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37 Gourmet Traditional Wine and Spirit 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas

What’s a celebration without alcohol? Get the party started with one or more of the 17th anniversary gifts on this list, which are all based around wines and spirits. From traditional glasses to unconventional wine-infused soaps, there is even a guide on making delicious flavored vodkas in your own kitchen. Bottoms up!

17th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Woven Wine Tote with Glasses

When they decide to take the party to another location, they can simply slip the six wine glasses into the holders, add a bottle of wine, and they’re ready to go.


Family Vintage Wine Box

Give them something to look forward to with this wooden winebox, which features three compartments – each personalized with names, dates, location, and anniversary – just waiting for their favorite three bottles.


Still Spirits Turbo Air Still

Taking just 2 hours to make a liter of alcohol, this innovative distiller won’t look out of place in the kitchen and uses an air cooling system, eliminating the need for water.

Prices Vary

6-Bottle Leather BYO Weekender Wine Bag

This classy looking 100% leather bag is the perfect way to transport up to 6 bottles of wine from A to B (and anywhere in between) discreetly and safely.


Ultimate Dom Perignon Gift

Splash out for your next anniversary with this Ultimate Dom Perignon Gift Hamper which comes packaged inside a vegan leather suitcase and contains a bottle of Dom Perignon and delicious gourmet foods.


Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

You don’t have to live in the famous Californian wine region to make Napa Valley Cabernet, because this kit contains everything the complete beginner needs to make their own – anywhere.


Wine Cellar Collection Gift Basket

Indulge them with gourmet foods such as garlic sausage, premium cheese, and roasted peanuts, all washed down with a full-bodied Italian red, a fruity Pinot Noir, and a crispy Pinot Grigio.


Wine Soaps

Now any time can be wine o clock with this set of moisturizing hand-crafted soaps which draw on the influences of Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Pinot Noir and Grigio. Bubbly at its best!


One-Pull Wine Bottle Opener

There’ll be no more struggling to open that well-deserved bottle of wine after a hard day at work with this wall-mounted bottle opener which is made from a ‘retired’ wine barrel.


Wine Gummies Trio

Inspired by Merlot, Chardonnay, and Rosé wines, these gummies have all the indulgent taste without the alcohol! Perfect for traffic jams, PTA meetings, or when the mother-in-law comes to stay.


Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails

Impress guests with this updated and revised recipe book which features long forgotten spirits and cocktails for you to make, along with vintage color photographs to bring the ideas to life.


Vineyard Tour Trio Wine Gift Basket

The La Marca bubbly, Mencia Roble, and crisp Chardonnay contained in this willow branch basket have been married up with tempting truffles, choice cheese, and delicious crackers for a real taste explosion.


Real Homemade Gin Kit & Stainless Steel Personalized Flask

Now he can channel his inner Tom Cruise while he mixes his way to cocktail glory, as this kit contains all the equipment needed to rustle up some delicious alcoholic concoctions.


Wine Pearls

There’s nothing worse than warm white wine, so make sure they don’t commit this social faux pas with this set of wine pearls which cool any drink without diluting its taste.


Wine Gift Crate Duo

Containing one bottle of red, and one bottle of white wine, this wooden wine box features a pretty olive branch design on the front, and includes delicious peanuts and dark chocolate toffee.


Premier Selections Wine Gift Basket

Nothing goes nicer with Pinot Noir or White Bordeaux than a selection of artisan snacks, which is exactly what this basket contains – cheeses, crackers, and chocolate filled wafers to accompany the wine.


Chianti Wine – Italian Gift Basket

Give a deserving couple the night off with a gift basket that contains everything they need to enjoy a delicious Italian meal along with a bottle of Chianti by Ruffino.


Wine Party Picnic Gift Crate

Whether it’s a party at the park or a picnic on the beach, this gift crate makes dinner à deux easy, with red and white wines, and a selection of decadent snacks.


Wine Cork States

Certain occasions stand out more than others, so why not give them a way to preserve the memories by displaying the corks from the celebratory bottles in this state-shaped display board?


Etched Skyline Wine Glass

From Atlanta to Washington (almost A-Z!) their favorite city skyline can be etched in frosted detail onto one of these stemless wine glasses, reminding them of home with every sip.


Please Bring Me Wine Women’s Socks

Let her be waited on for a change with this fun pair of socks which convey a message to whoever happens to be walking past. Makes a great anniversary gift.


Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

With the notes marked on the side of the glass, one sip could change the entire song! Just fill to the desired level, run a finger around the rim, and listen.


Italian Gift Basket – Wine Duo

Filled with Italian staples and delicacies, this hamper is just the thing for an easy, relaxing anniversary date night, especially as it comes with not one, but two bottles of wine!


Mulled Wine Gift Set

Nothing warms the soul on a cold winter’s night better than a glass of mulled wine, and this kit comes with 7 aromatic spices, an illustrated guide, and a mulling bag included.


Wine Aroma Tasting Set

Is your other half a wannabe sommelier, or would just like to learn more about wine? This gift will train them how to recognize 6 common aromas in both white and red.


Wine Bottle Puzzles

This wooden bottle puzzle is a fun way to gift a bottle of wine to anyone who loves brainteasers, as it comes with a conundrum to solve before accessing the vino.


Stemless Fountain Aerating Wine Glass Set

A feat of ingenuity, this stemless glass comes with its own aerator in the middle, which not only releases the wine’s full flavors, but also looks really really pretty! Set of 2.


Wine Dispensing Sphere

Cardboard wine boxes are so last year, darling! Trade the card for class with this gloss or matte wooden sphere which can accommodate a ready-filled bag, or use the 3-liter one included.

Prices vary

Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

Red wine and dark chocolate is a match made in Heaven, so head to paradise with this gift basket which includes a choice of red wines and a selection of cocoa treats.

Prices vary

Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

The ultimate multi-tasker, this wine carrier features the family name and special date, and folds out into the sweetest little picnic table that’s just made for 2.


Recycled Wine Bottle Platter with Spreader

Who knew recycling could be so much fun? These serving platters are made by melting recycled wine bottles, and finished off with a cork-topped spreader to complete the look.


Classic Red Wine Gift Basket

Picnics are always fun, so make the next one a special occasion with this gift basket which includes smoky sausage, cheddar cheese, and crispy crackers, paired with a bottle of Italian red.


Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper

Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary you’re celebrating, dress up your bottle with one of these hand blown birthstone glass stoppers which come in stunningly vibrant monthly-themed colors.


Anniversary Wine Box

Simple in design, this adorable wine box has space for three bottles of wine to be opened on different anniversaries, and comes personalized with their initials carved on the ‘tree’.

Prices vary

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Wine, Beer, Spirits & Liqueurs

For anyone serious about learning more about wine, beer, spirits, and liqueurs, this encyclopedia will make an interesting read. Available in hard cover or paperback, it’s over 500 pages of fascinating facts.


3 Diy Wine and Spirit Anniversary Gifts They’ll Love

Diy Wine Gift Basket

Wine baskets can be expensive, and you might not always like everything they contain. Solve that problem with this helpful guide which suggests thoughtful items to include in yours.

Diy Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

These are such a cute gift idea, especially on a budget. Using miniature bottles of alcohol and mini cans of soda, you can add little extras like straws and even paper umbrellas!

Diy Infused Vodka Recipes

Make these in advance and you will have a readymade supply of gifts to give which are suitable for any occasion! This idea could also be adapted to make special flavored gin.

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