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37 Incredible Fruit and Flower 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Traditional)

After 4 years together a marriage is said to have fully bloomed, which is why fruit and flowers is the traditional theme for 4th anniversary gifts. Whether it’s flowers to put on, something to put them in, or even a harvest of deliciously ripe fruits to share in an intimate celebratory picnic for two, there is an abundance of beautifully colorful gifts in this lift that are ripe for the taking!

4th Anniversary Gifts

Apple Tree To Be Kit

Sow the seeds of love with the Apple Tree To Be Kit, a unique 4th anniversary gift which comes with everything needed to grow a beautiful apple tree at home.


Flower Water Gift Set

Flower water can be used to add a delicate fragrance to almost anything; this set comes with rose, jasmine, and lavender waters, as well as almond oil for beautifully smooth skin.


Floral Heart Necklaces

Baby’s breath and forget-me-nots are 2 of the most delicate but beautiful flowers you can find. Capture them in a heart-shaped sterling silver pendant which hangs on a 20” chain.


Floral Tealight Trough

Flowers die all too soon, but they make such beautiful gifts. Make them everlasting with this tealight holder which casts a warm floral shadow in the flickering light.


Moving Flower Kit

Made from Baltic birch, the parts in this kit build into a unique jewelry holder. Twist the base and the ‘petals’ open to reveal a delicate ballerina holding the rings.


Gardenia Soap Flower

So unusual, every petal on this gorgeous gardenia flower can be removed and used as an individual soap – one by one. Handmade from coconut oil, goat’s milk, and mango butter.


Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

If there’s no room in the garden, bring the garden indoors with a windowsill growing kit for one of 3 edible flowers – chamomile, pansy, or zinnia – in a pretty colored mason jar.


Map 3D Apple

The perfect gift for an avid traveller, this apple can be made from a US, UK, or world atlas, while the adorable leaf can be personalized with text of your choice.


Flower Ball Locket

Made from sterling silver and 24K gold plate, this delightful sphere pendant is made up of tiny filigree flowers – nestled inside the sphere is a miniature golden bird.


Teabloom Flowering Tea & Teapot Gift Set

These blooming tea pods look stunning as they blossom inside the clear glass teapot, and produce exotically flavored teas which can be kept warm above the matching glass tea warmer.


Wedding Bouquet Painting Replica

The bridal bouquet is every bit as important as the dress, so why not have it immortalized with a gorgeous embroidered portrait of her own special flowers?

Prices vary

Calming Waters Relaxation Set

Nothing calms the soul like a relaxing bath, and this kit comes with a beautiful shea butter bath bomb, lavender and frankincense candle, bath salts, and an indulgent petal-laden tea bath.


Baby Watermelon Grow Kit

With everything included, this kit will provide you with a crop of adorable baby watermelons to enjoy. Simply start it off indoors and then transplant outside when the time is right.


Steeping Flower Blossoms

As beautiful to taste as they are to look at, these steeping flower blossoms produce delicious teas that can be enjoyed at any time. Make in glass teapot for full visual impact.

Prices vary

Berry Buddy

Washing those own-picked berries can be a messy job, but this stoneware Berry Buddy comes with a built-in drip catcher and spout to minimize spills – perfect for that rustic-design kitchen.


Sun-Kissed Hilltop Botanist Bangle

With real flowers and plant elements hand placed and encased in resin, this stunning bangle would make the perfect 4th anniversary gift for the lady who loves all things floral.


Begin Anew Lotus Blossom Rings

Choose from either 18K gold or sterling silver for this stunning ring which bears a delicate lotus flower, the symbol of renewal, promise, and starting each day anew.


Sangria Inspired Fruit Salsa

Putting a new twist on an old favorite, this set of three sangria salsas combine cherry rioja, peach rosé, and apple Riesling with delicious spices for a delectable taste sensation.


Box of Flowers Soaps

Using only the best natural ingredients – like coconut oil and shea butter – this quartet of handmade soaps in jasmine, peony, gardenia, and calla lily scents will make a thoughtful anniversary offering.


Flower Carved Custom Wedding Bowls

This gorgeous wedding bowl is hand-thrown using brown stoneware, before being decorated with intricate patterns and personalized hand carved details. Available in rich floral leaf, or light green lotus patterns.

Prices vary

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Whatever month you’re celebrating, these kits have a flower for you, from January’s carnation to December’s red zinnia. Comes with everything needed for indoor blooming, including seeds, jar, and growing medium.


Press & Infuse Bottle

This brilliant little water bottle doesn’t just infuse fruit, it presses it so that more juicy goodness from the pieces of fruit finds its way into the water!


Fruit Butter Trio

This trio of fruit butters will bring a whole new experience to your taste buds. Whether you choose pumpkin, apple, or pear as your favorite, these handmade delights will certainly liven up breakfast.


Hanging Heart Vase

Beautiful and romantic, this hanging glass ‘heart’ comes in either blue or purple, and features a double opening for twice the blooms, and a space for a hanging ribbon.


Lavender Blossoms Grow Kit

Lavender – the most relaxing of flowers to have around, but if there’s no room for a purple patch in the garden, this indoor growing kit will result in abundant blooms.


GiftTree Harvest Fruit and Snack Gift Box

Perfect as a 4th anniversary gift, this hamper of juicy fruits is accompanied by delicious Almond Roca chocolate, Wisconsin cheddar, and Sherman candy for a feast fit for a king and queen.

Prices Vary

Blooming Tea

Pop one of these little buds into a teapot, add hot water, and watch as a flower blooms right before your eyes, before sampling the delicious peach, jasmine, or chrysanthemum green tea.


Upcycled Floral Sari Moon Necklace

The perfect anniversary gift for the eco-conscious jewelry lover, this colorful pendant features upcycled sari fabrics which have been encased in a wood-derived eco-resin circle, and hangs on an 18” chain.


Wavy Flower Bowls

Handmade in Lowell, Maine, these floral glass dishes are perfect for bringing a touch of summer to the table. Available in a choice of 3 designs, they’ll add color to any mealtime.


Glass Flower Necklaces

Cast in molds made from real flowers, these pendants are truly eye-catching and colorful. Whether it’s red poppy or the blue indigo, these bronze and glass flowers make a gorgeous gift.

Prices vary

Just Ripe Fruit Bowl

Sort the ripe from the not-yets with this innovative fruit bowl which features a maple tray for ready-to-eat fruit, a glass bowl for still-to-ripens, and a hook for hanging those delicious bananas.


Floral Elixir Syrups

These small batch flower syrups are made from nature’s beautiful garden, and come in 2 varieties – champagne lovers or tea lovers – ensuring you choose the perfect match for the lucky recipient.


3 Diy Fruit or Flower 4th Anniversary Gifts

Diy Homemade Candles with Lavendar and Rosemary

If you’re looking for a home-made 4th anniversary gift, then follow the steps in this tutorial which shows you how to create natural lavender-rosemary scented candles that smell absolutely divine.

Diy Watermelon Soap

Whip up a batch of these watermelon soap slices which look good enough to eat (but please don’t!). A real spirit lifter, this colorful bar smells just like the real thing.

DIy Flower Monogram Letter

This time lapse video tutorial) which could be adapted to numbers as well as letters), shows you how to create a flower monogram letter in the color scheme of your choice.

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