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25 ROFL-worthy Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend – Funny Gift Ideas

You don’t have to be married to celebrate being together, so if you’re looking for a suitable anniversary gift for boyfriends, we’ve come up with a collection of hilarious, sarcastic, and some downright inappropriate gifts that will have him ROFL at your warped sense of humor. Tell him you love him without the mush.

Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

You, Me, Bowchickabowwow Venn Diagram Mug

If you plus him adds up to something spectacular, this Venn diagram mug makes the ideal anniversary gift for your boyfriend. Printed on both sides, it holds a respectable 11oz.

Prices Vary

Custom Boxer Briefs

Available in 7 sizes, this pair of boxer shorts will ensure you’re never far from his mind, as you can have your face printed aaalllll over them!


Sleepy Head Personalised Pillow Case

Even when you’re apart, your face will be the last thing he sees before he goes to sleep, and the first thing he sees when he wakes with this super soft pillowcase.


Voo You Personalised Voodoo Doll

He’ll be bewitched with this Voo You doll that is soft and cuddly (and stab-able if you fall out) and comes with your very own face printed on to it.


Kiss Cat Coffee Couple Mug Set

Leave something more than a coffee stain on the table with this adorable pair of mugs which, when placed together, share a nice romantic kiss. They make a purrfect anniversary gift.


Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear

Mix sentiment with snark with this super soft Hollabear. Sitting at 10” tall, he’s holding a red fleecy heart which will tell your boyfriend exactly how you see him!


I Love You More Than I Hate Your Farts

When you love someone, you have to overlook their faults. This keychain will tell him just how much you love him, and according to the engraving, it’s a hell of a lot!


Hey Nerd I Love You Keychain

The maple plywood disc on this key chain comes with a fun message to the nerd in your life, and is presented with a choice of (hilariously inappropriate) greetings cards.


Personalised Heat Change Mug

Put your mug on his mug, and every time he sits down for a coffee break he’ll be reminded of you. Heat sensitive, it changes from black to you when filled.


Never Find Your Body Card

Looking like something out of Criminal Minds, this anniversary card is chilling on the front, and sizzling inside. Perfect for the boyfriend with a twisted mind.


I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Coffee Mug Set

There’s a gift for him and one for yourself, too, in this set of matching mugs which tell the world what it is you like the most about each other.


Funny Socks

Are you telling or is he asking? With a foot rub on offer, these socks will take the words right out of your mouths – just put your feet up.

Prices Vary

You’re My Favorite Person Card

If staying in is the new going out, this anniversary card says it all. ‘You’re my favorite person to be antisocial with’ is the perfect message for introverts everywhere.

Prices vary

My Side Your Side Pillow Cases Set

He’ll be getting out of bed on the right side every morning with this pair of pillowcases which come with explicit instructions as to where he can and can’t sleep.


Personalized Leather Wallet for Men

Now you can keep an eye on every penny he spends, with this personalized leather wallet that comes with your face all over it! That’ll make him think twice about splashing out.


I F*cking Love You Gift Wrap

If you’re getting an anniversary gift for your boyfriend, and want him to know exactly how you feel before he even opens it, wrap it up in this say-it-as-it-is paper!


Making A Murderer Funny Anniversary Card

If you’re a big fan of Wrestlemania, this card will touch him like no other. He may not be The Man, but he’s your man, and he’s definitely top of your list.

Prices vary

Yay We Still Like Each Other Card

Someone said you can love somebody but that doesn’t mean you like them, and that’s what makes this card so special, because if you still like each other you’ve got it made.

Prices vary

Personalized Holy Shit We’re Still Together Keychain

Does it take you both by surprise that you’re still together, even after all these years? If so, this aluminum and steel keychain is for him (and you)!

Prices vary

Fart in Your Sleep Card

Do you love him warts and all? Well at least his warts don’t smell (you hope!) This anniversary card tells him just how much you endure in the name of love.


Scary Clown Heat Change Mug

Is your boyfriend a fan of Stephen King? If IT is his favorite movie, this heat sensitive mug will make a superb gift as it changes from happy clown to Pennywise.


You Stole A Pizza My Heart Keychain

If pizza’s your favorite thing to share on date night, this keychain will make him smile every time he looks at it. Made from aluminum, if you choose this for him…that’s amore.


Face Wrap Personalised Gift Wrap

He says you’re the greatest gift of all, so make ‘you’ a recurring theme with wrapping paper which features your face again, and again, and again…available in 1,2, or 3 metre rolls.


2 Diy Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriends

Diy Pop-Up Photo Box

Turn a plain box into a pop up photo ‘album’ with these simple to follow instructions, using just a few craft supplies and a few of his most favorite photographs.

Diy Funny Socks

If you’ve got a Cricut machine, you’ll know just how many projects you can make, but this DIY shows you how to make funny socks with any message you want.

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