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20 Epic Traditional Diamond Gifts for Your 60th Anniversary

As Marilyn Monroe once famously sang, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but with the suggestions in this list of 60th anniversary gifts, they can be his best friend, too. From watches to bracelets and even some ideas to make at home, these epic diamond-themed gifts will be sure to wow. A little trivia: diamond comes from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which means enduring and unconquerable – just like your marriage.

Diamond 60th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Movado Faceto Stainless Steel Watch

Water resistant up to 99ft, this woman’s watch is as functional as it is beautiful, as diamonds mark each hour, with a black dial providing a striking contrast.

Prices Vary

Diamond Anniversary Stackable Ring

This stunning 14K white gold eternity ring is set with natural, untreated conflict-free diamonds all around the band, giving incredible sparkle and clarity. Also available in platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold.


Tennis Bracelet

This white gold over sterling silver diamond bracelet will make a beautiful 60th anniversary gift for your wife, as it sits delicately at her wrist, shining and glinting in the light.


JBW Phantom Diamond Wrist Watch

This gentleman’s watch makes a bold statement and will certainly stand out from the crowd, thanks to the 238 natural, round-cut white diamonds, mother-of-pearl sub dials, and handsome leather strap.


Classic Diamond Wedding Band

Mark your 60th wedding anniversary with this incredibly special white gold or yellow gold men’s band, which is set with 7 crystal clear white diamonds with a weight of 0.96 carats.

Prices Vary

Double Heart Diamond Necklace

In 14k solid gold, this 16-18” chain comes with a beautiful, unobtrusive champagne pavé diamond heart which sits off center at the front, and another which hangs prettily next to the clasp.


Three Stone Diamond Pendant

Simply stunning, these three diamonds – weighing a total of ½ carat – hang vertically at the front of an 18K white gold chain which measures 18” in length. AGS certified.


Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Certified by the AGS, this ¼ carat round diamond solitaire is breathtakingly beautiful as it hangs on an 18” white gold chain, and would make a fitting gift for a 60th anniversary.


Classic Tennis Bracelet

Beautifully set with a line of perfect 100% natural, conflict free diamonds, this tennis bracelet will elegantly dress her wrist and sparkle with just the right amount of shimmer.


Amorosa Diamond Stainless Steel Watch

Contemporary in design, this diamond stainless steel watch by Movado is sleek, smooth, and water resistant up to 30 meters, beautifully made for ladies who like a lighter look.

Prices Vary

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The double locking clasp on this stunning white gold tennis bracelet will keep the 51 diamonds safely around her wrist, which is just as well as they weigh an impressive 7 carats!


Diamond Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Polki diamonds are one of the oldest forms of cut diamonds in the world, and she can have 2 of them in these unusual sterling silver stud earrings which measure 10mm each.

Prices Vary

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

She doesn’t have to play tennis to wear this gorgeous tennis bracelet, but she will definitely ‘love’ it! Set with 72 brilliant cut natural diamonds, this white gold beauty is outstanding.


Sterling Silver Diamond Brooch

It may be your 60th wedding anniversary, but if you knew her as a young girl, this diamond brooch will be a delightful reminder of when she wore ribbons and bows.

Prices Vary

Dancing Diamond Circle Pendant Necklace

Diamonds make beautiful sun catchers, but this one will really flash and sparkle as it’s suspended at the center of the circular pendant and ‘bounces’ with every movement. 18” box chain included.

Prices Vary

Rough Diamond Necklace

Some things are more interesting in their natural state, which is what makes this 17” necklace so free-spirited – it’s set with 48 raw, unprocessed diamonds, the way nature intended them to be.


2 Diy Diamond Themed Anniversary Gifts

Diy Gemstone Soap

Clean up your gift-giving act with these homemade gem soaps which are created using melt and pour soap base, soap coloring, and essential oils for gifts that look too beautiful to use.

Diy Diamond Plywood Hanger Planter

If she’s more into greenery than gem stones, why not have a go at making these simple diamond shaped planters using plywood, chain, and a few power tools?


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