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17 “Yeah Bitch” Worthy Gifts for Breaking Bad Fans

Now that Breaking Bad has come to a close it’s time to load up on some sweet memorabilia, gifts, trinkets, clothing, and more. Get your fix on blue meth replicas, adorn yourself in Heisenberg logos, and bask in images inspired by the show.

17 Gifts for Breaking Bad Fans- yeah bitch!

Blue Sky Rock Candy

This rock candy looks just like the real thing used in the show. The color is right on, and they claim that the purity is 99.1%. That should make it tight, tight, tight! But really, it’s just candy, made up of sugar, more sugar, some peppermint flavoring, and the artificial color to get it perfect looking.


Heisenberg T-Shirt

The is the sketch used throughout the series as the only known image of what Heisenberg might look like. It would continually surface and it’s not clear exactly where it came from. The hat, sunglasses, and mustache are a dead giveaway to us viewers, and we all know that it’s Walter White, ex-school teacher turned meth kingpin.


The Complete Series Set

There’s no better way to relive the entire series than with this complete set. It’s packaged in a way that will make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning again, and it includes commentary from the creators, writers, and producers so you can figure out what they were thinking when the made some of the best scenes and episodes.


Goorin Bros Heisenberg Hat

This is the real deal, not a replica, not a lookalike, not a knockoff. This is the actual brand and style of hat that was worn by Walter White when he donned his Heisenberg persona for face to face meetups. Put it on an embody the drive, determination, and perfectionist mentality that Walt did. Say my name.


Breaking Bad Plush

If you’ve ever wanted to give Jesse a hug for all that he’s endured, this is your chance. You can choose between Jesse or Walt and they both are rendered to look just like their characters in the show. Great for doing quotes and impersonating the characters through role play.


Breaking Bad Bath Salts

These bath salts are meant to provide a soothing and relaxing experience in your tub. They may strongly resemble a certain recreational drug on the show, but they serve a different purpose here. They might have named this Breaking Bath, but they’ve gone with Bathing Bad. But it feels so good!


Breaking Bad Magnets

These magnets aren’t strong enough to erase the data on a laptop’s hard drive, but they’ll definitely help you pay homage to the show. There are over 400 different words with a connection to specific episodes and quotes so you can be creative and come up with some good lines, or make new ones of your own.


Respect the Chemistry Mug

The science aspect really moved the show along, and Walt respected the chemistry so much he didn’t like the idea of his recipe being used or copied by lesser beings. Without his precise knowledge of the way things react and the precision required to get it exactly right, he wouldn’t have been able to do any of what he did.

Prices Vary

Walter White Bobble Head

Walter White standing atop a mountain of meth, fully decked out in his yellow coveralls with his classic grizzled look. That’s what you’re getting with this bobblehead, which stands six inches tall and comes packed in a collectible box. He is the one who knocks.


All Hail the King Poster

This poster pretty much sums up all you need to know about Heisenberg. He’s a bada$$. The bins of meth stacked behind him, the bundles of cash piled around. He definitely came a long way from teaching high school chemistry. He said he was in the empire business, and he truly built up a fortune.


Los Pollos Hermanos “Fry Batter Mini Bucket”

This little package comes with everything you’ll need to bring the show to life in your home. It contains a mini bucket of the famous fry batter that was used to transport meth throughout the southwest. It also has a bag of blue candy, and Heisenberg sticker for good measure.

Prices Vary

Heisenberg Cuff Links

Look stylish in these Heisenberg cufflinks. They feature the recurring image of Heisenberg that would continue to baffle those that found it. No one knew or suspected that it would be mild mannered Walter White, a fact Walt used to his advantage for much of the series.


Breaking Bad Split-Face Poster

This poster showcases the two main characters in a split-screen style. They’re all lined up so their features match, which only points out the big variation between their appearances. Walt with his bald head and glasses with a gruff look, and Jesse with his usual wide-eyed gaze. Definitely an artistic way to show your love for BB.


Heisenberg Shot Glasses

These shot glasses feature the iconic image of Heisenberg. They are plain and simple, just a clear glass with a clear decal placed on it with the sketched drawing of Heisenberg that fans of the show will totally recognize. These are licensed by the network, so you are giving a kickback to the show for all the hours of entertainment they provided.

Prices Vary

Jesse Swag Shirt

The image on this shirt embodies the Jesse Pinkman character and really captures the sort of energy he brings to a situation. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, take a risk, or let you know exactly what he’s thinking. The double bird and classic face make this shirt a winner.


Cooking Bad Print

This is where it all started. Cooking meth in an RV in the middle of nowhere. They came a long way from this, and had a lot of twists and turns, but this is where it all began. It’s a great print that serves as an elegant reminder of the show’s earliest beginnings.


Los Pollos Hermanos Seasoning

Los Pollos Hermanos factored in quite heavily during the show, as it served as the cover for Gus Frings broad-sweeping meth manufacturing and distribution ring. This seasoning mix features the logo of Los Pollos Hermanos, and will remind you of the show whenever you use it in the kitchen.

Prices Vary

8 DIY Gifts for Breaking Bad Fans

Crocheted Walter White

This crocheted Walter White is the cutest thing this side of Albuquerque, and they’ll love all of the separate features he has, including a removable hat and sunglasses. Of course he has his supply of Blue Sky with him to make the deal.

DIY Breaking Bad Stick Puppets

Choose their favorite characters from Breaking Bad and make stick puppets out of them. That way they can reenact their most-loved scenes from the series, or make up their own interactions that weren’t actually in the show.

Crystal Meth Rock Candy

This rock candy has a striking resemblance to the Blue Magic seen in the show. Breaking Bad fans know just how pure this stuff was, and how everybody that tried it wanted more of it. Just be careful you don’t eat too much at once.

Breaking Bad Dog Costumes

Deck your dog out to look like Heisenberg with these cute dog suits. One way is to give him the signature hat and sunglasses, and the other is to dress him up in a hazmat suit for cooking. Either way you go they’ll look totally cute.

DIY Breaking Bad Party Ideas

When it’s time to rewatch the series make sure they’re totally prepared with these awesome Breaking Bad party ideas. From Los Pollos Hermanos bags to custom made magnets with scenes pulled right from the show, you can’t miss.

DIY Breaking Bad Christmas Ornament

Every year they can break out their Br Ba ornament and display it proudly on the tree. This is the classic lettering from the title shot, with the chemical elements representing the chemistry whiz that is Walter White.

More Blue Candies

Trust us, they just can’t get enough of the Big Blue, so decorate different types of candies for them and they’ll go gaga. From popsicles coated in it to candy-encrusted rings this is one gift that will make them say “Tight, tight, tight!”.

DIY Breaking Bad Tour

Take them on a tour of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the setting for all the mischief from the show. There’s plenty of places to visit, and they’ll be able to see many of the most popular backgrounds used in the show.


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