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24 Funny Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Will Make Them Pee Their Pants

If carriage clocks and vases aren’t your idea of fun, check out this selection of fun wedding anniversary gifts that are guaranteed to make them smile, if not laugh out loud when they see what you’ve chosen. Wearables, edibles, and even printables – they’re all here to spread a little marriage mirth, along with more than a sprinkling of love to go with it.


Sloth Love You Funny Mug

If you hate his flatulence, but love him all the same, this cute mug will make a fun wedding anniversary gift which will make him smile every time he drinks from it.

Prices vary

Fresh Face

Now every trip can be a road trip, complete with the gang, when you order this 3 pack of air fresheners which come printed with the faces of those they love best.


I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Mug Set

Give the happy couple the gift of smiling with this pair of mugs which are designed for him and her, and tell the world what they love the most about each other.


I Vow to Grab Your Butt Wallet

Every couple has their own ‘cute’ sayings, right? Have yours immortalized with this top grain cowhide RFID wallet which can be engraved with up to 100 characters across 6 lines of text.

Prices vary

I’m Just My Wife’s Delicious Arm Candy Shirt

If he looks good on her, give him this fun t-shirt that tells the world that he is his wife’s arm candy, guaranteed to make passers-by laugh. Available in red or gray.


You’re My Favorite Funny Bear

If you love her even when she’s being thoroughly annoying, this teddy bear will melt her heart. Sitting at roughly 8 inches tall, his t-shirt tells her just how you feel.

Prices Vary

Thanks for Putting up With All of my SH*T! Candle

If you don’t say thank you as often as you should, this candle will make a great anniversary gift as it tells them how grateful you are – just a little less politely!

Prices vary

Oh, Susannah Big Spoon Little Spoon Pillowcases

Spooning is one of the greatest joys of being married, and this pair of pillowcases celebrates that fact, with one for Big Spoon and one for Little Spoon. Available in 2 sizes.


You, Me, Bowchickabowwow Venn Diagram Mug

What happens when 2 halves of a couple come together? Bowchickawowwow, that’s what! This fun mug features a humorous Venn diagram and holds 11oz of their favorite tipple, whatever that may be.

Prices Vary

Funny Notification Card

We all have that one person in our phones whose ringtone makes us smile when they call or text. This card tells them that they’re your favorite notification, whatever the occasion.

Prices Vary

Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Aprons

Does she wear the trousers in the house? If so, this set of matching aprons will show the world that while he’s her Mr. Right, she’s his Mrs. Always Right.


12 Years Funny Shirt

They say you’d get less time for murder, so make the most of it by giving her this clever t-shirt which proudly boasts that after 12 years together, she hasn’t killed him…yet!

Prices Vary

Funny Bread and Butter Anniversary Card

If sentimental verses aren’t your thing, this cute wedding anniversary card is still romantic (but without the smooshy content), while poking fun at the fact that you’re the couple everybody envies.


Bottle Opener Bow Tie

Like a boy scout, he can be prepared even when he’s dressed up to the nines, as this wool bow tie conceals a nifty steel bottle opener for those sneaky swift tipples.


Trapped Since Keychain

Put a new spin on marriage with this aluminum keyring for him or her (or both) on their next anniversary, which comes hand-stamped with ‘Trapped Since’ and the year they were married.


I Like Your Butt Personalized Soy Candle

When hearts and flowers aren’t your thing, try giving her (or him) this hand-poured soy candle which comes in a plethora of different scents with a risqué message on the front.

Prices vary

You’re My Favorite Fishing Lure

He might be an asshole but he’s your asshole, right? Show him he’s your favorite with this stainless steel fishing lure which is bound to make him smile.


Head Case

Now even when she packs her bags and goes to her mother’s she won’t be able to get away from you, as this case comes with your mug plastered all over it!


“I Love You”&“I Know Pillow Cases

If he is the Han Solo to her Princess Leia, this pair of pillowcases is ideal, as it depicts the famous line from The Empire Strikes Back in a his-n-her set.


Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear

Even the prettiest of faces can curse, and this pretty super-soft teddy bear carries a heart which tells her, in no uncertain terms, how hot he thinks she is.


Personalized Heat Change Mug

On the surface this looks like a plain ol’ mug, but fill it with a hot drink and hey presto – your loved one’s face appears over and over again.



The perfect fun wedding anniversary gift for the couple who have to spend time apart, this cushion comes with a loved one’s face plastered all over it, perfect for cuddling up to.


I Promise to Love You When You’re Old Mug

If his annoying habit is playing video games for hours on end, give him this mug on your next anniversary to reassure him that you’ll still love him when you’re both old.


Romantic Novelty Toilet Paper

Playing on the popularity of the cutest emoji around, this toilet roll displays a romantic(?) message on each of the 200 2-ply sheets. And the ink doesn’t smudge…phew!


3 Cute and Funny Diy Gifts for Him

Diy Candy Poster Gift Video Tutorial

This candy poster has got to be the sweetest gift around, as you can include all their favorite candy and write the text yourself, making it super personal and special.

Diy Beer and Snacks Gift Bouquet Video Tutorial

Homemade gifts can be popular when it comes to anniversaries, so make your other half this beer and snacks gift bouquet using all their favorite goodies (and some of yours, too!)

Diy Seven Days of Love Gift

If one day just isn’t enough to celebrate your anniversary, how about this adorable DIY gift idea that will give your spouse a little surprise every day for a whole week?

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