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34 Most Unique and Heartfelt Anniversary Gifts for Him of 2020

He might drive you crazy at times, but you wouldn’t be without your husband, so take a browse through this collection of anniversary gifts for him that are both masculine and sentimental. Tie-in his favorite pastime, or go for something he’d never have bought for himself, but whatever you do, choose him something that tells him how much he means to you.


Love Letter Cufflinks

These teeny envelopes open to reveal a wooden note reading ‘I Love You’, and are mounted in a pair of shiny brass cufflinks so he can wear his heart on his sleeve.


Scratch Map Deluxe

You’re on this journey together, so if you’re looking for an anniversary gift for him that’s travel-based, this scratch off map will reveal in glorious color all the places he’s already been.

Prices vary

Beating Heart in a Bottle Sculpture

If your hubby has a taste for the unusual, this beating heart bottle will intrigue him. As water drips down, the suspended heart ‘beats’ and then stills, almost mimicking a real heartbeat.


OUR MOMENTS Couples Conversation Cards

The daily grind can take its toll on a marriage, so make sure you stay connected with this pack of cards which feature thought provoking conversation starters to keep the flame alive.


Love Tuner

Help him de-stress whenever he has a spare moment with this Love Tuner, which features a meditative flute suspended on a 27” chain which plays harmonious notes as he breathes.


12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal

“12 ways to say I love you” is a little book with a big heart, as it comes with a dozen fill-in prompts to explain why you feel the way you do.


Game-Used Baseball Bat Handle Openers with Stand

Made from game-used bats, these MLB bottle openers come engraved with the details of the team which used the bat, along with a stand for displaying it proudly.

Prices vary

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

If you’re forced to spend time away from the hubster, bridge the distance a little with this pair of lamps which show him you’re thinking of him whenever you turn yours on.

Prices vary

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Incredibly romantic, this little wooden box features a heart on the side which spins when a loved one sends a message via the app, and displays the words on the screen inside.


Top Shelf Love Notes Memory Jar

Super cute, this memory jar comes with 180 fill-in memory slips, a pen, rewriteable plaque, and a pretty lid which hints at what’s stored inside – lovely to look back on.


How Do I Love Thee From A-Z

If he wants a reason why you love him, how about giving him 26? This little book of A-Z comes with fill-in prompts to remind him of all the reasons why.


Keepsake Bookends

If he likes to collect little mementos, these bookends would make an ideal anniversary gift for him, as the two glass boxes can be filled with all those special little items.


Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

This wooden wine carrier is ingenious, and perfect for those romantic picnics for two as it folds out into a table, engraved with names and date, on which to lay the food.


Sexy Truth or Dare

Spice up date night with a ramped up game of Truth or Dare. Packed into a handy tube, this game contains 100 double sided sticks printed with raunchy truth-or-dare type questions.


You Think You Know Me Game

How well do you know each other? Find out, with ‘You Think You Know Me’, a card game that sees players reading questions and guessing how the other will answer.


Mamre Moon Ambient Light

This beautiful lamp will set the scene for a romantic anniversary evening, thanks to its soft golden glow and the silhouetted couple cuddling beneath the moon, which can be touched for variable brightness.


Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

Keeping the lines of communication open is vital in any marriage, and this Q&A a day journal requires both of you to fill in the answer every day, with often surprising results.

Prices Vary

Love Is Art Kit

Create a unique anniversary night with the Love is Art kit. Bringing new meaning to body paint, it will result in a unique and intimate piece of art for the home.

Prices vary

The Story of Us

Whether you choose to fill this in yourself, or do it together, The Story of Us is a beautiful gift to mark any anniversary, and will be fascinating to look back on.


Marital Bliss Game

Chores are never fun, or they weren’t until this game came along. Complete each task that’s set during the course of a week, and receive the corresponding pampering treat.


Long Distance Couples Bracelet Set

If distance separates you, your husband will truly appreciate this gift. He wears one bracelet, you wear the other, and when one is tapped the other lights up and vibrates.


Message in a Bottle Gift

The message in a bottle has always held romantic connotations, so carry on that notion with this bottle which comes with a scroll to hand-write and enclose in the bottle before gifting.


Hard Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

Show him you love him from head to toe with the Hard Working Man’s Hygiene Kit, which consists of all natural pampering products especially designed for those overworked men.


Personalized Family Print

Anniversary gifts for him can be hard to find as not every man likes flowers and choccies, but this family portrait, with up to 12 figures included, will fit the bill nicely.

Prices vary

Naissance His & Hers Lovin’ Massage Oil Gift Set

Dim the lights, light the candles, and unwrap this gift of his n her sensual massage oils. Containing natural scents of Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang, it also comes with a wooden massage tool.

Prices Vary

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Is he a whiskey lover? Then this personalized whiskey barrel will be a perfect gift for him. Made from Oak, this smaller version will age spirits to perfection in his own home.

Prices vary

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Personalized with names and wedding date, this push pin world map would look stunning on any wall, as the included pins mark the places already seen, or destinations still to reach.


Elegant Signs Lucky to be in Love Picture Frame

If your hubster is your best friend, then this frame will make the perfect anniversary gift for him, as it contains space for a special photograph alongside a sweet little phrase.


Personalized Socks

With space for up to 28 characters over 2 lines, this 5 pack of black socks will make a great gift for the man who is always losing his own (to you).


Our Adventures Journal

This paperback book is a great idea for any adventurous couple, as it contains 101 ideas for a bucket list, and space to record how each escapade unfolded.


Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

This 2 person kit contains everything needed to create a stunning cast of your and his hands, holding onto each other forever more, the way it’s supposed to be.



Get to know each other on a deeper level with this box of conversation starting cards, which each feature a thought provoking question which might bring answers you didn’t expect!


Date Night Bucket List

If you’ve run out of date night ideas, this little tube contains 25 birch wood sticks, each printed with a new activity, and a place to mark the date on the back.


3 Diy Romantic Gifts for Him

Diy Best Date Jar

“You decide…no you decide”. If this sounds familiar, take the decision making out of both your hands by making this date night ideas jar as an inexpensive anniversary gift.

Diy Open When Letters

This beautiful DIY is a gift that keeps on giving, as it allows you to pre-write love letters to your loved one to be opened at certain times in their lives.

Diy Story of Us Gift Idea

Buy a SMASH book and tailor it to fit your life together. Fill it with memories, and those pages that don’t fit your circumstances can be covered with pretty paper and repurposed.

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