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32 Good Traditional Candy and Iron 6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Iron and candy are the traditional 6 year anniversary gifts, but did you know why? Well, candy represents the sweetness of a marriage, while iron symbolizes the durability. Whichever trait you want to celebrate, do it in style by choosing one of the gifts from this list, which are all unusual, thoughtful, and long-lasting. Apart from the candy, that’ll be gone in no time!

16 Year Anniversary Gifts

Big City Hearts Candy Gift Basket

If you thought the marriage was sweet up until now, it’s about to get even sweeter with this magnificent Big City Hearts candy gift basket that’s crammed with sugary goodness.

Prices Vary

Wrought Iron Metal Scrolled Monogram Initial Letter

This wrought iron wall plaque would be perfect as a 6 year anniversary gift, as it comes monogrammed with the family initial and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Iron Anniversary Custom Music Sheet with Portrait

If you don’t want to give metal, this iron-effect canvas is ideal. Available in 20 sizes, it features the sheet music of their favorite song superimposed over a photo of your choice.

Prices vary

6th Anniversary Iron Heart

Hand forged in a traditional coke forge, this 12” x 12” iron heart is carefully shaped from a single bar, and then personalized with ‘6th anniversary’ along with your own chosen details.

Prices vary

Personalized I Love You Chocolates

Your chocoholic spouse will adore these personalized candies which come in a choice or combination of milk, dark, and white chocolate, with their name spelled out in colored fondant icing.


Cast Iron Heart Trivet

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so this cast iron one will be right at home whether it’s used as a trivet or just as a decorative piece.


Bonbon Blooms Hearts Bursting Bouquet

If the way to your spouse’s heart is through their stomach, then this BonBon Bouquet will definitely win them over, with its pink Hershey Kisses and Lindt strawberry and cream truffles.


Wrought Iron Customized Keychain

These keychains are as sturdy as they come! Made from wrought iron, the 2 inch bars can be personalized on one or two sides with up to 8 characters each.

Prices vary

Custom Iron Keychain

This keychain is ideal if you’re looking for a small 6 year anniversary gift. The 2.5” iron plaque can be etched with up to 36 characters, making it totally personal to you.

Prices vary

Hand Forged Heart Ring Dish

With room for up to 15 characters on each side, this adorable iron heart ring dish is hand forged in North California before being painstakingly etched with those personal details.


Blacksmith Made Iron Ring Dish

Your special message, with up to 45 characters, can be engraved into this ring dish. Made from forged iron, this dish measures approx. 4” x 4” – ideal for an anniversary gift.

Prices vary

Anniversary Candy Box

Tantalize their taste buds with a trip back in time! This box is packed with over 65 pieces of retro candy such as Pop Rocks and Chuckles – will they share or stash?


Premium Quality Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Get a pizza the romantic action with this cast iron pizza pan, and have an anniversary night in with a stuffed crust and a movie. Question is, pineapple or not?

Prices Vary

Joveco Iron Decorative Collage

Measuring approx. 40 x 1 x 26.8”, this striking tree can be mounted on the wall, and comes with eight 2” x 2.5” photo frames to hang on the branches.

Prices Vary

Customized Iron Dice

These hand forged iron dice would make an adorable ‘good luck’ gift for a 6 year anniversary, and can be customized with 3 characters in place of the ‘6’.

Prices vary

6th Wedding Candy Anniversary Card

Say Happy 6th Anniversary to your other half with this adorable greetings card which comes with a realistic clay lollipop and a delicious looking resin sweet attached to the front.


Heart Bottle Opener

Hand forged in Cumbria from an 8mm bar, this bottle opener is made in the shape of a heart and comes stamped with the words ‘6th anniversary’ along the handle.

Prices vary

Iron Earrings

You don’t tend to think of jewelry in terms of iron, but this pendant is absolutely gorgeous. Hanging on a stainless steel chain, this would make a fabulous anniversary gift.

Prices vary

Pair of Interlinked Hand Forged Iron Hearts

Hand forged from iron using an anvil and hammer, these two hearts have been intertwined forever, and are engraved with two names and the date of the wedding.


Coordinates Key Chain

As this keychain can be stamped on all 4 sides, you can have any message of up to 100 characters included, making this a super personal gift to your significant other.


Sweethearts Candy Personalized Print

Choose from 4 sizes for this sweet print which depicts a stash of Sweethearts candies, with one or two of them personalized with up to 3 lines of text on each.

Prices vary

DreamsEden Affectionate Couple Art Iron Sculpture

This sculpture is absolutely adorable, and as it’s made from cast iron it would make a fitting gift for a 6th anniversary. Measuring just over 6 inches high, it’s a wonderful piece.


Passionate Kiss Sculpture

Capturing the passion and romance of marriage, this hand crafted iron sculpture measures 7.5” x 3.5” x 1.8” and makes an elegant tribute to commemorate 6 years together.


The Golden Quintet Chocolate Tower

Feed their heart and soul with a 5-tier tower of some of the finest chocolates around. Dressed in an elegant ribbon, it contains delights such as truffles, caramels, and chocolate-covered almonds.


Iron Anniversary Custom Music Sheet

With a huge range of sizes available, this iron effect canvas is the perfect alternative to an actual iron gift, as it displays the sheet music from your chosen special song.

Prices vary

Hand Made Personalised Iron Bookmark

By default, bookworms love words, so get yours immortalized on one of these unusual bookmarks which have been hand forged from iron and can be stamped with up to 100 characters.

Prices vary

Lindt LINDOR Truffles Variety

Lindt truffles are the epitome of deliciousness, and this box contains a whopping 2lb of them! With a mix of six mouth-watering varieties included, it’s the sweetest gift of all.

Prices Vary

Encore Gourmet Gift Basket

This lot will keep them sweet for the longest time! An elegant basket packed with delicious favorites from Lindt and Ghirardelli and decadent hot chocolate, and finished with a beautiful ribbon.


Boncoo Touch Control Table Lamp

If industrial chic is their thing, this lamp will make the perfect 6 year anniversary gift. The wrought iron base would look stunning with an Edison bulb display, and suit any room.


3 Delicious Diy Candy Anniversary Gifts

Diy Edible Candy Agate Slices

They won’t know whether to display or eat these gorgeous agate candy slices! Beautiful to look at, just follow the video tutorial to learn how to make your own.

Diy Starburst Candy Roses

Starburst are delicious, but you can transform them into eye candy by following this step by step guide to turning these little squares into beautiful roses that are good enough to eat.

Diy Rocky Road Candy

Rocky Road has it all, so follow this post to find out how you can make an entire slab of the stuff as a gift – make sure you treat yourself, too.

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