family Vintage Wine Box

This beautifully crafted box for wine lovers holds three bottles (not included) and displays a carved “seal” for a fun way to immortalize their individual names, family name, their special date, and location. Each of the three compartments can also be designated for landmark anniversaries, such as first, third, and fifth.


Personalized Porcelain Faux Bois Mug Set

These unique white ceramic mugs are hand-thrown, then the artist creates a whimsical faux bois effect, complete with a heart carved in the “tree” displaying your favorite couple’s initials and special date. Holding a generous ten ounces, these are sure to be their favorite mugs. You couldn’t find a more perfect pair of anniversary gifts.


Personalized Wedding & Anniversary Tree

Who wouldn’t want this elegant work of art with a choice of printed backgrounds (music, map, or sonnet), and a three-dimensional tree in the foreground, featuring three hearts dangling from the branches? They can be personalized with the happy couple’s names or initials and special date. The tasteful frame makes this thoughtful gift suitable for any decor.


Three Nights Wine Box

Choose this handmade box for your favorite wine-loving couple, then place a nice bottle of wine in each of three designated compartments, inviting them to “open on” a quiet night together, a celebration, and an anniversary. With each occasion, they’ll have a moment to reflect on their beautiful relationship together and their bond with you.


Personalized Songbird Vase

For the couple whose taste is as refined as your own, this lovely handmade vase is unique. The rectangular shape and adorable lovebirds among the branches is the perfect setting for personalizing. The artist will add your special couple’s initials and their significant date to add a touch of charm to make this piece unique.


Hand-Stamped Personalized Spinner Ring

Whether the littles in your home are babies or fur-babies, this charming handcrafted spinner ring will name them all. Each of up to four bands can be hand-stamped with your choice of names, up to ten characters. Or choose inspiring words or traits for a personal, thoughtful gift. There are so many opportunities to give.

Price varies

Wedding Keepsake Library

It’s all in the details – from “save the date” cards to invitations to the big day itself. Along the planning route, and of course, on their special day, there are so many mementos for a couple to cherish. This keepsake library is a perfect place to safely store them. Every bride should have one!


Personalized Leather First Dance Song Engraving Gift

According to custom, leather is the traditional gift for a third anniversary. This beautifully engraved leather print is the perfect way to remember their special event. Choose a special song, perhaps their first dance as husband and wife, plus names and the date for a truly unique reminder of the day they said, “I do.”


We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle

The universe aligned a single location, a single moment in time, and two people who didn’t want to be single anymore. Commemorate the event with this cool alternative to traditional anniversary gifts – a jigsaw puzzle map of that place where they met with pieces spelling out “we found each other” and hearts among the usual shapes.


Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo

Long gone are the days when a fellow carved his declaration of love into a tree. This lovely glassware can bring back the sentiment of the gesture without defacing any forestry. Choose a pair of wine or pilsner glasses – or one of each – to be hand-engraved with a tree bearing the loving couple’s initials and special date.


Personalized Cursive Wedding Vase

They say cursive writing is a dying art. This unusual vase can be personalized with a couple’s names and wedding date in cursive as a truly memorable gift for a wedding or anniversary. The rectangular shape makes it stand out, and the writing plus a scrolled design in black on white ceramic is simply stunning.


Forever & Always Infinity Board

Blending the practical with the artistic is exactly what this craftsman had in mind. Choose this lovely infinity board with the couple’s names and “forever & always” intersecting in the middle. Two ceramic bowls in sunshine yellow and sky blue perch upon the tray and conceal two more hidden messages or special memories from you.


Intersection of Love Photo Print

The “Intersection of Love” is a stunning print in grayscale or color, showing the names of special people whose paths crossed and who journeyed to a common destination. This print is a delightful way to celebrate the two individuals who joined together and became one family. Choose optional framing for a wedding or landmark anniversaries.

Price varies

DecorArts Lovers Crossroads Personalized Canvas

Everyone has different taste in decor. When two individuals join together and share a home, they’ll want artwork which complements them and their surroundings. This handcrafted gallery print is a lovely piece of art that reflects the good taste your favorite couple has because they chose one another. Personalized with their names and date.


Personalized Last Name Rustic Home Sign

What’s in a name? Sometimes it’s a sense of belonging, of family, or of tribe. This piece is a warm and welcoming wooden sign proclaiming your favorite couple’s first names, joined by a pair of hearts, engraved above their surname and special date. A superb and thoughtful gift for a wedding, upcoming anniversary, or house-warming.


Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture

If she’s starry-eyed about him, and he thinks she hung the moon, then this spiral wind sculpture is the perfect gift. Heavenly bodies sway with the spiral cut-out which bears their first names and wedding date to swirl with the slightest breeze. A thoughtful gift for a couple whose love is out of this world.


Personalized First Dance Song Cotton Print

What a sweet gift! Does your favorite couple have a special song? “Their song” or the tune that was playing when they got engaged or the first dance at their reception? This delightful print features sheet music from that song along with their first names and their wedding date. Printed on cotton, with optional frame.


New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

When a couple has been together for a while, there’s a lot of history. For a love that stood the test of time, look beyond traditional anniversary gifts and give them something memorable – this stunning, personalized book features the front page of The New York Times on their wedding day and each anniversary since.


Personalized Horseshoe Heart Trivet

It takes more than luck to find that special someone and commit to spending a lifetime together. For those lucky in love, this adorable trivet commemorates their love with a personalized horseshoe nestled in a curlicue heart. Perfect to display as rustic art or for daily use to protect kitchen or dining room surfaces.

Price varies

Personalized Cutting Board

When two people marry, they cut a lot of things out of their lives – like a table for one. This cutting board is a practical tool for the couple who cook together to remind them how great it is to serve up for two. Afterward, the board is reversed to display a beautifully engraved personalized logo.

Prices Vary

Personalized Leather Longitude Latitude Sign Print

This clever print in leather features a couple’s surname, with their address expressed in latitude and longitude – degrees, minutes, seconds, and direction. What a fun way to celebrate a third (leather) anniversary, and take a little literary license by reminding these great people that having a little “latitude” in a relationship goes a “long” way.

Prices Vary

Custom Wedding Bowl

Two little lovebirds, perched upon a bowl. What could be a sweeter representation of an endless love? These handcrafted wedding bowls feature a banner design bearing the names of your favorite lovebirds and their special date. You choose the colors and feel confident in the artist’s ability to bring your message of congratulations to life.


Personalized Family Tree Wall Sculpture

Are you looking for a gift to celebrate family? This amazing metal wall sculpture will “steel” your heart. The family tree trunk is personalized with the initials of the two people who fell in love and the date they became a family. Then heart-shaped “fruit” with the initials of their offspring hang from the branches.

Price varies

Personalized Heart Wall Sculpture

When we see hearts, we think of love. This wall sculpture is a whimsical heart of two colors swirled together into one, just like your two favorite people whose names and special date are cut out to make this one-of-a-kind artwork personal. What a great gift to celebrate their wedding or their steel (11th) anniversary!


How Do I Love Thee From A-Z

Even if you’re usually tongue-tied, you won’t be at a loss for words when you choose this volume – “How Do I Love Thee” – and fill in the prompts from A to Z. This heartfelt and sincere book of treasures will render your loved one speechless and remind them why they love you, too.


Inscribed Leather Desk Tray

For the third year, traditional anniversary gifts are usually leather. This beautiful leather desk tray is a wonderful expression of your love. They spend forty hours a week at work, and having a token of love right at their fingertips serves as a daily reminder to your spouse why they love going home to you.


The Personalized Anniversary Journal

When you give this beautiful journal, you’re congratulating the happy couple, and you’re telling them they have the fortitude for the long haul. Together, they can add pictures and fill in the pages of this exquisite volume as they celebrate their first through 60th anniversaries. What a lovely way to capture history in the making.

Price varies

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

So your friends are getting married. Where in the world will they go? This gorgeous map of the world, personalized with their names and wedding date, pinpoints their life’s journey together. From their first date to their honeymoon to their retirement cottage, they’ll have a stunning display of the places they’ve been. Pushpins included.


Wishing Wall

What a unique and wonderful way to wish happiness and abundant blessings upon a happy couple. Write all your thoughts and hopes on the included wish notes, then tuck them into this cute wishing wall. Or share with the guests at the bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary party and let everyone join in the sentiment.


Personalized Faux Bois Vase

Nothing says “I love you” more nostalgically than initials and a heart carved in a tree. It’s an adorable trope in everything from cartoons to movies to love songs. Give this beautiful handcrafted vase designed with a faux bois pattern and an iconic heart “carved” into the tree with your favorite lovebird’s initials in it.


Our Story Sign Wood Engraved Family Decor

Are you looking for an exquisite and thoughtful gift for an anniversary? This beautifully crafted sign tells the story of a family. It reads “Our story” or it can be personalized with the family name, and “What a difference a day makes.” Choose up to seven memorable events and dates that will tell the tale.


Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

The family that plays together, stays together. Family game night can get sentimental when they play this fun four-in-a-row tabletop game. They’ll be pleased to see the four-line personalized message you’ve chosen, or their first names and wedding date amidst the cut-out hearts. So much more fun and adorable than a generic connect four game.


Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art

Not everyone winds up marrying the girl next door. Sometimes the intersection of love and marriage begins on opposite sides of the country or even the world. This personalized print shows the points of origin of each partner along with their first names, wedding date, or other sentiment bridging the distance between stranger and spouse.

Price varies

Love Is Art Kit

Are you looking for an anniversary gift that inspires a little spice in the bedroom? This unique kit allows your favorite couple to paint on canvas with the most intimate of strokes, creating a true labor of love. The resulting piece can be mounted and hung, reminding them of their deepest pleasure in one another.

Price varies

3 Special Diy Anniversary Gifts

Diy Sharpie Mugs

DIY is often the best way to craft the perfect presents. This list of 21 tips will help you choose the method best suited for you to create all-the-rage Sharpie-decorated his & her coffee mugs for a sincere and memorable anniversary gift sharing fun sentiments. With supervision, this would be fantastic for kids to do, too.

Diy Vintage Pictures in Mason Jars

Photos tell a story. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes sentimental. Either way, this method of displaying photos with a vintage feel is a wonderful DIY project to bring old stories to the forefront once more. Mason jars are amazing for so many things, so you’ll want a few for this craft. These make lovely anniversary gifts.

Diy Sweetheart Tray

An anniversary gift should be sweet, sentimental, and something significant to both parties. This DIY serving tray project is super simple and so delightful. Get your crafty on! Personalized with sheet music, poems, or their wedding day order of service, upcycle an old tray with decoupage and create a treasured piece they can use daily.

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