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22 Stranger Things Gifts Straight Out of the Upside Down

Stranger Things is still going strong, and fans of the show can never have enough merch and other show-related items. This collection of Stranger Things gifts and merchandise are so cool that they could be straight out of the Upside Down, including a camera that is – upside down, we mean. From clothes to toys […]

The Office Gifts Guide: 22 Hilarious Gifts for Fans of the Show

The Office is an amazing show, managing to mix humor with the realities of working in an office. This list has been compiled with fanboys and fangirls of the series in mind. From Funko POP! characters to a Schrute Farm sweatshirt, look no further if you want hilarious The Office gifts.

24 Duck Dynasty Gift Ideas for Fans of the Show

The Duck Dynasty phenomenon took the reality TV world by storm. With eight seasons complete and close to five hundred million dollars in revenue, the question on everyone’s mind is: will they come back for a ninth season? While you ponder that, take a look at this list of Duck Dynasty gifts. Buy them now […]

30 Walking Dead Gifts for Lovers of the Undead

Zombies are as much a part of pop culture baseball, apple pie, and rock n roll. After decades of zombie movies, the Walking Dead television show brought the phenomenon to the weekly serial format. Everyone’s favorite zombie fighters are now six seasons in, and it looks like they’ll be fighting strong for years to come.

25 Polarity Reversing Doctor Who Gifts

Fans of Dr. Who will love to receive a hand-picked gift related to the show. Give them what they really want, from TARDIS themed gifts to obscure references, it’s all here. Even if you’re not familiar with the series you can still make a confident gift selection.

17 Awesome Ninja Turtle Gifts Dudes

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been capturing hearts and winning over fans for nearly three decades, with no signs of slowing down and movies set up to be released over the next several years. No better time than now to shower the TMNT fan in your life with goodies.

17 “Yeah Bitch” Worthy Breaking Bad Gifts for Fans

Now that Breaking Bad has come to a close it’s time to load up on some sweet memorabilia, gifts, trinkets, clothing, and more. Get your fix on blue meth replicas, adorn yourself in Heisenberg logos, and bask in images inspired by the show.

24 Friends TV Show Themed Gifts for 90’s Nostalgia

Whether they loved Friends the first time around or are watching it with fresh eyes, this collection of ROFL-worthy gifts from this beloved TV show will have them exclaiming ‘Oh. My. God’ in a suitably nasal voice. They can learn how to make not-so-fine Margaritas like Ross, peep through a replica of Monica’s yellow frame, […]

28 Golden Girls Gifts That Betty White Would Approve Of

The beautiful and never-aging Betty White would definitely approve of these fabulous Golden Girls gifts. From drinking games to drinking glasses, and even a pair of colorful granny panties which Blanche wouldn’t be seen dead in, this list captures the fun, friendship, and fierce sisterhood which these 4 sassy seniors shared in the long-running TV […]

30 Game of Thrones Gifts Worthy of the Iron Throne

Game of Thrones is going strong, earning more and more fans as it trucks along. It’s going to be at least six seasons long, so any of these gifts will last well into the future, and put a smile on the face of any true fan.

20 Funny Schitt’s Creek Gifts That Would Make the Rose Family Proud

We’re all one bad decision away from losing it all, and the Roses know that all too well. These funny Schitt’s Creek gifts celebrate the humor and sarcasm from CBC’s much-missed show, and showcase the personalities and catchphrases of Ontario’s most dysfunctional family. Whether you’re looking for items they can wear – like jewelry, socks, […]