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39 Heartwarming Pottery and Bronze 8 Year Anniversary Gifts

Just like a marriage, bronze is made from merging 2 strong elements, and pottery is made from clay which represents the solidity and strength of an 8 year union. Choose a traditional 8 year anniversary gift around either theme and you’ll be giving a gift that will look beautiful and will last throughout the decades to come.

8 Year Anniversary Gifts

Heirloom Celebration Vase

A wedding jug is a wonderful 8 year anniversary gift – not only is it made from pottery, so traditional, but it’s personalized and can be passed down through the family, too.


Tea Bag Pocket Mug

Tea is such a comfort, but teabags are a nuisance! Save someone from the horror of tea stains and drips with this chunky mug that comes with its own teabag pocket.


Pottery Wedding Bowl

Sweetly sentimental, this teal blue and brown wedding bowl is wheel thrown from stoneware clay and features a charming verse about love around the rim. A beautiful addition to any couple’s collection.


Mountain Lover’s Morning Tankard

Using the views from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the artist hand makes each mug individually, meaning every single one is unique, just like your significant other. Holds 16 oz.


Bronze Infinity Sign

Marriage means giving each other the gift of time, and this infinity sign represents that perfectly. Personalized with their details, this 100% bronze piece makes a lovely 8th anniversary gift.


Healing Stone Mugs

Turn a tea break into a mini meditation session with one of these mugs, which have been infused with healing minerals and set with a ‘worry stone’ to focus the mind.


Bronze Wallet Card

Give them a reminder of how far they’ve come with this hand-cut personalized copper wallet card that counts down the years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes that they’ve already put in.


Open-Minded Couple Mugs

Playful and super cute, these ‘open minded’ mugs hold a massive 21oz. of their favorite drink, and come with a sweet facial expression inscribed on the top. Choose from bride or groom.


Pottery Birdhouse

Give the twitcher in your life a real des-res for their feathered friends with this adorable birdhouse that is truly a thing of beauty. A thoughtful gift for any nature lover.


Bronze Money Clip

Copper is the traditional 8 year anniversary gift, so treat them to this copper money clip that comes with a choice of personalization possibilities and optional burlap gift bag.

Prices vary

Day to Night Intentions Mugs

Choose from stimulating quartz (morning) and relaxing amethyst (evening) for one of these mugs which are set with crystals to impart their time appropriate energies to whoever drinks from them.


Danya B. Couple Under Umbrella Bronze Sculpture

“You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella”. This charming bronze statue depicts a couple, with the man lovingly holding an umbrella over his lady’s head to shield her from the rain.


Personalized Faux Bois Vase

Capture that young love vibe with this faux bois vase that looks just like a tree trunk with the lovers’ initials carved inside a heart. Made from stoneware to last.


Personalized Wedding Anniversary Pineapple Pottery

With a choice of logos – including pineapple, heart, and mulberry tree – and up to 32 characters for personalization, this rustic marriage crock wouldn’t look out of place in a farmhouse kitchen.


I Still Do Key Ring

If you could go back 8 years, would you do it all again? If the answer is yes, this personalized bronze keychain will tell your spouse that you ‘still do’.

Prices vary

Bronze Heart Pendant with 8 Stamped in Corner

Stunning but minimalist, this beaten bronze heart pendant displays a simple number 8 in one corner, then is polished to a high shine and suspended on an 18” sterling silver curb chain.


Custom Bronze Anniversary Keychain

This sweet keychain makes the perfect 8 year anniversary gift, as it is made from a bronze disc and stamped with your own personal message. Available in 1” or 1.25” sizes.

Prices vary

Personalized Family Tree Serving Bowl

The tree has become a well-known symbol for family, and this earthenware serving bowl displays a tree design inside the bowl with the family name added into a scroll underneath.


Bronze Miniature Heart Bowl with 8 Stamp

Giving the best of both worlds for an 8th anniversary, this bronzed heart bowl is made from ceramic and has a number 8 stamped into the bottom of the heart.


Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Finished in a stunning shade of blue, and printed using antique lace, this stoneware pedestal jewelry holder makes a beautiful stand on which to display those favorite trinkets.


Personalized Wedding Bowls

These two bowls nestle together, depicting the closeness and fit of a happy marriage. Choose from a range of vibrant colors and your choice of personalization up to 60 characters long.

Prices vary

Handmade Traditional Turkish Pottery Spoon Rest

Not only is this Turkish spoon rest pretty, it’s functional, too! Use it in the kitchen to keep those stirrers from staining the countertops, or display it as a cheerful decorative piece.

Prices Vary

Whitehall Personalized Claddagh Sign

Perfect for those with an Irish background, the Claddagh sign is made from cast aluminum with a bronze finish and features a traditional Irish blessing and the family name and wedding date.


Soulmates Lovers Kissing Sculpture

Locked in a loving embrace, this kissing couple sculpture captures a relationship perfectly. Made from cold cast resin with a bronze finish, it’s a gorgeous gift for any 8 year anniversary.


Clay in Motion Ocean Tide Handwarmer Mug

There’s nothing quite like wrapping your cold hands around a cup of hot cocoa, but this mug takes that to the next level, with a nook for slipping the hand into.


Hammered Pure Bronze Bangle

Made from 9g round wire, this set of three bronze bangles have been hand-shaped with a hammered finish, and come in a round or oval shape in a medium or large size.

Prices vary

Carrolls Bronze Plated Wall Plaque With Claddagh Design

The Claddagh represents love, loyalty, and friendship – 3 key ingredients to a successful marriage. Hang this bronze plaque on the wall as a reminder of the promises made 8 years ago.

Prices Vary

Blue Dusk Casserole Dish

Colored in shades of vibrant blues, this stoneware casserole dish is meant to represent the sky at dusk and dawn, with inspiration drawn from the scenery at the artist’s Colorado home.


Three Pocket Utensil Caddy

Keeping utensils together and tidy, this stoneware caddy will look good in the kitchen or dining room, as Mediterranean blues give thought to dining al fresco in the warm summer sun.


Bronze Cufflinks

Hand cast from solid bronze, these cufflinks make reference to an 8th wedding anniversary without being over the top. Discreet yet sentimental, the hammered finish gives them a unique look.


JANECKA Turquoise Tree of Hearts Bowl

Handcrafted without a mold, this turquoise pottery dish features a tree of hearts design, symbolizing not only love, but family, too. Perfect for holding trinkets, soap, or even a candle.


Happy Place Mugs

Everyone has one place that calms their soul, whether that’s the coast, the mountains, the city, or the forest. These mugs each represent one such place, and make lovely thoughtful gifts.


Bronze Handmade Blue Green Tourmaline Necklace

Highly unusual and with a definite boho feel, this pendant is made from brass and tourmaline (traditionally the gemstone for an 8th anniversary) and hangs on an adjustable stainless steel chain.

Prices vary

JANECKA Blue Circle Heart Ring Tray

Mark 8 years of marriage with this contemporary pottery dish which is shaped into a heart and features a vivid blue and white pattern. Handmade without the use of a mold.

Prices Vary

Woodstock Chimes Bronze Pachelbel Cannon Chime

The soundtrack to any summer’s day, windchimes make wonderful gifts for those who like to spend time outdoors. This one is tuned to Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D for a classical feel.


JANECKA Tree of Life Soap Dish

Used in the bathroom or bedroom, this soap dish or ring holder features a delightful tree of life surrounded by a matching pattern, and is handcrafted, meaning each one is different.

Prices Vary

3 Diy Pottery Anniversary Gifts

How to Process Soil Into Clay for Pottery

If you want to try your hand at making your own clay pieces using traditional methods, follow this post for 2 ways to harvest your own clay from the soil outside.

Diy Painted Mug

This post shows you exactly how easy it is to create your own painted mugs without any fancy equipment; just mugs and ceramic paint. Let your imagination run wild!

Diy Lace Pottery

Using porcelain clay and lace, you can create a stunning bowl or dish for keeping small objects in, in whatever color would suit the décor, at a fraction of the cost.

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