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22 Birthday Gift Subscription Boxes for Girls Ages 1 to 17

When you’re searching for birthday gifts for girls, why limit yourself to one item when you can choose 12? Think inside the box and choose a subscription service which delivers carefully curated collections of themed items every single month, and is geared towards her age, stage, or particular interests – such as science, makeup, art, […]

25 Ridiculous Birthday Gifts for Friends They’ll Never See Coming

When you’re buying for family, you often have to exercise a little restraint, but when you’re buying birthday gifts for friends, all sense and sensibility is off! Play to their fun side with a present which combines smiles with sentimentality – or is just plain silly – because laughter is the most precious gift you […]

20 Thoughtful and Reflective 70th Birthday Gifts

Getting older is such a privilege, and it should be celebrated as such, not just by the birthday girl or boy, but by their nearest and dearest, too. Choose a 70th birthday gift that they would never buy for themselves (so not socks, flowers, chocolates…you get the idea), and get something meaningful that they can […]

37 Awesome 60th Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Make Them Laugh and Cry

As we get older those milestones get bigger and bigger, so each one should be celebrated in its own right. However, there is something extra-special about sixty. When you’re thinking about 60th birthday gift ideas, really go all out and turn the past into a present they will never forget. Whether you’re going for all […]

25 Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Happy, Meaningful Birthday

Take the ‘oh no’ out of the big four-oh with one of these 40th birthday gift ideas that will put even the most reluctant of quadragenarians in the mood to celebrate. Really push the boat out with a pressie which is meaningful instead of mundane, and show them that life really does begin at 40.

21 ERMAHGERD-worthy 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Once they hit that milestone age, the world is their oyster, and what goes well with oysters? Champagne, of course, or any other alcohol come to that! Now that it’s legal for them to drink, you’ll need 21st birthday gifts that ensure that the party goes with a bang. From shots, to games, to blinged-up […]

26 ROFL-worthy Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Are you wracking your brain for fun birthday gift ideas for boyfriends who like things a little off the wall? If you want a gift that’s as unique as he is (for unique, also read weird, wacky, or even gross – in a nice way, of course) check out this collection of out of the […]

22 Hilarious Birthday Gifts for Sisters That Love a Good Laugh

Sisters – you love ‘em and loathe ‘em in equal measures, but one thing’s for sure…you wouldn’t be without them. With that in mind, choose birthday gifts for sisters which aren’t overly sentimental, overly serious, or overly sickly, and you’ll be onto a winner. Wearable, squeezable, and even punchable, these ideas will suit your sibling […]

32 Best Birthday Gifts for Fussy Husbands That They’ll Actually Use

If ‘birthday gift for husband’ is on your to-do list, spend a little time thinking outside the box, and surprise him with a gift that he would never have seen coming. What are his hobbies? What’s his favorite drink? Which team does he support? Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be all […]

28 SCREECH-worthy Birthday Gifts for Health Obsessed Girlfriends

It can be tough knowing what the best birthday gift for girlfriends is, but if your lovely lady is into her fitness, the problem is solved! Support her workout journey with a gift which will help her reach her goals, whether that’s with technology, gym clothes, or tempting (but healthy) treats to keep her strength […]

23 Memorable 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for the Best Birthday Ever

It’s one of the biggest milestones anyone can reach, so no wonder you’re searching for 50th birthday gift ideas that are worlds away from the usual offerings. Push the boat out and help them celebrate (rather than commiserate) with a gift that’s worthy of reaching that grand ‘half a century’ status.

23 Romantic, One-of-a-Kind Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Inimitable, unusual, and unique – if these words match the love of your life, then you need to find a gift that says the same. Take some time to find something that’s truly ‘her’, and choose a birthday gift for your wife that’s as one of a kind as she is.

20 Best Birthday Gift Subscription Boxes for Men of 2019

Whether you are shopping for your husband, your dad, your brother or son, it pays to think outside the box when shopping for birthday gifts for men. Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, so help him enjoy what he likes doing best, and […]

29 OMG-worthy Birthday Gifts to Spoil Your Best Friend

So you’re looking for a best friend birthday gift but aren’t sure what to buy? BFF gifts are worth some extra thought, because your girlfriends will stick by your side through thick and thin (and probably already have). Think unique, think unusual, and think thoughtful, and you won’t go far wrong.

36 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Dads from $5 to $5,000

He’s always been there for you, as protector, provider, and playmate, so isn’t it time you showed him just how much he means to you? Birthday gifts for dads can be wishy-washy or ‘wow!’, and we think we know which one you (and he) would prefer! Take your time and choose (or make) a gift […]

30 Birthday Gifts for the Boyfriend Who Has Everything – Best of 2019

Whether you’ve been together a few weeks, a few months, or a few years, his birthday is the one day when you can truly celebrate him, but buying birthday gifts for boyfriends takes a lot of creative thought. Think outside the box and show him that he’s worth the effort with a gift that’s definitely […]

29 Most Epic Birthday Gifts of 2019 for Moms of All Ages

Over the years, your mom has never failed you – every birthday, every Christmas, she has made it as magical and as special as it could be. Now it’s your turn to return the favor. Choose a birthday gift for mom that she would NEVER expect to receive, and experience the joy she felt every […]

37 Unique, Unexpected and Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Her

A special lady’s birthday calls for an extra special gift; after all, she deserves to be spoiled, right? And let’s face it, choosing the right birthday gifts for her will go a long way to keeping you out of the doghouse! She’ll never be this age again, so celebrate this milestone, whichever one it may […]

30 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Grandpa That Are From the Heart

Freshen up your ideas for birthday gifts for Grandpa with this list of fun t-shirts nestled in amongst novel ideas for creating genuinely thoughtful keepsakes which engage all the generations. From hampers to memoirs, quirky attire to subscription boxes, it’s all here.