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26 Incredible Traditional Stone-Themed 24th Anniversary Gift Ideas

To have survived 24 years, a marriage has to be rock solid, which is perhaps one of the reasons why the theme for 24th anniversary gifts is stone! The ideas featured here go to show that, far from being boring, stone is a vibrant medium which can be used in a myriad of ways to make unusual, thoughtful, and sometimes thought-provoking gifts, whether you go for traditional or contemporary.

24th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Pebble Wall Art

Super cute and with a nautical feel about it, this pebble wall art picture uses stones to represent a couple, along with a heart, steps, and your choice of open or covered frame.

Prices vary

Flat Heart Shaped Stone Love Rock

Found on the banks of the Prut River, this large heart-shaped stone would make a truly one-of-a-kind 24th anniversary gift, and would look adorable as a paperweight or displayed on a shelf.


You’re my Rock Hand Carved Stone

Sourced from a North Cornish beach, this rock comes with ‘You’re my Rock’ either hand carved in or with raised lettering on the surface. Simple, sentimental, and totally cute.


I Love You More Etched Garden Stone

Approx 2.5” in diameter, this stone comes with ‘I love you more’ on the front, and for an additional fee can also have a name or short message etched on the back.

Prices vary

Personalized Heart Shaped Stone

Choose a message from the drop down list, and your heart-shaped stone will arrive hand written in white, and varnished to keep the message safe. Sourced from the Mediterranean sea shore.

Prices vary

Love Birds Couple Pebble Art

Beautifully effective, this framed picture shows a kissing couple made from pebbles, against a backdrop of stunning reds, oranges, and yellows. Presented in an 8 x 10” frame with glass front.


Big Heart, Big Love Irish Stone Art

Created from stones found on the shores of County Down, this Irish stone art print of a couple sitting on a driftwood bench is both simple and poignant, and comes ready framed.


Love on a Rock

After 23 years of marriage, your love is definitely not on the rocks, but the couple in this pebble art picture are! Assembled on a mini canvas, it makes a gorgeous anniversary gift.


Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant

Put a couple of drops of essential oil onto this natural lava stone pendant and be rewarded with the healing scent all day. Pendant comes complete with an 18” silver chain.


The Couple Pebble Stone Art

Using river pebbles from the waters of Alaska, the artist creates a sweet picture of a couple in love, displayed on white canvas and mounted in a rustic wooden frame.


Rockin Rock Heart Glass Mosaic

Naturally formed heart-shaped stones are hard to find, which makes this paperweight a rarity. Embellished with red glass mosaic pieces, it would make a delightful and fitting 24th anniversary gift.


Heart Shaped Stone Art

Bring a touch of the Mediterranean Sea to the home with this sweet canvas that uses naturally formed heart-shaped stones from Israel arranged in a floral design on a vibrant blue background.


Custom Love Rocks

Measuring approx. 4” across, these stones are engraved with a couple’s first names and wedding or anniversary date (optional), along with an encompassing heart. Choice of fonts and stone colors available.


Scripture Wife River Rock Stone

The 24th anniversary theme is stone, and this one is a fitting tribute with a Christian slant as it comes printed with the verse from Proverbs 18:22 ‘He who finds a wife”.


I Love You More Engraved Rock

These polished river stones make gorgeous keepsakes, thanks to the natural imperfections, glossy appearance, and the words ‘I love you more’ engraved into the surface and enhanced with black or silver.


Interlocking Monogram Pebble

Taken from a beach in California, this 3” smooth pebble will arrive with an intertwined monogram of 2 initials deeply etched onto the front, and up to 4 words on the back.


Personalized Cream Heart Stone

Available in small, medium, or large sizes, these beautiful natural rocks have been cut and shaped into hearts, and engraved with names, dates, or message which is then enhanced in silver.

Prices vary

Personalized Penguin Pebble

You don’t need to search the beach for the perfect pebble, because here it is! Depicting a penguin couple on the front, this decorative stone can also be engraved on the back.

Prices Vary

Rock Crystal Earrings

Rock crystal, or quartz, takes the appearance of diamonds but costs a fraction of the price, and these silver plated earrings use that to exquisite advantage, because they are simply stunning.


Pegmatite Stone Wrapped Necklace

If you’re searching for jewelry for a 24th anniversary gift, this pegmatite stone pendant should fit the bill. Wrapped in gold and blue steel, it’s unusual, eye-catching, and far from boring.


Personalized Love Stones

This little trio of stones have been hand made using clay, and imprinted with 2 names on one, a special date on the second, and a cute little heart on the third.


Hand carved Labradorite heart

Known as a stone of magic, labradorite is a stunning stone that was once thought to have fallen from the Northern Lights. Capture that magic in this gorgeous hand-carved and hand-polished heart.


Love in Heart Etched Stone

Hand etched with the word ‘love’ in an intricate heart shape, this stone is beautiful in its simplicity and would look adorable sitting on a desk or shelf.


Heart Garden Decor

Measuring 7-10”, this garden stone will be hand engraved with the lovers’ names inside a heart shot through with cupid’s arrow, and because it’s natural, no 2 will be the same.

Prices vary

You Are My Rock Engraved Rock

Small enough to be carried in a pocket, this polished stone comes engraved and then hand painted in gold with a sentimental verse to serve as a reminder of your love.


2 Adorable Diy Stone Anniversary Gifts

Diy Rock Covered Bucket Planter

This DIY gift idea turns an ordinary bucket into a striking planter that could be used indoors or out. Make it even more personal by collecting the rocks from a special place.

Diy Rock Accented Frame

If you’ve collected pebbles from a favorite beach or river, this homemade gift idea will make use of them beautifully, and keep them on display where you can see them every day.


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