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24 Duck Dynasty Gift Ideas for Fans of the Show

The Duck Dynasty phenomenon took the reality TV world by storm. With eight seasons complete and close to five hundred million dollars in revenue, the question on everyone’s mind is: will they come back for a ninth season? While you ponder that, take a look at this list of Duck Dynasty gifts. Buy them now before they become collector’s items.

Know a Duck Dynasty fan and want to get them a great gift? My brother loves the show, and loved the gift I found on this page.

Redneck Wisdom Board Game

This party game is fun for all your friends and family. You can test your Duck Dynasty Knowledge against over five hundred trivia questions. Fill in the blanks from the hillbilly aphorisms made famous by Phil, Willie, Uncle Si, Jase, and the whole Robertson Family.

Prices Vary

Si-Intistic T-Shirt

Everything started when Phil and Si made their famous Duck Call, The Duck Commander. Si might be the funniest one on the show, though. He’s constantly letting loose with the hilarious country one liners. This t-shirt has one of his most famous: “Hey This is Si-Intistic Stuff!”

Prices Vary

The Duck Commander Devotional

This devotional book contains the wisdom passed down from Mama and Papa Duck—Kay and Phil—to their sons, Willie, Jason, Jep, and Alan. It’s got three-hundred sixty-five kernels of wisdom, one for each day of the year. The quotes focus on the traditional family values the family is known for.


Duck Commander Iced Tea Cups

Down south, they don’t know what hot tea is and they certainly aren’t hearing the word “unsweet” anywhere near their beverage of choice. Iced Tea is meant to be served sweet, very sweet, in tall cups or glasses. Enjoy tea the way it oughta be with this set of three tall tea cups—one pink, one green, and one blue.

Prices Vary

Duck Dynasty X-Box Game

The Dynasty Magic doesn’t have to end when the episodes finish. You and the family can keep the fun going with this Duck Dynasty video game for X-Box. Call ducks from your blind, go fishing, hunt squirrels, and gig frogs to take home to Miss Kay to cook up Louisiana style.


Duck Family Bobbleheads

No one has really, truly made it to the top of pop culture until they have a set of bobbleheads. It’s official: the Robertson Family has made it. You’ll never be without your favorite bearded clan when you have this set of dolls around.


Duck Dynasty Duct Tape

If ya cain’t fix it with duct tape, it ain’t worth ownin. And if you call yourself a Duck Dynasty fan and you don’t have a few rolls of signature Duck Dynasty Duct tape around the workshop, then we’re questioning your loyalty. Use it to repair everything in your Duct Dynasty. It’s the perfect match.


The Happy Cap

One of the oft-repeated tag lines from the show is “We all Happy, Happy, Happy.” Now you can show everyone that you’re happy, happy, happy, just like the Robertson Family with this brown camo baseball cap. If the smile on your face doesn’t say it, the saying on the hat will.

Prices Vary

unPhiltered: The Way I See It

Patriarch Phil, the original bearded one (after ZZ Top, of course) has a unique way of looking at the world. He calls things as he sees them and doesn’t hold back. In this funny and touching book, Phil share his views on faith and family. It all boils down to this credo: Love God, Love Your Family.


Dynasty Camo Tac Knife

No true country boy leaves the house without a good knife in his pocket. And no true Duck Dynasty fan should be without this signature Camo Tac knife. It’s a high-quality, three and a half inch surgical steel blade with a woodland camo handle. It’s got a belt clip if that’s how you like to roll.


Uncle Si Chia

Yes, you read that right. The geniuses at Chia Pet realized that the Duck Dynasty beards would work perfectly with their hilarious novelty planters. This one looks just like Uncle Si. The beard grows bright green right off his chin. It comes with enough seeds for three plantings.

Prices Vary

A Talking Duck

Some might think it’s all about the beard, and some might think it’s all about the family. But the truth is, it’s all about the duck. This toy duck plays twelve real clips and two songs from the show while the head turns and the tail wags.

Prices Vary

Duck Dynasty HeadPhones

Listen to all your favorite Duck Dynasty songs with these high-quality headphones. They’re compatible with all iPhones, iPods, and MP3 or MP4 players. They come in black with the Duck Commander logo emblazoned on the earpieces. Bob your head, sing along, and show your Duck Dynasty love.


Dynasty Adventure Kit

This little kit is designed to get the young Duck Dynasty fan away from the TV and out in nature, exploring the world. It comes with a flashlight, a pair of binoculars, and a small digital camera/ And of course, they’re all woodland camo, with ducks.

Prices Vary

My First Duck Call

This one is for the kids, too. It’s a set of two toy duck calls. There’s a high pitched orange model and a low pitched green model. They both have the Duck Dynasty logo printed on the side. Get them started early—you’ll never know if you have a natural duck hunter in the family until you give it a whirl.


Willie Action Figure

Fans of the show know Willie as the big strong one. His beard is as impressive as his knowledge of hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors. Willie is now the CEO of Duck Commander, Inc. The action figure shows Willie in his famous white suit coat and patriotic bandana.

Prices Vary

Camo Comforter

Hide in plain sight under this warm, snuggly, camouflage comforter. Real fans take their Duck Dynasty all the way. It doesn’t stop when they go to sleep. This microfiber comforter has not only a woodland camo theme, but it’s also got the Duck Dynasty logo printed across one end.

Prices Vary

Willie Garden Gnome

Show your Willie love out in the garden with this Willie gnome. This cute fella shows the favorite son decked out in his camo gear, wearing his stars and stripes bandana with “Duck Dynasty” written across the front. He’s also carrying their famous duck call, The Duck Commander.

Prices Vary

Duck Commander License Plate

This is the perfect license plate for the front of a big country pickup truck or a hunting quad runner. It’s black with silver trim and a silver duck with the words “Duck Commander” across the top. When you roll up with this on your rig, people will know you’re a die-hard Robertson fan.

Prices Vary

Ballistic Si Dog Chew Toy

Uncle Si is never one to underestimate his own value, but we bet he never saw this one coming. It’s a duck that looks like Uncle Si. It’s got his beard, glasses, and camo baseball cap. It’s a squeaky chew toy made out of velboa, a material that dogs love.

Prices Vary

Talking Willie Bank

When you watch the show long enough, it becomes clear that Willie is the brains of the brood. That’s why he took over the company, and that’s why it makes sense that he’s on the Duck Dynasty piggy bank. Maybe we should call it a ducky bank. It counts your money and plays a song or quote when you make a deposit.

Prices Vary

Dynasty Mouse Pad

Bring the Dynasty to work with you. This computer mouse pad has a real photo of Phil and the boys in all of their Duck Glory. There’s all the beard, bandana, camouflage and ball cap you’ll want. It’s got the tag line “Happy, Happy, Happy” printed over the family picture.


Duck The Halls

It doesn’t get any duckier than this Christmas album from the Robertson Family. This hilarious CD features the talents of the whole family. The family grew up singing in church, and they show off their skills here. They’re joined by famous musical guests like George Strait, Josh Turner, and Alison Krauss.


Happy, Happy, Happy

This is the amazing tale of the Papa Duck himself, Phil Robertson. Read about his wild past as the owner of a rough and tumble bar, his vision to leave a career in football and pursue duck hunting full time, and finally, his calling to follow his faith and devote himself to his family. This is the Phil Robertson you know and love, uncensored and in his own words.


Commander’s Double Reed Call

This is what started it all: The Duck Commander. It’s a double reed duck call that simulates the call of a Mallard Hen. The design makes it versatile. In the hands of an expert duck caller, it’s capable of producing a wide variety of duck sound. This is the foundation of the entire Duck Dynasty.


Seasons 1-8 Collector’s Set

There’s no way we could finish this list without including the full collector’s edition of the show. This box set has all eight episodes included on eighteen DVDs. That’s all eighty-nine episodes of the Robertson Family in all of their glory. This is the must-have Duck Dynasty gift.


5 DIY Duck Dynasty Gifts

Duck Dynasty Costumes

Kids love the beards, the camouflage, the hats, the duck calls, the whole shebang. Who are we kidding? The whole family loves it. Making Duck Dynasty costumes is easy. This step-by-step process shows you how to get mom, dad, and the kids decked out in full Duck regalia.

Make A Duck Call

You might just have it in you to build a Duck Dynasty of your own. If Phil can do it, why not you? This process brings you inside the world of the duck call. It’s probably more involved than you think, but the end result could be an empire of your own.

Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

This is a really easy way to make a themed birthday party without spending too much money. The family catch phrase, makes it perfect. You can throw together a “Happy, Happy, Happy” birthday party in just a couple of hours.

Phil Robertson Cake

You have what it takes to make a cake that looks just like Phil Robertson. It’s not hard. This tutorial shows you how to do it, every step of the way. This is not just a camo cake. It’s a clever way to make a cake in the shape of Phil’s face. It will take you a full afternoon, but the result will be worth the effort.

Dynasty Family Ornaments

Make ornaments featuring each of the members of the Robertson family. It’s sure to decorate your tree just right and make the holidays that much more merry and bright. Perfect for the Duck Dynasty fan in your life.

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