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425+ Popular Food Gifts and Gift Basket Ideas (For the Love of Food)

For foodies there’s nothing better than getting food gifts. These days there are more food gift items than ever before, some are great, some are not-so-great, and some are just plain gross. We’ve sifted through what’s available and have picked the cream of the crop in several different categories. These are premium foods and beverages that you may have trouble finding locally. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, something savory, or something delivered to your door, there’s something for all tastes to be found in the lists below.

Top Foods Gifts with a Cult Following

35 Gifts that Will Drive Bacon Lovers Oinky

All Hail the Bacon! This is clearly the king of meats, and nothing quite drives a bacon lover wild like the smell of bacon, and the snap of it in the pan. Luckily for them, and you the gift giver, there are more bacon-related products available than ever before, so your only job is to pick through this long list of bacon accessories and choose which one you think fits them best. Don’t be offended if they start ignoring you while they marvel at their bacon gift.

22 Pickle Gifts the Sauerkraut In Your Life Will Love

They’ll be pickled tink when they see you’ve picked out a pickle gift for them. Each of these gifts pays homage to the humble pickle, whether it’s a pickle flavored lip balm, a pack of pickle pouches, a pickle that yodels, or even pickle toothpaste, they’ll definitely get their fill of pickle gear and be all set for at least the next year on pickle merchandise.

Food Subscription Boxes and the Best Mail Order Food

11 Worthy Monthly Subscription Boxes for Foodies (So Addicted to These!)

There are a growing number of food box subscription services, and we say the more the merrier. These usually consist of specialty boxes and are full of delicious foods selected from around world for their flavor and quality, and shipped to your door. They change it up each month so there’s always something new, and some let you customize what you receive. It’s fun to sample the different boxes and stay on with the ones you love.

100 Greatest Mail Order Foods of All-Time (YUM!)

Getting high quality food delivered to your door is a real treat. There are companies out there that will send you foods that are better than what you’ll find in your local grocery store, and in many cases will even cover the shipping charges. There are sweet desserts, salty snacks, premium meats and seafood, beverages, gift bags, and more, all sent through the mail so you never have to leave home.

Drink Gift Ideas: Beer, Wine, Coffee, Tea and Other Popular Drinks

36 Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Beer lovers are pretty easy to shop for, because anything that helps them make beer, drink beer, or display proudly their love of beer is a clear winner. These gifts will help beer novices choose a great gift for the beer aficionado in their life. You’ll be presented with an assortment of helpful and creative gifts all geared towards maximum beer enjoyment. Just be prepared to share a pint with them in celebration of their new gift.

21 Beer Gift Baskets (The HOLY GRAIL of Beer Gifts)

Got a beer lover on your gift list? Scroll through the holy grail of beer picks and find something that’ll put a smile on their faces (and in their bellies). You won’t only find beer in drink form, though: ever heard of beer soap? We hadn’t either!

57 Buzzworthy Gifts for Coffee Lovers

If they’ve just gotta have their coffee in the morning you know you’re dealing with a true coffee addict, er, we mean coffee lover. That makes picking out a gift a no brainer because anything that makes their coffee experience better is going to be well received. Choose from items like specialty beans, self-stirring coffee mugs, and some of the best coffee brewing machines on the planet.

31 Awesome Gifts for Drinkers, Drunks & Boozehounds

Give them what they really want this year and throw away any concerns about being an enabler. These gifts are all perfect for the person that likes to tie a few on every now and then. Or the person that likes to tie on a few more after they’ve tied on the first few. You’ll find items that help them keep their drinks cold, help them make their own beer, store their own keg, and serve up icy cold shots.

43 Unique and Useful Gifts for Tea Lovers

Drinking tea can be a very soothing experience, and if you know someone that loses themselves in a cup, you know you’ve got them pegged for a gift. With the assortment of gifts we’ve preselected for you you’ll have no trouble coming to a quick decision of what to get them. We have unique infusers, specially designed mugs, rare and exotic teas, and even a traditional Japanese tea kit among others.

38 Gifts for Wine Lovers & Connoisseurs

Like a fine wine, the love of wine is something that only gets better over time. That means that any wine-based gift you get for a wine lover will be something they use for a long time, as long as it’s not a bottle of wine. Luckily most of the gifts on this list are not wine, but actually things that will help them create the perfect wine drinking experience, complete with surrounding ambiance. It’s simply a matter of selecting what you think fits their taste best.

30 Perfect Gifts for Whiskey Lovers and Aficionados

Help your favorite whiskey lover take things to the next level. Aficionados will rejoice when you give them the perfect gift to enhance their whiskey drinking experience. From whiskey themed decorations to make-at-home kits, this list will help you give them something they’ll love.

Tasty Gourmet Food Gifts That are Worth the Cost

Fruit Gift Ideas: 25 of the Juiciest Fruit Gifts

Let’s be real: there’s nothing better than biting into a juicy piece of fruit. Give the delicious gift of nature’s dessert to someone you love this year. We’ve made it easy by rounding up the juiciest fruit gift ideas we could find. We won’t tell if you end up stealing any of these for yourself.

45 Cheese Gift Ideas: From the Mild, to the Just Plain Stinky

If someone on your gift list can’t get enough cheese, make their taste buds sing with one of these delish gifts. You’ll also find the best tools to help them step up their personal cheese game. Whether you go for mild or just plain stinky, they’ll appreciate you incorporating cheese into their gift.

Chocolate, Baked Goods and Other Sweets

58 Decadent Chocolate Gifts for Chocoholics

For the truly chocolate-obsessed, you don’t have to think very hard about what kind of gift you want to shop for. Still, with so many chocolaty choices, you can pick something that will stand out against the simple boxes of assorted chocolates. Anatomically correct chocolate skulls are perfect for the chocolate-loving biologist, while a bottle of champagne and chocolate fondue for two is sure to earn you brownie points with your honey.

17 Candy Gifts to Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth

For someone who’s got a real taste for the sweet stuff, a jumbo bag of Reese’s cups probably isn’t going to cut it. Pull out all the stops for fancier, delicious treats like violet hard candies, gourmet fudge, and melt-in-your-mouth Vermont maple candies. They’d thank you profusely for the gift, but you might need to let that slide—their mouth will be too full!

21 Romantic Chocolate Gifts

Nothing says romance like some fancy chocolate, if you ask us. But you’re going to want to put down that run-of-the-mill box of mixed chocolates from the local supermarket. We’ve got some much more unusual chocolate gifts for you to choose from, like a tower of chocolate covered strawberries, a bouquet of chocolate roses, or a mint chocolate scrub that’s good enough to eat. If you pick something good, maybe your honey will share.

40 Cookie Gifts for Cookie Lovers and Bakers

For someone who loves cookies and baking, almond anything cookie-themed or useful in the kitchen makes a great gift they can actually use. This list is full of winners like the face-shaped mug with a special compartment in the bottom for dippable cookies, eco-friendly reusable silicone baking mats, or a three-tier cooling rack to help make lots of space for lots of cookies in a smaller kitchen. If all else fails, dinosaur cookie cutters are pretty cool.

26 Popcorn Gifts That Don’t Taste Like Cardboard

Don’t pretend you don’t know what we mean—pre-made popcorn can be a stale and lackluster gift if you buy the wrong kind. Luckily, this list is here to save the day with all of the best popcorn gifts for any popcorn taste, from movie theater style to simple sea salt, Amish country popcorn samplers, or seasoning sets for the chef who prefers to pop their own. Get them the good stuff!

Other Great Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks

127 Best Gifts for People That Love to Cook

For some, cooking is stressful and a chore, for others it’s a love and an art form. If you have someone in your life that loves to cook, chances are they’d be happy to own at least one of the items on this list. They represent some of the finer things in the world of cooking and kitchen products, and will make the experience even more enjoyable for the cooking enthusiast.

39 Unique Edible Stocking Stuffers

Have your stocking stuffer edibles gone bland? Time to liven things up with this eclectic assortment of yummy and unique stocking stuffer snacks. Each one has a unique twist to it, and there are some pretty clever items as well, like bacon lollipops which will appeal to the bacon lover in the family, and even crackers made with Soylent Green (people) that only old movie buffs will understand.