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gifts for 5 year olds

18 Toys for 5 Year Old Girls That Love to Sing, Dance and Act

From pianos and karaoke machines to tutus and ballet shoes, this list has so many present ideas for mini show offs who love to sing, dance and act. Dive in and choose from the many toys for 5 year old girls that we’ve included and she’ll be singing from the rooftops.

50 Artsy Toys (And Gifts) for 5 Year Old Boys

5 year old boys love their toys. Help them to become more creative and hands-on when you introduce them to one of the following art kits that will keep them busy without the need for technology or screens.

96 Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls (Covet-worthy Toy Ideas)

In this enchanting list, you’ll find magical gifts for 5 year old girls which they would only ever DREAM of. We have everything from personalized unicorn birthday outfits, sea-riffic DIY water globes, packs of tiaras fit for a princess, and so much more.