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175+ Cool Gifts and Toys for 1 Year Old Girls and Boys

47 Genius Gifts for Creative 1 Year Olds

Start your little one off young and grab them something awesome from this collection of the best toys and gifts for 1 year olds. Compiled with creative children in mind, it is the perfect way to kickstart a lifetime of problem solving, designing and just enjoying themselves. Take a look, you really can’t go wrong.

50 Brilliant Toys to Fuel Your 1 Year Old Girls Mind, Body and Soul

Whether you are looking for a toy or gift that is STEM-based, practical or just plain cool, you will find something here that will all benefit your 1 year old boy or girls life in whatever way you want.

50 Toys for 1 Year Old Boys That Are Equal Parts Educational and Fun

If you are fast approaching a time in which you will need to buy some gifts for 1 year olds, do not fret. On the following page, you will find a complete list of toys and other gift ideas that are perfectly appropriate for your litle one. The difficulty will be choosing just one.

55 Cute and Huggable Gifts for 1 Year Olds

Delight in your little one’s discovery of life, the universe, and everything else with an abundance of super-plush, super-cuddly plush toys. From prehistoric figures and biblical heroes, to furry friends and mythical creatures, they can count on smiles, learning, and joy in these hugely huggable charmers.

39 Unique Ideas for 1 Year Old Birthday Gifts

As that all-important 1st birthday rolls around, you’ll no doubt be searching for unique gifts to mark the occasion. This comprehensive list of entertaining, educational, and fun toys will thrill and excite the little ones. Whether it’s a soccer ball or a tree sapling, your gift is sure to be a hit!

105 Must-Buy Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys and Girls

It’s not always easy knowing what to buy for 1 year olds. Do you go for fun, or functional? Toddler specific or one that will last? Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the research for you, and come up with a comprehensive list for boys and girls which covers all possibilities – it’s as easy as ABC!

38 Essential Gifts for Parents with Active 1 Year Olds

Looking for a gift for a little livewire and don’t know where to start? Then look no further, because we have collated some awesome gifts for those 12 month munchkins that will help them stay active and burn off that excess energy, meaning their worn-out parents get a chance to breathe.

33 Incredibly Expensive Gifts for 1 Year Olds and Their Parents

Do you have a child with an upcoming 1st birthday? If so, choosing gifts isn’t as easy as you think, which is why sometimes it’s worth splashing the extra cash to buy them something extravagant. These incredible gifts might be expensive, but the look on their face will be so worth it.

32 Pint-Sized Etsy Gifts for the 1 Year Old Who Has Everything

1 year olds have everything they need, so what on earth do you buy to celebrate that all-important 1st birthday? Stores are full of toys and games, but if you want something a little different, these Etsy gifts will be a pleasure to both give and to receive, and make wonderfully unique keepsakes, too.

35 Innovative Gifts for the Accident Prone 1 Year Old

Unless you want to wrap your 1 year old up in cotton balls, chances are they’re going to have more than a few bumps and bruises along the way, especially if they’re accident prone. These innovative items make great gifts that will delight any child, and help Mom and Dad breathe a little easier, too.