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Gag Gift Ideas for Everyone

Everyone likes a good gag, and a gag gift really does the trick. Just be sure it’s not the only gift you give them, because many of these aren’t going to end up being treasured keepsakes, they’re just designed to elicit a laugh and their job is one. We’ve got gag gifts for several different occasions, so you’ll have a funny gift for just about any gift giving situation. A tip on buying a gag gift: You want to be teetering on the line of whether you think they’ll like it or get it. There needs to be a bit of risk involved if you want the best payoff.

42 Hilarious Gag Gifts That Will Make Them ROFL

You already know that the look on their face is priceless when they open a gift that truly makes them giggle. So here is an assortment of gifts that aren’t meant to be taken seriously, and will no doubt make them laugh along with you. There’s everything from Animal Butt Magnets to a ski mask with a built-in beard. Only you will know which whacky gift will tickle them the most.

31 Gag Stocking Stuffers under $10

A good dad loves a good laugh, and can take a joke so be sure to set him up for one with one of these gag gifts designed especially for dads. Make dad roll his eyes with an inflatable moose head that he can hang on the wall, or an apron that makes him look like the Caped Crusader. There’s even a sushi tie, as well as what are known as Handerpants, underpants he’s supposed to wear as gloves.

26 Most Bizarre & Unusual Gifts of 2013

These gifts will leave them scratching their heads wondering where you found them, and why you bought them. Seriously, what are they supposed to do with items like slippers from The Shire that have hair on them and turn them into Hobbit feet, or a Shakespearean version of Star Wars? These are gifts that are funny and strange at the same time and are sure to find a place in their heart, or at least be good for a laugh.

19 Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers (Crazy Cat Ladies)

We all know a woman that has one too many cats than she can handle. If she’s self aware and embraces the title of Crazy Cat Lady, you can’t go wrong with these hilarious gifts for cat lovers. Each one is designed to crack them up, including a book that shows you how to make crafts out of cat hair, and a magnet set that is made up entirely of cat butts. There’s even a cat version of Monopoly. Mee yow!

37 Funny Gifts for Men Who Love a Good Laugh

These gifts are sure to get him cracking up, and they’re all designed to be silly and catch him off guard. If you’re looking for a gift that is out of the ordinary, and something he’ll never see coming, you’ve come to the right place. From hand soap in the shape of a hand, to the world’s largest gummy worm, he’ll wonder what you were thinking, but will also find it funny that you got him such an outrageous gift.

23 Funny Gifts for Men under $30 That Don’t Involve Boobs

It’s easy to find a boob-related gift that makes a guy laugh, but to do it sans boobs takes a little more tact. Here are an assortment of gifts that you can get him that will tickle his funny bone without being racy. How about a nice bottle of bacon soda to go with his eggs and toast? Or a towel that reminds him which end is for his butt and which is for his face? Trust us, he’ll think it’s a riot.

13 Gifts to Turn Your Caveman Into a Civilized Human Being

If your man needs to up his game a bit in the civilized department, heres a way to get him to stop dragging his knuckles. There are gifts that can help him tame his beard, or at least soften it if he refuses to lose it. There are also style and etiquette books for a crash course in manners and refinement. Before you know it he’ll join the rest of us in the modern era.