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27 Yummy Pre-Filled Food Easter Baskets for Adults

Pre-filled Easter baskets are definitely the way forward. Choose any of the ones included in our list for a guaranteed eggscellent gift. There are chocolate ones, gourmet ones, even sweet and savory ones. You’ll find the perfect gift for your foodie friend.

56 Awesome Prefilled Easter Baskets for Boys and Girls

When shopping for Easter gifts, it’s good to look outside of the box, and into the basket. These awesome and sometimes overflowing gift baskets contain everything that one could ever need to make their Easter fun and memorable.

29 Darling Easter Baskets for Your Baby’s First Easter

It doesn’t matter if your youngest child is too small to partake in the egg hunts you take your other children to, they can still have a basket. Our list is made up of eggscellent Easter baskets for babies which you can fill with non-edible treats and goodies to celebrate their first Easter.

55 Easter Shirts, Bunny Costumes and Other Wearable Easter Gifts

Finding good Easter gifts for our friends and family is tricky, especially if you don’t want to get them the usual chocolate eggs. Why not think outside the box and get them something to wear instead? Our list is made up of cute costumes and slogan tees – just take your pick.

37 Hilarious Gag Easter Gifts for a Good Laugh

Easter is a time for love, families, candy and pranks. Yes, you read that right, this list of hilariously funny Easter gifts is the perfect compilation of gag gifts, pranks and other funny basket fillers that will be well received.

32 Fun Easter Crafts and Craft Kits for Kids (+ DIY Ideas)

Whatever direction your child’s creativity takes, you’ll find something to interest them in this list. Whether they want to wear it, eat it, or gift it to someone special, this list of adorable Easter crafts will keep them entertained throughout the holiday.

70 Toddler-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

Tradition is an important part of family life. Whether your family attends church or has a reunion, Easter is an ideal opportunity to share traditions. Kids love to get surprise gifts, and this selection is ideal for Easter baskets for toddlers.

How to Win as a Parent on Easter: 34 Epic Toy Easter Gifts

Easter is a great time to celebrate with your family and who can celebrate without a basket full of Easter gifts? Dive head first into this list and find the perfect gifts to give your children this Easter; they’ll prefer it over those chocolate eggs they usually get.

50 Cool Surprise Eggs to Add to Their Easter Basket

Whether you are watching the sugar content this spring, or just want to spice up the Easter egg hunt, this list is for you as it contains tons of surprise eggs that are all stuffed with surprises and fun toys.

23 Epic Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Give a gift that will have the recipient hopping with joy when you shop from this collection of Easter baskets for adults. Full of decadent treats, activities and gift ideas, you will definitely find what you are looking for in this cool list.

30 Adorable Personalized Easter Baskets for Kids

Whether you’ve bought your children chocolate eggs or something less traditional, you’ll need something to put them in. What about personalized Easter baskets? Our list has loads to choose from, you can customize them to your child’s preferences and they can keep them for years.

30 Unique Etsy Easter Gifts Every Kid Will Want

Etsy Easter gifts will always be something special – one-off, personalized items which show the recipient that you have really put some thought into choosing their gift. Perfectly suited for babies right through to adults, Etsy has something for everyone.