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24 Unique Traditional Coral Gifts for Your 35th Anniversary

Thought to heal and protect against harm, coral is the traditional theme for 35th anniversary gifts, because it shares the same qualities as a good marriage. Bear that in mind when looking for a gift – this list contains some truly unique and unusual offerings, from pretty in pink items to wear, to stunning jewelry, and even ornaments for your fish tank (so even Nemo can join in the celebrations!)

35th Anniversary Gifts

COMLZD Decorative Coral Sculpture

Made from high quality resin, this pretty coral sculpture stands at 10.7” high and will add atmosphere and a cozy luminosity to the home as it gently glows in the dark.

Prices Vary

Raw Red Coral Bracelet

Whether she prefers sterling silver, gold-fill, or rose gold-fill, this bracelet will arrive in her choice of metal and adorned with beautiful raw red coral stones for a pretty 35th anniversary gift.

Prices vary

Handmade Black and Fossil Coral Weighted Marble Chess Set

Couples who play together, stay together, and after 35 years you’ve mastered the art. This chess set screams style, from its coral and marble pieces, to its highly polished chess board.


Coral Hand-Embroidered Scarf

Made from cashmere modal, this silky scarf will feel divine against her skin, while the unusual design features not only the pattern but the beautiful color of coral, too. Navy also available.


White Pearl Coral Ring

Caught in the fronds of a coral bed, this white natural freshwater pearl makes a fitting tribute to celebrate a 35th wedding anniversary for any lady who loves the Mediterranean Sea.

Prices vary

Golden Sea Fan Coral Figurine Sculpture

This delicate looking sculpture stands on a marble pedestal and makes a subtle yet striking ornament for any room in the house, and is even safe to add to a fish tank.

Prices Vary

The Metal Foundry Coral Wedding Anniversary Sundial Gift

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? While away the hours with this stunning sundial which is made from high quality cast aluminum and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Prices Vary

Long Coral Necklace

Made from white bamboo coral and dyed pink, this long bead necklace can be worn dressed up or dressed down, and, because it’s not made from endangered pink coral, it’s eco-friendly, too.


Coral Table Lamp

Some table lamps are ostentatious, while others are unassuming but stunning – this one is the latter, with a delicate coral sculpture sitting below a pretty cotton shade.


Coral Lapel Pin

The subtle pink of this enamel lapel pin sits prettily on the gold plated brass background, and comes presented in THE cutest little matchbox designed especially for the piece.


COMLZD Coral Sculpture

Looking almost ethereal on its clear glass stand, this white coral sculpture can be used as an ornament for the home or office, or even as a gorgeous tropical fish tank accessory.

Prices Vary

Mediterranean Red Coral Earrings

The vibrant red of these handmade stud earrings doesn’t come from dye, because they are made from genuine Italian red coral and set on 925/1000 silver posts with butterfly backs.


Bourina Coral Throw Blanket

Lightweight but warm, this acrylic throw makes a perfect 35th anniversary gift as it comes in a beautiful sun-fast coral color with a geometric pattern and deep rolled fringe edges.


Solitaire Coral Rosecut Diamond Ring

Celebrate your anniversary with this stunning ring that is set with a 1.36ct solitaire rosecut rustic diamond in the most beautiful shades of champagne and peach, on a 14K rose gold band.


Genuine Natural Pink Coral Carved Rose Necklace

For many couples, roses play a significant part in the romance, so mark 35 years with a rose that’s been carved from natural pink coral and set on a silver pendant.


Coral Stone Coaster Set

Coral stone is a fascinating study of marine life, and these coasters are no exception. Displaying marine coral, ocean plants, and seashells, this set of six would make a stunning gift.

Prices Vary

Handmade Natural Coral Ring

The gemstone of 35th anniversaries, coral plays a central part in this unusual ring, which is created from sterling silver and features a vibrant coral stone set at an angle.


Green Coral Sculpture

More unusual than the distinctive pink usually found in coral items, this sculpture is created by mounting a natural coral in vivid green, onto a clear crystal glass base.

Prices Vary

Live Indoor Coral Cactus

Plants give an outdoorsy feel to any indoor space, but if they never seem to last long, this 3 pack of cactus plants requires the minimum of care for maximum impact.

Prices Vary

Coral Mug Set

Both practical and pretty, this pair of mugs with silver lettering and coral red hearts will be the ideal way to drink to 35 years of happiness and health, every single day.


3 Thoughtful Coral Anniversary Gift Ideas

Diy Red Coral Tree

Using steel wire and acrylic paint, you can produce a delightful homemade coral ‘tree’ which wouldn’t look out of place on any shelf or desk in the home or the office.

Diy Sea Fan Decor

Sea fans, contrary to popular belief, are actually animals, and not plants. Create your own non-animal sea fans using flattened cedar branches and you can ‘mold’ them any way you want to.

Diy Coral and Chain Necklace

Coral is such a gorgeous color, and looks striking against a darker background – take this necklace for example. Made using a copper chain and pretty pink beads, it is absolutely stunning.


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