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Gifts for TV/Movie Fans

75 Batman Gifts for Fans of All Ages

To the Batmobile! If you can find one, that is. Good thing we already did that part for you! If you have a Batman lover in your life, there’s a gift in this list that’s sure to make their year, whether they’re 10 years old or 110. From Batman walkie talkies and a classic t-shirt to an actual, real-life Batmobile, if someone’s invented it, we’ve tracked it down and put it on this list.

17 “Yeah Bitch” Worthy Gifts for Breaking Bad Fans

We may have seen all we’re going to see of Walter and Jesse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your favorite Breaking Bad fan smile with gifts inspired by the show. blue rock candy and a Heisenberg t-shirt are simple gifts, a Walter White bobblehead will make them laugh, and if you can swing it, a trip to Albuquerque to see some of the most popular spots on the show is the gift of a lifetime.

25 Polarity Reversing Doctor Who Gifts

For the Whovians in your life, give them something special. Even if you’ve never seen the series, you can confidently pick out a Doctor Who chess set, a TARDIS tin tote that’s perfect for carrying their lunch to school or work, or a hand-knit Doctor Who scarf. If they’re true lovers of the show, anything you choose from this list is sure to be a favorite gift they’ll appreciate for a long time.

30 Game of Thrones Gifts for Die Hard Fans

Game of Thrones is insanely popular these days, and if you know fans of the show, you know how diehard they can be. So we knew you’d come looking for Game of Thrones gifts, and don’t you worry—we came through. From sword letter openers to a limited edition Loras Helmet, we’ve got everything your GoT fan needs to get them through the latest season.

22 Gifts for Hunger Game Fans

If you know someone who’s crazy for the Hunger Games books and films, you need to see this list. We found gifts for fans of all ages and personalities! Younger kids will love the matching Peeta and Katniss dolls, while older fans will appreciate a set of Mockingjay headphones or a hardcover book trilogy. And if you’re gifting a whole family of Hunger Games fans, everyone can snuggle up to watch the movies under a warm Peeta polar fleece.

20 Awesome Gifts for Minecraft Junkies

Minecraft is a game that’s both unique and addictive for kids and adults alike, as it lets you build within a special world. Because the game is so unique, there are so many gifts out there that the Minecraft fan in your life would love to receive, from a baby pig plush to a Minecraft-based novel called Invasion of the Overworld. Your choices are numerous, and any gift off this list will be a hit.

17 Awesome Ninja Turtle Gifts Dudes

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for almost 30 years, which means they’ve got diehard fans of all ages. Whether it’s a DVD set that will get a younger fan caught up to speed and an older fan back on track, or a TMNT shell backpack to hold all those DVDs on the way to a friend’s house, we’ve got you covered on the turtle front.

31 Star Wars Gifts All Fans Will Love

May the force be with you…in choosing the perfect gift for your Star Wars fanatic. With the resurgence of the Star Wars films, now is a better time than ever to hunt down gems like Star Wars family car stickers, chopsticks that look just like Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, an R2D2 USB car charger, or for lovers of both Star Wars and cats…a Millennium Falcon cat teaser.

30 Walking Dead Gifts for Lovers of the Undead

Walking Dead fans need a little something to get through the off-season, so if the occasion for gift-giving is imminent, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. The walker lounge pants are perfect for kicking back and binge-watching a few episodes, while the rebuildable replica of Dale’s RV is ideal for showing the kids what they were missing from back when they were too young to handle the undead. Failing all else, a gift pack for surviving the zombie apocalypse is bound to be useful sooner or later.