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Gift Basket Ideas

38 Unique Gift Baskets That Don’t Suck

If you like the idea of giving a gift basket but you want it to be filled with things they’ll actually like, try these unusual gift baskets that don’t suck. No, really, they’re actually pretty cool. The Man Can is perfect for a guy who cares for his skin but isn’t quite sure what products to use, and The Entertainer is a party in a box, built for a night of fun with friends.

28 Bubbly Champagne Gift Baskets

No one can deny that a bottle of bubbly makes an excellent gift for almost any occasion, but when you want to take it to the next level, you might need a little bit of assistance. We’ve found the best champagne gift baskets pairing champagne with everything from the expected chocolate, cheese, and crackers to waffles and a teddy bear. These baskets are for a variety of budgets and special moments, so there’s something for everyone.

11 Unique Gifts Baskets for Kids

Gift baskets kind of have a reputation for being a grown-up gift that kids can’t enjoy. Of course, the standard gift basket offerings include cheeses, cured meats, and wine on the food side of things or soaps and body products on the side of non-edibles. But these kid-friendly gift baskets are made for any kid and any occasion from a get well package to a care package at summer camp.

39 Wine Gift Baskets They Will Love

Wine is the ultimate classy gift for anyone of legal drinking age, but don’t just go grab any bottle off the shelf. Make your wine-themed gift extra special by personalizing a whole gift basket. Is she more of a red wine and brownies kind of lady? Maybe he’s into sunny picnics with the perfect bottle of white wine. Whatever the personality or the occasion, you’ll find something perfect on this list.