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33 Groove-worthy Traditional Music 27th Anniversary Gifts

As Shakespeare once said ‘If music be the food of love, play on’, and play on you will with one of the traditional music-themed 27th anniversary gifts included in our carefully curated list. From wall art to jewelry, and Christmas tree ornaments which you can make yourself, these groovy gifts will make his or her heart sing with appreciation.

27th Anniversary Gifts

Personalized Welded Steel Music Heart

Together, the treble and bass clef create this rustic steel heart sculpture, which features the wedding date underneath the heart, and stands on a wooden base. The ideal 27th anniversary gift.


Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Invite 6 other guests to your anniversary party and together you’ll be able to make sweet music. Simply fill each glass to its marked level to hit the right notes.


Tabor Music Box Your Custom Song

Capture your special song forever with this Tabor music box which plays music from old-fashioned paper strips. Choose your own song or one listed, and ‘play it again, Sam’ over and over.

Prices vary

Anniversary Custom Music Portrait

Beautifully made, this canvas will feature not only a special photograph, but also the lyrics to your favorite song, words from a poem, or even your marriage vows. 7 sizes available.

Prices vary

Sheet Music Art

Framed or unframed, this will make a spectacular and meaningful anniversary gift for any spouse or couple, as it features the sheet music to their wedding song along with names and dates.

Prices vary

Personalized 45 rpm Record

Music lovers everywhere will appreciate this wall art, which takes a 45rpm record and customizes it with a blue or red label which has been personalized with whatever details you want.


Heart Shaped Wood Carved Mechanism Musical Box

Every couple builds their own castles in the sky, and with this adorable wooden heart music box, they can have the music to it, too. Such a sweet, sentimental gift.


Guitar Necktie

If you had to do it all again, you’d still ‘pick’ him, right? Celebrate your 27th anniversary by giving him this guitar-themed tie that’s made from fabric created from upcycled bottles.


Reclaimed Guitar String Gemstone Bangles

This set of 3 bangles has been created using recycled guitar strings, and uses semi-precious stones such as turquoise and tourmaline to embellish the brass. Available in amber-pink or blue-green colors.


Personalized Gold LP Record

Take one upcycled LP, finish it with a gorgeous golden glow, add a personalized label which can include any details you like, and you will have the perfect 27th anniversary gift.


Musical Serving Boards

If music is the food of love, then dish it up on this outstanding serving board. Made from Nova Scotian yellow birch, this guitar boasts a pewter headstock for realistic detail.

Prices vary

Personalized Guitar Pick

Are you looking for a small, meaningful gift for your 27th anniversary? This wooden plectrum scores on both points as it can be personalized with any text or picture of your choice.

Prices vary

Artiphon Multi-Instrument

Connect the Artiphon to the iOS app and start making music your way. This incredible multi-instrument can take the place of a huge variety of sounds, all in one neat package.


Mayan Brass Guitar Pick

The Mayan calendar predicted the world would end in 2012, but we’re still here, and so is this limited edition guitar pick which is made from vintage brass Mayan calendars.


Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker

Connect a device via Bluetooth or aux jack and this speaker, which is created from an upcycled LP record, will play any digital music in true old analog-inspired style.

Prices vary

Personalized Guitar Pick Keychain

The perfect gift for any guitar player, this pick keychain can be customized with one of 31 symbols to accompany the words ‘music is poetry with personality’ in 4 metal options.

Prices vary

Drumstick Pencils

Whether he’s a drummer or just a fidget, this pair of pencils will keep him feeling the beat as they can be flipped and used as drumsticks whenever the melody calls.


Turquoise Trio Bangle Bracelet

Ideal for that rock chick wife who’s celebrating her 27th anniversary, this bangle is made from brass guitar strings and studded with three beautiful turquoise stones and a tiny heart dangle.


Handwritten Sheet Music Scarf

This cotton scarf would make a fine gift for any lady who loves music, as it is silkscreened with handwritten sheet music for either Bach’s ‘Chaconne for Violin’ or Puccini’s ‘Madame Butterfly’.


Pick Punch

There’s one thing a guitarist can never have enough of, and that’s picks! Make sure they’re never without their plectrum with the pick puncher that punches picks from any plastic cards.


Reclaimed Guitar String Bracelet

Using reclaimed guitar strings and gold-fill wire, this bracelet is a delicate but striking piece of jewelry for any music lover. Fitted with 9 turquoise-dyed howlite beads for a splash of color.


Personalised Music Poster

Celebrate your ‘music’ anniversary with this poster which comes in a variety of size and finish options, and personalized with the lyrics or words of your choice, along with names and date.

Prices vary

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Who needs a DJ when you can make the music yourselves? Fill these wine glasses to the markers indicated, and run your finger around the rim for the corresponding note.


Love Tuner

Give someone their own personal Zen with this magical flute necklace which produces sweet notes as the wearer inhales and exhales through it. Tuned to 528hz, reputed to be a healing frequency.


Personalized Music Lyrics Wall Art

Perfect for a country cabin or rustic look decor, this wood-effect canvas will have the lyrics of your choice printed in a heart shape, along with first names and special date.

Prices vary

Record Bowls

Pick a favorite genre – from rock and roll to hip-hop – and Jeff Davis will transform a recycled LP into a stunning decorative bowl, completely sealed. Measures 3″ H x 12″ Diameter.


Personalized Music Box

Choose a song from over 70 listed, and have it incorporated into this cute music box which is made from maple wood in a variety of colors. Optional engraving can be included.

Prices vary

First Dance Keepsake

This personalized solid slate plaque is hand cut and comes in 2 sizes, with whatever text you like printed onto the front – wedding song, poem, even marriage vows can be incorporated.

Prices vary

Reclaimed Music Wine Stopper

Totally unique, these bottle stoppers use vintage violin tuning pegs with sheet music set in resin, and then added to a stainless steel base for a ‘classical’ piece of functional art.


Personalized Guitar Pick

Whether you plump for copper, silver, rose gold or gold-fill, this pick will look stunning, either played or displayed, and as it comes personalized it will be a totally unique gift.

Prices vary

Door Harp

Totally adorable, this fun door harp is made from 5 different woods and three wires which will play a gentle but merry tune every time the door is opened or closed.


Ukulele DIY Kit

Give a musician this kit and they will be able to build their own ukulele. Kit contains all the parts needed including pre-glued fretboard and neck, and can be decorated afterwards.

3 Diy Music Themed Anniversary Gifts

Diy Musical Ornaments

If your 27th anniversary happens to fall at Christmas, these DIY tree ornaments can include your favorite festive or wedding music, and make gorgeous gifts which are really inexpensive to make.

Diy Musical Roses

So sweet to wear or display, and so easy to make, these musical roses are created from sheet music (use your wedding song for added personalization), a toothpick, tape, and wire.

Diy Wedding Song Art

Sheet music wall art can be expensive, so if you want a cheaper version that’s made with love, follow this tutorial which shows you how to make your own.


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