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39 Traditional Gold Jewelry Gifts for Your 14 Year Anniversary

If you’re looking for traditional 14 year anniversary gifts with a modern twist, go for gold jewelry. The present day alternative to ivory, gold doesn’t tarnish (much like a happy marriage), which makes it perfect for every day wear, so take a look at these wonderful ideas which use gold or a golden theme to produce some outstanding pieces of jewelry for both him and her.

14 Year Anniversary Gifts

Whole Heart Necklace

Kintsugi is the Japanese practice of mending things with gold, and this ‘broken’ sterling silver heart is joined together with gold, making it even stronger and more beautiful than before.


Turquoise Trio Bangle Bracelet

Perfect for music lovers and boho-queens alike, this bracelet is made from gold toned stainless steel guitar strings, and embellished with three beautiful turquoise stones to add that essential ‘hippy’ feel.


Men’s Weathered Stone Ring

If he’s your rock, this ring will symbolize that beautifully as a 14 year anniversary gift. Textured with a stone-like appearance, this unusual hand-made 14K gold band measures 8mm wide.


Flora and Fauna Initial Necklaces

Hanging on an 18” chain, your chosen initial will be made from gold plated brass and adorned with the prettiest hand painted insects and blossoms for a whimsical dash of color.


Mandala Golden Harmony Necklaces

With a choice of 7 positive affirmations stamped on the back, this gold-plated pendant hangs on a 32” chain and is etched with an intricate mandala- a symbol of enlightenment and healing.


Goldand Diamond Wedding Anniversary Ring

Set with three diamonds, this man’s ring is made from 10K yellow gold with a 6mm width. Ideal as an anniversary gift, it’s not overstated, but rather classy and elegant.


Bee Love Earrings

Crafted from a real honeycomb mold, these earrings are super sweet in more ways than one. Made from gold filled wire and brass, they measure 1.75″ L x 0.75″ W.


Steps In The Sand Memories Necklace

Beautifully evocative, this pendant is made from Sterling Silver and 22k Gold Vermeil and shows a couple in the distance, and the footprints they have left in the sand on their journey.


Rose Gold Necklace

Unusual and pretty, this vintage style coin pendant hangs prettily from a 19.6” chain, and is available in either 14k or 18k rose gold. Luxury gift box included.

Prices vary

Mini Gold Dipped Lace Heart Earrings

Handmade by Colombian artists, these earrings are made from real lace, which is then dipped in 24k gold before being brushed by hand to reveal every tiny intricate void.


Gold Sideways Initial Necklace

If she likes her jewelry traditional but slightly quirky, this necklace is perfect. With an initial offset to the side, it’s made from 14K solid gold in a choice of lengths.


Love and Hope Earrings

Surround her with love and hope with a pair of earrings which spell out just that. Made from sterling silver and plated in 22K gold, they bring positive thoughts to every day.


River Bangle

Inscribed with inspirational words from the poet Rumi, this bangle is handmade from bronze and with its free flowing design reminds the wearer of a meandering river. Measures approx. 0.25″ x 2.75″.

Prices vary

Momma Bird Cuff

Everything about this brass cuff is beautiful – from its willow bark texture to the baby birds following along behind their mama. What a meaningful 14 year anniversary gift for any loving mother.

Prices vary

Baby Bee Necklace

Bees symbolize so much – lazy summer days and the delectable taste of honey. This necklace features this fuzzy little fella in minute detail, suspended from an adjustable 22K gold plated chain.


I Love You Necklace

Who knew those three little words could be said in so many ways? This pendant is inscribed in 120 different languages, and comes with a magnifying glass for easy reading.


Diamond Cluster Halo Style Drop Earrings

If you don’t believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, take a look at these! Set with no less than 24 diamonds, these 14K gold drop earrings are simply stunning.


Round Natural Diamond Studs

Sitting safely in a 4 prong 14K solid rose gold setting, these stunning diamond solitaire earrings are simply divine, and feature an unusual screw-on backing for added security.


Lunar Ring

Moonlight casts a certain magic, and that’s what Emilie Shapiro has recreated in this 14K recycled yellow gold ring with a beautiful rainbow moonstone surrounded by a halo of midnight blue sapphires.


Gold, Diamond and Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

With its inimitable iridescence, this freshwater pearl sits elegantly on a 14K yellow gold rope chain underneath a sparkling diamond – imagine her face when she opens this beautiful gift on your anniversary!


Mixed Metals Gold Ring

Each ring in this set of 7 is unique, and yet complements the others beautifully. The perfect gift for a free spirit, the rings are held together by a gilded brass bar.


Birthstone Constellation Necklaces

Representing a night sky studded with stars, this highly unusual pendant is 18K gold plated and features one planet which shines more brightly than most – the birthstone. 18” chain included.


Hearts A Fluttering Ear Studs

Celebrating that most sought after of feelings – butterflies – these gold plated sterling silver hearts lift slightly away from the ears, giving the impression of a butterfly’s wings in flight.


Language of Love Necklaces

Whatever language you speak, one in particular is universal – the language of love. Embossed in one of 7 languages, this plaquette pendant will make a ‘tres romantique’ 14 year anniversary gift.

Prices vary

Heart of Gold Necklace

This pendant is a fun twist on the traditional gold heart pendant. Cast in resin, this vibrant red heart contains flashes of 24K gold leaf, and hangs on an 18” chain.


Round Pendant Gold Necklace

Hanging on a 15” and 20” chain, these minimalist pendants are made from gold plated coins, and come with a unique textured finish. Also available in sterling silver.


We Are One Necklace

The perfect anniversary gift, this necklace bears a pair of interlocking recycled brass rings which symbolize the unbreakable bond between 2 people, while the intentional ‘flaws’ represent a relationship’s ups and downs.


TousiAttar Diamond Solitaire Necklace

Sometimes less is more, and this necklace speaks for itself. Beautifully minimalist, the solitaire diamond is set in gold in a choice of lengths, and comes with a personalized fob.


Precious Dipped Lace Heart Necklace

Lace is agelessly romantic, which makes this Fairtrade necklace a perfect anniversary gift. A real lace heart is dipped in wax and then copper and gold for a beautiful, glittering result.


Golden Chakra Necklaces

Keep those Chakras energized with one of these beautiful golden chakra necklaces, which come on an 18” chain and feature a corresponding colored gemstone and gold lotus design pendant.


Gold-Dipped Lace Butterfly Necklace

Combining the delicacy of lace with the fragility of a butterfly, this stunning necklace is made from lace which is dipped in copper and gold, transforming it into a thing of beauty.


Personalized Layered Necklace

Whether she likes gold, silver, or rose gold, this layered set comes with three lengths of necklace which each feature a different pendant, and can be personalized with up to 28 characters.

Prices vary

Ancient Eye Amulet Necklace

The ancient eye is the subject of many powerful superstitions and beliefs, and this brass, gold, and white topaz amulet is the ideal way to celebrate its rich history.


My Lucky Stars Necklace

When their arms are no longer around her neck, this necklace will be, and as it comes with a mama starfish and up to 4 ‘babies’, it’s the next best thing!

Prices vary

Lucky Clover Necklace

Four leaf clovers are as hard to find as unicorns, or they were until now, because this pendant is a real 4 leaf clover which has been hand plated in 24K gold.


3 Diy Gold Anniversary Gift Ideas

Diy Gold Nugget Fridge Magnets

There’s gold in them there hills/on your refrigerator! Make these gold nugget fridge magnets using small stones, gold leaf, and good old Mod Podge for a simple but effective homemade gift.

Diy Gold Leaf Resin Paperweights

Wonderfully easy to make, these resin paperweights can be adapted to whatever size, shape, or color you want, and you can even add magnets to display them on your fridge.

Diy Gold Flower Power Earrings

Super cute and girly, these gold wire flowers sit prettily on the ears and take only a few minutes to make. So grab those needle nose pliers and start making!


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