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750+ Best Toys and Gift Ideas for Girls of All Ages (1 to 12)

These are the high value, epic and screech-worthy gifts girls of all ages want! From the latest new gadgets to age-appropriate toys, use these curated Christmas lists to find the coolest ideas that your unique girl will love, use all the time and remember for years.

gifts for girls

111 Epic Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Girls

Our most popular holiday guide, filled chock full with the best of everything that 2022 has to offer.

Best Gifts and Toys for Girls (By Age) (1 to 12)

105 Must-Buy Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls and Boys

All-time favorites for 1 year old girls and boys! Classic, innovative and just plain fun.

50 Brilliant Toys to Fuel Your 1 Year Old Girls Mind, Body and Soul

As a parent, of course you only ever want the best for your child, right? And that includes toys. But how do you sort the best from the rest? Well, that’s easy – you work your way through this epic list which features some brilliantly imaginative gifts that will have your girl jumping for joy.

26 Funny Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls – Hilarious, Mom-Approved Gifts

Choosing the right present for a toddler is tricky, especially when they reach their second year. We’ve decided to make it all a lot easier for you by gathering together some hilarious gifts for 2 year old girls and letting you choose your favorite. We promise she’ll love it.

50 Imaginative Toys for Creative 2 Year Old Girls

It can be a struggle knowing what to buy for the 2 year old who has everything, but we’ve taken the hassle out of choosing with this comprehensive collection of the very best gifts and toys you can buy. Bright and beautiful, just like the tot you’re buying for, each and every one is designed to delight.

57 Happy Dance Worthy Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls (She’ll Love These)

Whatever your budget may be, there’s something here for your 3 year old, from Crayola paint sets to insanely fun outdoor toys or even educational tablets.

50 Underrated Toys for 3 Year Old Girls – Games and Toys That Teach

This list contains the best educational and fun toys out there for three year olds, which will teach your little girl how to recognize shapes and colors, or how to count and read, all while being fun and interesting. The best part about them is that as they play, they won’t even realize that they’re learning.

49 Fun and Adorable Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls (Mom-Approved)

Do you need some great ideas for gifts for girls? Whether she is a princess or mermaid, builder or doctor, or a combination of many things, you will find something here that she will love. Let her explore the solar system as an astronaut or heal babies as a pediatrician. Her imagination knows no limits.

24 Toys That Will Aid in Developing Healthy Habits in 4 Year Old Girls

The ideal toys for younger kids will invariably not only educate them but will also stimulate and entertain them. This varied list contains a large number of intelligent gifts that are pitched to meet your child’s level whilst stretching them further along their developmental path, and letting them have fun whilst doing it.

50 Magical Gifts to Make Your 5 Year Old Girl Jump with Joy

Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday party outfit, or toys to help them cool down in the sun, you’re sure to find a great gift for the most discerning of kids, right here.

34 Toys for 5 Year Old Girls That Love to Sing, Dance and Act

The best sort of toy you can buy for any little girl is one which will encourage her interests and develop skills. Take a look at this list; it has so many ideas for 5 year olds who love to sing, dance, and act. From toys to books, everything in here is perfect for a natural performer.

34 Great Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls – Imaginative Toy and Gift Ideas

Gifts for girls include a vast array of creative options. Whether they love mermaids and magic, fairies and (LEGO) Friends, horses and Hatchimals, science and slime, plants and pocket pets, you’ll find something on this list just for them. There is no need to settle for just one thing, when you can have it all!

50 Unique Toys for Imaginative 6 Year Old Girls

You want to make sure that you’re buying the best and most ingenious toy you can so that the child you’re buying it for will get loads of use out of it. Perfect for imaginative 6 year olds, these unique toys are fun to play with and even more fun to learn with.

50 Kid-Approved Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls – Toys, Gear, Games and Gadgets

When you are buying presents for girls, it pays to remember that, while dolls, fairies, and mermaids are great, not all lasses are given to make-believe. Expand on those traditional ideas with science kits, space-themed art sets, and even bug farms – this list of gadgets, games, and gear caters for every type of imagination.

33 STEM Toys Your 7 Year Old Girl Genius Will Love

Many would argue that the most useful toys are the ones that have an educational element to them. If you are also of that belief, check out this awesome collection of STEM toys, games and kits, specifically compiled for kids around 7 years old, that will all keep your girl genius happy.

50 Cool Gifts to Get Your 8 Year Old Girl

From gorgeous personalized jewelry to awesome water fight ammo, there are many great gifts for girls of all types in this wicked list – whether they enjoy chilling out with a gripping read or having a ‘splashing’ time in the backyard with friends and family – whatever they enjoy, take a look for the perfect choice, here.

50 Unique Gifts Most Parents With a 9 Year Old Girl Have Never Heard Of

As girls edge towards double figures, they usually have a clear idea of their likes and dislikes, but they don’t always share those ideas with their parents! If you’re feeling a little clueless about what gifts to buy for your daughter, have a look at this great list of creative ideas.

56 Epic Gifts for the 10 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything

Sometimes 10 year olds can be trciky to shop! If you’re having trouble finding something that your 10 year old girl will actually like. Find something from this comprehensive list that is both age-appropriate and covet-worthy.

50 SCREECH-worthy Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls (These are Awesome!)

Boys or girls – who are easiest to buy for? If you think it’s boys, this list might change your mind, because it is jam packed with the coolest gifts around, that any girl would adore. Each gift should be issued with a warning though – wear ear defenders because they are going to screech with joy!

50 Mind-blowing Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls That She’ll Love and Use

Girls can be quite a challenge to buy gifts for, especially as they are nearing their teenage years. We know how that feels, so we have put together a whole collection of gift ideas to suit any young lady, regardless of her tastes, hobbies, or interests. But with so many to choose from, which will you pick?

unique gifts for girls

33 Unique (And Affordable) Gifts for Girls That Don’t Suck

You could go for something pink and sparkly, but why not stretch the imagination a little and go for a gift that’s a little more creative? The items listed here have been chosen because they are that little bit different, but are also well within budget at the same time.

personalized gifts for girls

34 Awe-Inspiring Personalized Gifts for Girls

Girls appreciate those little touches that let them know that you’ve been thinking about them, so make sure you take a look at this collection before buying her a gift. Each delightful present can be personalized, making it a one of a kind gift that no-one else will have (or choose).

birthday gifts for girls

31 Life-changing Birthday Gifts for Girls of All Ages

If you think young girls can be difficult to buy for, you haven’t seen our list yet! No matter how many times their tastes change, we can guarantee that somewhere on this list you will find the perfect gift, for both the dreamers and the doers in your family.

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Must-have gifts and toys for girls of all ages.