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27 Incredible Traditional Jade 19th Anniversary Gift Ideas

In Feng Shui, jade is said to represent gentleness, nourishment, and protection for the heart, which makes it an obvious choice for a 19th anniversary gift. Whether you go for a traditional vase (possessed by the spirit of Thai forests, no less), or modern jewelry, jade is a versatile gemstone which lends beauty and grace to any item.

19th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Set the Law of Attraction in motion with this gorgeous Wishbeads Intentions Bracelet, which allows you to carry your intention or wish with you wherever you go. Available with 5 different gemstones.

Prices vary

Jade Anniversary Cufflinks

If you’re looking for an anniversary gift for the man in your life, your options may seem a little limited, but these jade green cufflinks are ideal – distinctive, classy, and masculine.


Handmade Jade Ball Point Pen

A wonderful gift for any lady who prefers writing over texting, this pen comes with an exquisite jade green, black, and gold body, and is carefully handmade to ensure perfection.


Sentimental Sand Custom Karma Bracelet

Does a certain beach hold special memories for her? Why not have a tiny part of it sealed into this beautiful bracelet, made from silver-plated brass, aquamarine, and coral jade?


Gua Sha Gemstone Facial Boards and Glow Serum

Give the gift of glowing skin with a jade gua sha massage board. Based on an ancient Chinese massage technique, the addition of natural skin serum adds a certain oomph.


Anemone Jewelry Sophisticated Jade Ring

Available in a range of metals, this statement ring is hand crafted and set with a lemon jade for an unusual look, and can be engraved with your choice of lettering.

Prices Vary

Jade Two Peas In A Pod Jewelry

Incredibly sweet, this necklace features a recycled silver pea pod with a pair of adorable jade ‘peas’ nestled inside and hangs on an 18” 925 Sterling Silver Chain.


Tree of Life Necklace

The tree of life has long been a symbol of family and unity, and this pendant features a gorgeous tree of life with a choice of metals, and jade chip ‘leaves’.


Peas In A Pod Necklace

Made to symbolize her children (or grandchildren), this cute little pod is made from sterling silver and features up to 4 jade ‘peas’ which are held safely inside.

Prices vary

Natural Jade Gold Stainless Steel Ring

This ring would make a fabulous 19th anniversary gift, as each one is hand crafted from gold stainless steel and natural jade, which is wet-sanded and polished to a high gloss finish.


PETAFLOP Jade Picture Frame

An anniversary photograph deserves only the best frame, and this one is created using a metal base in a vibrant jade colored finish, with high definition glass to keep the photo safe.

Prices Vary

Gemstone Facial Rollers

Crafted using white jade, this facial massage roller is designed to increase blood flow and reduce puffiness, while infusing the skin with positive energy and harmony. Rose Quartz and Amethyst also available.


Jade Bracelet

With a single serpentine jade bead as its centerpiece, this bead bracelet would make a wonderful anniversary gift for the husband who doesn’t like his jewelry too formal.


Jade Earrings

Vibrant and beautiful just like her, these earrings boast stunning facet cut jade stones against polished metal and beads, which combine to create glittering, eye-catching pieces.

Prices Vary

NOVICA Jade Landscape Celadon Ceramic Vase

This delightful Fairtrade vase is made in conjunction with National Geographic and is said to be possessed by the spirit of Thai forests! Official certificate of authenticity included.


Green Jade Drop Earrings

Hanging delicately from the ear, this pair of vibrant natural jade earrings sit securely in a 14K gold filled housing, and come with a choice of backing options.


Feng Shui Chi Energy Chimes

Beautifully delicate and delicately beautiful, this Feng Shui wind chime is handmade and features aluminum, jade, and wood to bring calm and balance to any part of the home.


Jade Green Milk Glass Cake Stand

Sturdy but at the same time beautiful, this solid glass cake stand – in a subtle jade green – is just begging to be set at the center of the table!

Prices Vary

Canadian Nephrite Jade Golf Tees Set

The perfect 19th anniversary gift for the golfer in the family, this pair of tees is made from Canadian Nephrite Jade, which will guarantee that he stands out on the fairway.


NOVICA Jade Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Earrings

In association with National Geographic, these Fairtrade earrings are handcrafted from green jade into hearts and set onto .925 sterling silver hooks for a truly remarkable gift.


Abstract Jade Drop Earrings

Unusually shaped, these drop earrings feature an abstract design in jade gemstone (said to help release negative thoughts), and measure 1 ½ inches in length, excluding the sterling silver hook.


2 Unique Diy Jade Anniversary Gift Ideas

Diy Marble Jade Earrings and Pendant Necklace

This fabulous DIY tutorial shows you how to make ‘jade’ jewelry which nobody would guess was homemade, using polymer clay and a few jewelry-making pieces.

Diy Jade Hoop Earrings Tutorial

Hoop earrings are perennial favorites, and this guide will show you how to create a beautifully boho pair using jade beads and spacers. Simple to make but fabulous to receive.


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