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75 Batman Gifts for Fans of All Ages

Batman is the coolest superhero for one reason: he has no super powers. He’s a regular guy—if you don’t count the millionaire thing, the Batcave and Batmobile thing, and that whole dressing up in a bat costume and fighting crime all night. Bruce Wayne is just like you and me. This Batman gift list is for everyone who loves him.

This is the holy grail for Batman gift ideas! If they are a fan of Batman, they will love these unique gifts.

The Bat Signal

When the going gets rough and you’re in a spot of bother, you need your caped crusader to know it. You can call The Batman any time of the day or night with this gift. Keep it by your bedside or on your desk at work.

Prices Vary

The Dark Knight Returns

The original Batman Comic Book and the TV Batman from the 60’s were relatively vanilla—but with this graphic novel, Frank Miller blew the lid off. Here was have a mad man possessed by a demon, hell-bent on revenge. Here we have the real Batman.


Classic Logo Shirt

Strike fear into the heart of all criminals and ne’er do wells with this iconic Batman shirt. No dilution, no fancy extra stuff: this is your straight-up Batman logo the way it was originally intended. It gives ordinary people hope and sends the bad guys running.


Transforming Batcave

Things that make Batman special: 1) The Batcave—let’s stop right there. Batcave? This superhero has a dark lair where he crafts all his gadgets with his trusty butler Alfred. This one comes with Batman and Joker figures and transforms to reveal Batman’s trickiest toys.


Chuck Taylor’s

Throw on your Batman t-shirt and a pair of Chucks and people know exactly who you are and what you’re all about. You’re probably a little bit punk rock and a little bit Brainiac—but you keep it all on the low. These awesome Chucks are covered in the classic Bat logo.

Prices Vary

The Batman Handbook

Bruce Wayne wasn’t lucky enough to be born on another planet, bitten by a spider, or bathed in gamma rays. He get tough by training hard and fighting even harder. This special book has all the brass tacks you need to know if you want to spend your nights fighting crime.

Prices Vary

I’m Not Saying…

Keep them wondering with this hilarious Batman T-shirt. You’ll see that look come over their faces when they realize that what the shirt says is true: you might be Batman, for real—there’s no way to prove you’re. You are dark, mysterious, and brooding after all.

Prices Vary

Bat Cash Clip

Bruce Wayne is a badass millionaire who doesn’t need cash, but the rest of us need a classy way to hold our greenbacks. This slick black metal alloy cash clip folds out into a gnarly Batarang. It won’t replace your pepper spray, but it will feel good to have in your pocket.


Original Batmobile

The first notes of the original song come on, the Batmobile—this Batmobile—comes out from behind a screen of brush and tears off down the road, and you settle in for an episode of old-school Adam West bat glory. The movies have brought us many variations, but there’s only one true Batmobile.


Cosplay Dark KnightCostume

Get your Comic-Con, Dragoncon, or any cosplay properly on with this perfect replica Dark Knight costume. You’ll look and feel just like the caped crusader in this custom, handcrafted bodysuit. It’s the first step in making the best superhero costume ever.


Batarang Letter Opener

A Batarang is like a ninja throwing star for Batman—but you know that already, because you’re well-versed in all the Dark Knight’s handy toys. Keep this in your desk at work and your coworkers will think you’re a crimefighter when you use it to open that next Fedex package.

Prices Vary

A Real Batmobile

For real-life Bruce Wayne types only: this is as close as anyone will ever get to the real thing. Built up from a modified Lincoln, it’s tricked out with a four-hundred thirty horsepower engine and a cockpit full of gadgets. You’ll have a Batphone, automatic hood and trunk switches, and a flashing red light so normal citizens will know “it’s on!”


Dark Knight Motorcycle Jacket

Strap up in these leathers and no one will mess with you. This black leather jacket is a replica of the one worn in the Dark Knight series. It’s stylish, it’s intimidating, and it’s totally, one hundred percent batass—like the man himself.

Prices Vary

Batman Motorcycle Helmet

With this helmet and the motorcycle jacket head will turn when you roll up on the set. This is a real, DOT approved full-face motorcycle helmet that’s handcrafted with fully integrated bat-details like bat ears and sensor holes. It comes with a clear and dark visors that are easy to switch out.


Bat Van Gogh

There’s a touch of genius the combination of Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night” and Batman. The brooding Dark Knight observes the sleeping French village from a hillside as the Bat Signal looms large in the night sky. Batman would sacrifice an ear for you—you know he would.


Bat Necklace

The Batman needs a girl and a girl needs a necklace to show her dedication to the Batman. This chrome plated rhodium piece is subtle and understated. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get the job done. And that’s what Batman is all about: getting the job done.


Arkham Nights Video Game

Battle the hardcore Gotham criminals yourself in Batman: Arkham Nights. This Playstation 4 gam brings Batman face to face with arch villains Scarecrow and Harley Quinn. Fly through the sky, drive the Batmobile, and dive into free combat all in the name of The Bar.


Hot Toys Collector’s Batmobile

Batmobile Reloaded: The Tumbler from the 2008. It’s a matte-black spaceship stealth fighter jet battle wagon let loose on the streets of Gotham—a far cry from the original winged Lincoln Adam West drove in the 1960s. If a superhero ride cooler than this exists, we haven’t seen it.

Prices Vary

Wall Clock

Keep the Batman watching over you twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred sixty five days a year—on your wall in the form of this cool clock made from black steel. The silhouette in the middle is evokes the dark and moody man of action waiting in the shadows to spring to your aid.


Batman Apron

Protect breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between with this Batman gift for the dedicated foodie. It’s a black apron with the super-cut torso from the original comic book Batman on the front. Be a kitchen superhero for your family and friends.

Prices Vary

Steampunk Pocket Watch

Bruce Wayne is an upscale gentleman who’s far more likely to sport a pocket watch than a Rolex. This upcycled watch fits right in with stately Wayne manor and the reserved, behind the scenes ethos of the millionaire recluse. The two-inch watch has the bat symbol on the cover.

Prices Vary

The Tumbler

These aren’t your grand pappy’s Legos, son—especially this Lego Tumbler. This Batman gift is for the handy Dark Knight enthusiast who’s up for a challenge. It comes with Batman and Joker action figures so you can play out all the actions scenes from The Dark Knight.


Batman Booty Shorts

Ladies, your love for the Batman doesn’t have to stop at the outside. You can take it under cover with this sexy pair of Batman Booty Shorts. They’re black and batty and totally sexy. And shhhh….don’t tell—there’s a secret side to Batman, and…it’s all about that bass.


Personalized Batman Guitar Pick

Rock out! This Batman gift is for that guitarist who’s been shredding the Batman theme since age thirteen. The artist goes all the way: the pick is personalized with the words of your choice and it comes in a wooden box with the symbol of the Bat emblazoned on the cover. 


Dark Knife

Whittle away the hours with the coolest pocket knife in the world. It’s totally Batman themed and it’s got something most pocket knives don’t: two blades. You can choose from one of five colors, but we know you know dark blue and black are the only two possibilities.

Prices Vary

Batmobile Slippers

Vickie Vale needs you! Keep your feet warm and comfy all winter long with these Batman slippers based on the Batmobile from the Michael Keaton/Tim Burton version of the film. They’re faux fur, they’ve got no slip bottoms, great detail, and the best part: they have fins.


Pow! Decal

Whabam! Boom! Pow! When the 60s television Batman (Adam West) threw down with the bad guys, these words flashed across the screen when he connected with a serious Bat punch. Show your retro cred with this baby. It’s a six by three handmade homage to the early Bat.


The Gotham Golf Cart

Protect your turf, show ‘em who’s boss, and keep the villains off the links for good. This golf cart is next-level Batman fandom. One look at this monster and you’ll be hooked. IT’s a golf-course version of The Tumbler. It’s got dualie rear wheels, leather seats, and reaches speeds up to thirty-eight mph.


The Snuggie

Yes! It has to be! There is a greater being in the universe, and the fact that a Batman Snuggie exists proves it once and for all, beyond any shadow of doubt. Get your remote and your favorite snacks and get ready to Bat Binge.

Prices Vary

Always Be…

Wisdom of the ancients: you should always stay true to who you are. Be yourself at all costs. Never sacrifice who you are for anything, no matter what life throws your way. Unless…unless you can be Batman. If you can be Batman, then you should definitely do that. Now.


Sexy Bat Lingerie

Julie Madison, Linda Page, Vicki Vale, Selina Kyle—they’re all women who, at one point or another, got involved with either Bruce Wayne or the Dark Knight himself. They never had this lingerie. Now you have the chance to get what Wonder Woman never could.


Classic Action Figure

We admit it: we’re a little bit biased toward the Dark Knight on this list, and we’re about to rectify the situation with this collector-worthy action figure right out of 1966. This is the good guy Batman. The show only ran for three season, but the reruns changed a generation.


The Killing Joke

Frank Miller resurrected Batman in 1986 with The Dark Knight. Then comic legend Alan More (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) blew the lid off the franchise with “The Killing Joke” by resurrecting the Joker and making him one of the scariest arch villains of all time. This collector’s hardcover is a must-have.


The Complete Original TV Series

Holy Blue Ray, Batman! All props given to the original TV series with this deluxe compilation. It’s got every single episode on thirteen discs. See Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin battle the Penguin, the Riddler, and all the famous villains. Special bonus: season three features Eartha Kitt as Catwoman.


Batman Wristwatch

Tune in next week…same Bat time, same Bat channel…You’ll always know what time it is with this classy Bat watch. The Batman logo is imprinted on the dial, and the case is finished in black beveled gunmetal gray. The watch comes in a collector’s tin so you can honor the bat.


Bat Banner

Are you a true Bat bannerman? A Dark Knight devotee? This Batman flag lets you prove it. Proclaim your allegiance loud and proud with eight square feet of Dark Knight love. The classic yellow and black Bat symbol sits proudly in a field of black, standing for stern Bat justice.

Prices Vary

Projector Pen

You never know when you’re going to need the help of a superhero. It might be at school, at work, or at home. Trouble doesn’t have a schedule. With this Bat projector pen, you can always be ready to call for The Caped Crusader at the click of a button.


Kid’s Cape and Mask

Keep the Batman love in the family and start them early with the Batman gift. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to bust out the cape and mask. A kid can be a superhero any time. No one teaches them better than Batman—all with a strict “no gun” policy.


Armored Batman

There’s a storm coming: a new movie this year features Batman v. Superman. “What?” You might ask. “Batman and fighting Superman?” That’s right. Bruce Wayne never liked the guy. Check out this armored action figure to see what he cooked up to go against The Man of Steel.


Batman Cycling Jersey

Be The Intimidator on your local group ride with this Batman cycling jersey. Before you question the crossover between Batman and cyclists, remember this: both see no problem wearing skin tight outfits in public. Add a cape to this jersey and we promise the cars will give you more space out on the road.

Prices Vary

Bat Beanie

Keep it simple, keep it real, keep it Batman. This Batman gift beanie all that needs to be said. Pull it low over your eyes for the Original Gangster look, or pull it back on your head for some hipster flow. The classic logo works for everyone.

Prices Vary

Bat Journal

Keep detailed notes of your nightly crime-fighting activities with the Bat Journal from Moleskine. You’ll need to keep it on hand for evidence when Commissioner Gordon comes calling to ask the details about your latest exploits. And one day you’ll write a book about life as a superhero.


Batman Walkie Talkies

Rules of War: proper communication is paramount. Believe us, it’s war out there. Whether he’s talking to Robin, Alfred, or his people on the police force, Batman needs to keep in touch with his allies. These two way Bat Walkie Talkies come with a belt clip for fast access when the action heats up.


3-D Night Light

Here’s the ultimate night light or mood accent piece for the die-hard Batman fan. The black base projects a 3-D LED image of the hero. The touch of a button changes the image to your choice of seven colors. You can set it to automatically scroll through all the colors.


Animated Series Collectible Batmobile

In the world of comic and movie superheroes, no one has a sweet ride like Batman does. Maybe Wonder Woman’s invisible jet comes close, but really—the Batmobile has it beat by a mile. This one is from the animated series, with a long, sleek and stealthy racecar look.


Batman Fleece Throw

Maybe you can’t fully commit to the Batman Snuggie—yet. It’s okay, we understand. Not everyone is ready to cop to their full-on Dark Knight geekdom. But you still want to binge watch some Batman like a boss. Snuggle up with this fleece and leave the Snuggie to the pros.


The Dark Knight Trilogy

We keep yammering on about it, so here it is: the Trilogy that launched Batman from a campy 60s novelty for the comic book crowd to his rightful place as the villain smashing super-stud he really is. Learn how he transformed from millionaire heir-apparent to the man who eats criminal for breakfast.


Batman Hot Wheels

Boost you collector’s cred with this five car Batman gift set from Hot Wheels. You can display all five cars on your shelf at home, and when the company goes away, you can take them down and relive your childhood dreams. The set comes with a Batmobile, a Batcopter, a police cruiser, and Peguin and Joker villain-mobiles.

Prices Vary

Arkham Hoody

Lurk unseen in the shadows. Watch and wait until the time is right, and then leap into action. This black-on-black Batman hoodie gift will keep you camouflaged at night while you’re out on patrol. Or it will make you look like the hippest Goth Batfan out there: it’s versatile.

Prices Vary

Batman Duct Tape

Patch up your utility kit on the go with the world’s best spot fix accessory: duct tape. Everything Batman has to match, so this roll of tape has the black and yellow Batman logo all over it. Even when things are falling apart, you can keep it together in style.


Batman Utility Belt

Batman accessorizes like no other superhero in history. He never rolls out of the Batcave without his utility belt. Ask any mere civilian what make Batman special and they’ll tell you: the Batmobile and the Utility Belt. Kids will have hours of fun with the Listener, Distractor, and Batlight.


Women’s Yoga Leggings

This Batman gift is sure to turn some heads at the local yoga studio. Roll up in these and you’ll get a good spot out on the floor every time. We bet Batman knows yoga—with all that hardcore working out he does all night, he needs to keep it balanced.

Prices Vary

Kid’s Room Stickers

Start ‘em off young and train them right: that’s the idea with this Batman gift. Put these stickers on the wall in your kid’s room and they’ll know right from the jump that Batman is not only the coolest superhero of them all, but he’s also looking out for them 24/7.


Bat Mirror

Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself: do you have what it takes to fight for what’s right every day and every night? That’s what Batman does—and his answer is always yes. Trick out the mancave, batcave, or even the bathroom with this mirror to remind yourself of your duty to humanity.


Women’s Fleece

Rock it Arkham style with this full zip fleece hoodie. It’s got an off center zipper and an off camber logo for a look that’s rogue-ish and stylish at the same time. This one is designed for all the dedicated female Batfans out there.

Prices Vary

Batman Chest Backpack and Lunch Kit

Send your young Caped Crusader off to do battle at school every day fully prepared with his Batman chest pack and lunchbox combo. The chest pack has a ripped, muscular torso and comes with a cape. The lunchbox has plenty of room for a day’s worth of superhero fuel.

Prices Vary

Batmobile Mats

Form meets function meets Bat fandom here with these Batman floor mats. They’re real mats for your car decked out in a grey and black bat camouflage them, with the yellow and black logo displayed prominently on each one. So you can’t go full Batmobile—this is the next best thing.


Cosplay Cowl and Mask

Remember the Dark Knight Cosplay body suit from way, way, way up the list? You’re going to need a mask and cowl that lives up to the suit, and this is it. Or this can stand alone, if you don’t want to bust out the full bat on the world, just yet.


75th Anniversary Action Figure Set

True Batfans will clamor for this set. It honors the history of the Dark Knight with four action figures covering the entire history of Batman. From the comic book of the 40s to the TV show of the 60s to the modern Dark Knight and animated hero, they’re all represented faithfully here.


Travel Mug

Keep the Bat love close at hand all day long. The rubberized textured surface will let you get a good grip—you never know when you might need to repurpose the mug for tactical reasons. The double walls will keep your coffee hot—ready for a surprise attack if needed.


Arkham Lighter

Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em, and light ‘em up with this engraved chrome zippo-style lighter if you think you’re cool enough. Sure Batman doesn’t drink or smoke, but he’s always ready with the right tool for the job. That includes always having a light.

Prices Vary

Lego Bat Attack

Legos are as different these days as the original Batman is from his current incarnations. This Lego set lets the mind and the imagination meet in Gotham City for an epic throw-down between Man-Bat and Night Wing. Get hip to the latest as you watch your kid hold the Bat Torch.


Bat Gadget Tin

While the kids ushers in the new generation with Nightwing and uber-complex Lego Action sets, you can keep it retro with this Batman Gadget Tin. There’s no mistaking what this Batman gift is. Between the logo and the writing, you’ll always know where your Bat gadgets are.


Bat Socks

For those days when you want Batman by your side but you can’t wear your awesome Cosplay costume, or even your Batman t-shirt, these socks will do the trick. No one will know you’re going full-on fanboy all day long. It’s a five pack—one pair for each day of the work week.

Prices Vary

Batman Car Seat

Badass car seat—a phrase you thought you’d never hear. It takes a dude like Batman to change the mundane things in life into heroic statements. Strap the kiddo down tight and roll out. Your little one is safe and sound in the arms of the Caped Crusader.

Prices Vary

Batman iPhone Case

Batman totally has an iPhone 6. He has every single gadget out there before it hits the market. He has to know how they work and what they can do in case the criminals want to exploit them for devious ends. He has a Batcase for it, too—and so should any Batfan.

Prices Vary

Batman Fathead

Over six feet of fully ripped Batman comin’ at ya! The Justice League Batman is pretty tough, we have to admit. The Caped Crusader stands sentinel over you in your home or office with this huge vinyl wall decal from Fathead. It comes with five smaller accent decals.

Prices Vary

Bat Alarm Clock

Never miss an appointment—to fight crime, that is. The entire world counts on Batman to be there for them on time every time. Just like the world is counting on all the Batfans out there to be up at the crack of dawn every morning, ready for a day of action and adventure.


Little Bat Onesies

When we said start them off early, we meant it. It’s never too early to represent Batman. The sooner the better, we say. This set of six makes the perfect Batman gift for the Batfan with young kids. Friends don’t let friends forget about the Bat.

Prices Vary

Tamashii Action Figure

What’s all this obsession with action figures? Well, they’re only the gold standard in superhero fandom, that’s all. If you don’t have the latest and most rare, you’re not even in the conversation. This Tamashii puts any Batfan at the top of the pile, no doubt.


Arkham Nights Batmobile

For serious collectors only: the Arkham Nights Batmobile. It’s a hyrid of the Tumbler and The Tumbler and the early Batmobiles. This is an authentic replica with full details from the video game. A dream come true for any Batfan.

Prices Vary

Men’s Pajama Pants

When every Batman gift comes together it’s Batman nerdvana. Wear them all at once: the classic logo t-shirt, these pajama lounge pants, the Batman socks and slippers, then get on the couch under your Batman Snuggie or fleece throw.. You won’t even need to turn on the TV.


Retro Tin Sign

Batfans need Batman wherever they go. This retro tin sign makes a perfect kitchen accent, display piece for the study, or on the wall out in the garage workshop—we mean “Batcave”. It’s so classic even a non-Batfan (gasp, clutch pearls) will love it.


Batman: The Animated Series

We keep talking about totally geeking out on the couch, binge watching Batman movies and TV shows, but we haven’t given you all your options, until now. Check out Season One of the early 90s animated series. Then come back and buy seasons two through four. You know you will.


Original Soundtrack

You knew it was coming: nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BATMAN! It’s the theme song that pops into every one’s head whenever the name Batman is uttered. This digital re-issue of the seminal tune from 1966 is the perfect Batman—read essential—gift for any Batfan. That’s why it’s last on our list.


9 DIY Batman Gifts

Batman Notebook

Change any notebook into an homage to Batman in all of his incarnations with this tutorial. It shows you how to make a gold leaf Bat-logo in four simple steps. This one is great for students of any level, from elementary school all the way through college.

Kid Halloween Costumes

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to make these Batman and Robin costumes for your favorite little crime fighters. Give them as a Batman gift to nieces, nephews, or any aspiring superhero in your life. You’ll need some time and sewing skill for this detailed how-to.

Batman Garland

Give this easy-to-make gift to any Batfan in your life. It’s a Bat-garland that takes almost no time to make. They can spice up their house with a little DIY Bat-décor—any holiday is appropriate for Batfans. The truths is, they don’t need a holiday. It’s always Bat ‘o clock.

Kid Batmobile

Teach your kids you don’t have to buy something brand new in order to have something brand new—to you. This tutorial shows you how to remake a plastic toy car into a fun Batman gift—a Batmobile. In less than two hours, the little one will be riding in style.

Batman Soap

Batman bath gifts do exist—here in DIY land. This creative tutorial teaches you how to make soap with the Batman logo worked into the center in black foam. It’s the perfect gift for a gal Batfan or a kid who still takes epic baths.

Bat Key Chain

This DIY Batman gift is great for a guy. It’s a cool-looking keychain that you can easily personalize. The end product is a unique combination of rustic and Goth. The seven steps take about an hour from start to finish.

Killer Flashlight

Get ready for an “awwwww…” moment when you read this tutorial. You won’t be able to resist making this Batman gift for any little one in your life who’s afraid of the dark closet or what might be lurking under the bed. The thirty minutes (tops) you spend on this will be well worth it.

Batman Board Game

Really! It’s made on an honest to goodness wood board. This crafty DIY is designed as a Batman gift for kids, but you can go your own way and make it for adults if your target is a grown-up Batfan. A couple of afternoons of work (time for paint to dry) is all it will take for this one-of-a-kind gift.

Bat Embroidery Wall Art

This Batman gift is perfect for anyone who’s just getting into embroidery to make for the little Batfan—or even the grown-up Batfan—in their life. It’s a simple instructional on how to make an embroidered version of the classic Batman logo in yellow and black.

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