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500+ Unique (And Thoughtful) Anniversary Gifts By Year

Anniversaries are a day to celebrate and cherish with the love of your life. Wether you are looking for traditional anniversary gifts by year for him or her, or thoughtful gifts that are good for any anniversary, these are the unique, romantic and just plain epic gifts that they’ll cherish remember for years to come.

Looking for a traditional anniversary gift by year? Click here and skip ahead to our traditional gifts lists.

Best Anniversary Gifts of 2020 for Her and Him

39 Jaw-Dropping Anniversary Gifts That Will Leave Her Speechless

These are the anniversary gifts that she’ll never expect and will leave her speechless. From life-changing adventures to unique custom jewelry, you’ll find something for every anniversary year on this list.

34 Most Unique and Heartfelt Anniversary Gifts for Him

These are the most thoughtful and unique anniversary gifts he’ll remember for years. From personalized books of your life together to romantic presents that will remind him of you, these are the gifts that will make his eyes light up and show him how much you cherish him.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas By Year

1 Year (Paper)
2 Year (Cotton)
3 Year (Leather)
4 Year (Fruit and Flowers)
5 Year (Wood)
6 Year (Candy and Iron)
7 Year (Wool and Copper)
8 Year (Bronze and Pottery)
9 Year (Willow and Pottery)
10 Year (Tin)
11 Year (Steel)
12 Year (Silk and Linen)
13 Year (Lace)
14 Year (Gold Jewelry)
15 Year (Crystal)
16 Year (Coffee and Tea)
17 Year (Wine and Spirits)
18 Year (Appliances)
19 Year (Jade)
20 Year (Porcelain)
21 Year (Fire-Themed)
22 Year (Water-Themed)
23 Year (Air-Themed)
24 Year (Stone-Themed)
25 Year (Silver)
26 Year (Art)
27 Year (Music)
28 Year (Linen)
29 Year (Tools)
30 Year (Pearl)
31 Year (Travel)
32 Year (Bronze)
33 Year (Iron)
34 Year (Food)
35 Year (Coral)
40 Year (Ruby)
45 Year (Sapphire)
50 Year (Gold)
55 Year (Emerald)
60 Year (Diamond)

More Uniquely Awesome Anniversary Gift Ideas

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