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30 Walking Dead Gifts for Lovers of the Undead

Zombies are as much a part of pop culture baseball, apple pie, and rock n roll. After decades of zombie movies, the Walking Dead television show brought the phenomenon to the weekly serial format. Everyone’s favorite zombie fighters are now six seasons in, and it looks like they’ll be fighting strong for years to come.

Here are some creative gifts for all the Walking Dead fans in your life.

The Walking Dead Trivia Game

Invite all your Walking Dead fan friends over to watch the latest episode, then keep the fun and fandom going with this trivia game. There are over twenty character cards with hundreds of questions to test your knowledge of your favorite zombie fighters.


TWD Walker To Do List

This funny t-shirt has a “Walker To-Do List” printed on the front. In case you don’t know what a walker thinks about when they get up in the morning, here it is: Eat Survivors. Moan Loudly. Drag Feet. Eat More Survivors. Decay. Infect the Population. Don’t Die Again.

Prices Vary

TWD Compendium One

The Walking Dead is based on a best-selling comic book series. This is volume one of the series, with the first forty eight volumes bound into one edition. There’s over a thousand pages of intense zombie-riffic action. It starts with Rick Grimes waking up from his coma, and the rest is history. Volumes Two and Three are also available.


TWD Monopoly

This creative version of the classic board game combines the characters and situations from The Walking Dead with the theme of The Highlander: There Can Be Only One. Players fight to gain property and gather the resources they’ll need to beat back hordes of the undead. Only one can come out on top.


TWD 2016 Calendar

Keep your favorite show forefront in your mind with this new Walking Dead Calendar. Each month in 2016 has a high-resolution action still from featuring the fearless survivors. You can mark upcoming show dates to make sure you don’t miss a single scene from the upcoming season.


TWD Action Figures

Action figures aren’t just for kids anymore. Especially where important shows like the Walking Dead are concerned. Get a couple of these blind grab bags and you can have two-inch replicas of Daryl, Rick, Carl, Beth, Michionne, Glenn, Maggie and the rest. Walkers with removable limbs included.

Prices Vary

Daryl Dixon Ornament

Rick Grimes might be the main character of the show, but Daryl Dixon is the bad-boy that fans love. This Christmas tree ornament shows Daryl in all his bearded, scraggly, long-haired tough-guy glory. He’s holding his famous crossbow, ready to let a bolt fly.


TWD Gel Pens

Fans want to keep their Walking Dead stuff with them wherever they go. With these pens, you can have a reminder of the show with you at work, at home, or at school. It’s a pack of two soft gel pens with colorful character pictures printed on the body.

Prices Vary

TWD Zombie Lounge Pants

These loose fitting lounge/pajama pants are exactly what you need for a Walking Dead binge. Bust out the ice cream, popcorn, pizza, or your marathon food of choice and hit the couch. Pop in your DVD or catch a marathon on the network: these zombie-printed pants will keep you comfy while you’re in Walking Dead heaven.

Prices Vary

TWD Zombie Knife

You might just need to defend yourself against a horde of the undead out there in the world. You never know. The characters in the show certainly didn’t see the zombie plague coming. This folding knife with zombies on the handle might not be Michionne’s Katana or Daryl’s crossbow, but you have to start somewhere.

Prices Vary

Dale’s RV

When people think of the RV lifestyle, they generally think of retired folks taking a summer-long tour of National Parks, monuments, and vacation spots. Dale’s RV changed all that. This RV showed up in Season Two and became the survivor’s flagship. Relive all the action with this buildable replica.

Prices Vary

Crossbow Tumbler

Some drinks comes with cute little umbrellas, some come with crazy straws, and some come with tiny plastic swords that hold olives. Walking Dead fans want none of this silliness. They want a tumbler with Daryl Dixon on the side and a straw in the shape of his menacing crossbow. Dreams answered: here it is.


Rick Grimes Action Figure

There are a lot of characters and storylines in the Walking Dead, but through it all, Rick Grimes is the constant. He’s the moral center of the show. He’s the compass for the viewer as they make their way through the post-apocalyptic world. This figure shows Rick with his machete, rifle and gun—ready to fight for what’s right.


TWD Fleece Throw Blanket

When you hunker down for your Walking Dead binge marathon, you can surround yourself with action TWD action figures. You can drink from TWD cups and put on your zombie pants and t-shirts. And now, you can keep warm under this fleece throw, printed with a picture of tough-guy Daryl.

Prices Vary

Zombie Night Light

Conventional wisdom might say that a night light should be soothing, comforting, and keep monsters away. Walking Dead fans are a breed apart. They embrace the scary, and love the zombie. This plug-in night light has a scary looking zombie head in full decay, ready to give TWD fans sweet dreams of the undead.


Daryl Dixon Messenger Bag

This messenger bag will make you the ultimate hipster. It’s loaded with pockets for all your zombie-fighting, apocalypse survival gear. It’s made from faded black canvas and faux leather, and looks like a real prop from the show. The flap features the signature wings from Daryl’s jacket.


Hospital Action Set

This action scene is a replica of the hospital from “Days Gone By”, the legendary opening episode of the series. Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to find a world completely transformed. Thus begins his epic journey to meet up with other survivors and battle every day to stay alive.

Prices Vary

Zombie Apocalypse Gift Pack

This gift pack has everything you’ll need to survive the coming apocalypse. There’s a firestarter, five hundred feet of paracord, an insulated survival blanket, and three pieces of Walking Dead memorabilia. Most importantly, though, it include a pack of zombie jerky and a Twinkie.

Prices Vary

TWD Guitar Picks

Rock out with these Walking Dead guitar picks. It’s a pack of twelve, with each one featuring a cartoon picture of either one of the main characters or a scary zombie. They’re done in the style of the original comic book series, which makes them unique. Made by legendary guitar and amp company Peavey.


Fight the Dead, Fear the Living Dog Collar

You’ll want to include the whole family in your Walking Dead fandom, we know it. From mom and dad right down to the family pooch. This heavy duty dog collar is printed with bloody paw prints and the mantra the main characters are forced to live by: Fight the Dead, Fear the Living.


Crossbow Table Lamp

Daryl’s crossbow is a symbol of survival, toughness, and the attitude needed to survive in a world where danger threatens around every corner. The body of this lamp is a realistic replica of the famous crossbow, and the shade has a picture of Daryl, crossbow at his shoulder, ready to wreak havoc.

Prices Vary

TWD Pop-Up Book

Pop up books are for kids. They’re filled with imaginary animals like unicorns or furry little bears that make little ones giggle. This one book changes all that. The pop-ups are shocking and gory. Five full three-dimensional spreads like the prison scene and the infamous “Bicycle Girl” will make you gasp.


Michonne Action Figure

One great thing about The Walking Dead is that the women are just as badass as the guys. As far as fighting zombies tooth and nail goes, no one beats Michonne. This ten-inch high action figure is made from a full 3D scan of actress Danai Guara, and shows Michonne with her katana, ready to lop off a head.


TWD Beanie

Keep your noggin warm and show off your TWD fandom at the same time with this black beanie. There’s nothing fancy about this. Right across the front it reads in bold capital letter “FIGHT THE DEAD/FEAR THE LIVING”. Everyone will know what your favorite show is with a single glance.

Prices Vary

TWD Shot Glasses

We’re sure there are groups of friends out there who have Walking Dead watching parties. And we strongly suspect—though we can’t be sure—that many of these get togethers involve some adult libations. This set of four Walking Dead shot glasses are just the thing to make those parties perfect.

Prices Vary

Michionne’s Katana

There’s an ongoing debate about which weapon is most effective for fighting the undead. Is it a long gun, a handgun, Daryl’s crossbow, or Rick’s machete? While all those are good choices, of course, it’s hard to argue with Michonne’s samurai sword, the Katana. Buy this, and we think you’ll be safe.

Prices Vary

TWD Vinyl Decal

Forget about all the traditional bumper stickers and window ornaments. Lose the “Baby on Board” sign, the “My Kid is an Honor Student” boast, and all the rest. What matters is that the drivers around you know you’re ready to take on hordes of the undead, and this decal is the best way to do it.

Prices Vary

TWD Soundtrack

The Walking Dead has some pretty cool music to go along with all the blood, gore, and zombie-killing action. This CD features eight songs from the first three seasons of the show, with songs like “Lead Me Home” and “Running”. This is just Volume One—there are two more CD’s available for hardcore fans.


Life-Size Maggie Greene

Who’s your favorite Walking Dead hero? Are you a Daryl? A Rick? A Michonne? Maybe you’re really into Maggie Greeene. Maybe you can’t decide. That’s okay, because you can get a life-sized cardboard cutout of all the characters if you like. This one is Maggie, but they’re all available.


Seasons 1-5 Box Set

Walking Dead fans need to own this collector’s edition boxed set of seasons 1-5. From the epic opener to the season five cliffhanger, it’s all here in one place. This twenty-one disc collection has every episode—over forty eight hours of viewing pleasure on twenty-one DVD’s.


7 DIY Walking Dead Gifts

Zombie Makeup

If you want to whip up your own, homemade zombie make up for Halloween, or simply to have a little bit of fun, look no further. This eight step tutorial includes all the tools you’ll need, and walks you through the process. Be careful, though—people might try to lop off your head!

Up From the Grave Costume

This great costume idea is easy to pull off, costs next to nothing and requires almost no artistic skill. It takes six easy steps, and you have a unique costume that makes you look like a zombie rising from the grave, hungry for some living flesh.

Daryl’s Ear Necklace Cookies

Daryl is so hardcore that he wears a necklace of zombie ears. This tutorial doesn’t show you how to make a real necklace—gross! It goes one step grosse: it shows you how to make a necklace of yummy ear cookies. You can wear them as a costume, or give them out next Halloween.

Zombie Eyes Deviled Eggs

Keeping with the food theme, here’s one to freak out your friends or gross out your neighbors at your next dinner party or high tea. It’s a seven step process for making deviled eggs look like bloodshot zombie eyes, using ingredients you can find easily at the grocery store.

Zombie Barbies

This DIY is particularly awesome. Maybe you have a teenage girl around the house who has gone full-on Goth, but still has her barbies around. If so, this would be a great bonding project. You can connect over the undead. You just need the dolls and some blood and guts paint. In an afternoon you’ll have a ghoulish menagerie.

TWD Holiday Cards

Make your own Walking Dead holiday cards with these official templates. Just download them and sign your name, along with a personalized holiday wishes. These are not for kids. And they are most definitely NSFW, unless your boss and coworkers are open-minded fans of the show.

DIY Location Tour

The first five seasons of The Walking Dead take place in and around Atlanta, Georgia. All the episodes are shot on location, then spruced up after the fact in the studio. That’s one of the things that makes the it so realistic. This guide shows you exactly how to find the exact places—right down to the buildings—where the show takes place.


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