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25 Polarity Reversing Doctor Who Gifts

Fans of Dr. Who will love to receive a hand-picked gift related to the show. Give them what they really want, from TARDIS themed gifts to obscure references, it’s all here. Even if you’re not familiar with the series you can still make a confident gift selection.

Fans of the show will LOVE these Doctor Who gifts! TARDIS watch anyone?

Deluxe Doctor Who TARDIS Journal

This fully licensed Dr. Who collectible is handsomely bound in a blue leather look cover is filled with over 400 pages that have an aged and textured look to them, and contain a secret within. This item is a great gift for yourself, a writer you know, or your fellow Dr. Who fan.


Dr. Who Chess 3D Set

This Lenticular chess set is guaranteed to delight Whovians and Chess Champs alike! Make your way across space, time, and the board to capture your opponent’s royal court. Each piece is crafted from durable plastic, and features a hologram from the Sci-Fi classic.

Hone your chess game and indulge with this unique set. Reasonably priced to be a great gift for any occasion.

Prices Vary

Trivial Pursuit: Dr. Who Edition

Travel through time, no TARDIS required! Keep Game Night rolling with this Travel Edition of the classic trivia game. With over 600 cards in varying degrees of difficulty, Whovians of all ages can stump their friends and earn wedges in 6 categories. Learning is an adventure with this inexpensive gift.

Dr. Who Wall Art

Anybody can proudly proclaim their love of Dr. Who with this striking wall art. This unframed print of the Tardis has a favorite quote from The Eleventh Doctor, reminding us that “We are just stories in the end.” The low price makes this a must have for all Whovians, young and old, fans since the beginning and newbies alike.


Dr. Who Tardis Print

Bibliophiles and Whovians unite with this gorgeous print of the Tenth Doctor on a vintage dictionary page. Unframed to allow you to choose the perfect match for your décor, this print is sure to be a conversation piece in any setting. An inexpensive way brighten any space, fans of Matt Smith will adore this item.


Time Lord Hoodie

Who doesn’t love a hoodie? Now you can stay warm and cozy while proudly proclaiming your status as TIME LORD in laser cut and applied fabric, accented with white stripes on the sleeves. Perfect for the die-hard Whovian, this bold red front zippered is machine washable, and pairs perfectly with your Sonic Screwdriver. Reasonably priced and guaranteed to incite requests for rides in your Tardis.


Doctor Who Adipose Plush

Has all that timey wimey police call box travelling added some unwanted pounds? No fear, simply get your hands on this adorable plush. No, you won’t lose weight, but you’ll gain a friend. Straight from Adipose 3, this plump little guy is filled plastic pellets, so you don’t want to let small children play with him. Costing no more than a drive through meal, you won’t have buyer’s remorse after.

Prices Vary

Dr. Who Mad Libs

All the zany fun of original Mad Libs, but with a British twist. Fill in your favorite adverbs and adjectives, nouns and verbs in this hilarious game. 48 pages containing 21 original stories, all for under $5 will enable you to save your hard earned money for even more Dr. Who gear! Remember how much fun you had playing Mad Libs as a kid? The Whovian kid in your life is sure to love this.

The Official Dr. Who Card Game

This Officially licensed Dr. Who card game allows you to play as the 9th-10th Doctors, along with Cara, Amy, Rory, Rose, Martha, Riversong, and Donna defending the universe. Everything you need to start playing right out of the box. Gather 2-4 people, and in 20 minutes to an hour you can save the innocent lives in peril. Quality materials make this an awesome gift at a great price.


Dr. Who: A History Of The Universe in 100 Objects

Written by James Goss, this interesting volume is sure to delight. Travel through time and discover the history of the Doctor through famous and infamous objects. This hardbound book is a great buy, and would be an excellent gift for the Whovian bookworm. Beautifully bound, it deserves a space of honor on your bookshelf!


Monopoly: Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Edition

In honor of Dr. Who’s 50th anniversary, Monopoly has created this collector’s edition. Travel the universe, and pass go, displaying your skills as Time Lord with the Doctor’s scarf, bow tie, screwdriver, celery, recorder, and umbrella tokens. Roll the dice and buy, sell, and trade iconic episodes from the BBC classic science fiction show! A true collector’s dream, for both Monopoly and Dr. Who fans alike.


Dr. Who TARDIS Tin Tote Gift Set

Your kid can be the wibbly wobbliest kid in the cafeteria with this timey wimey gift set. Shaped like a TARDIS, the tote comes filled with a TARDIS designed travel mug and three coasters. Officially licensed by San Diego Comic Con, this gift set will be the envy of every Whovian who sees it. Quality materials make this a great buy.


Hand Knit Dr. Who Scarf

Sonic screwdrivers, police call boxes, daleks, and scarves; every Whovian knows these items. Take your cosplay to the next level of authenticity with this hand knit scarf, while doing what the Doctor himself would do, and helping kids. Proceeds from each scarf purchased go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Show off your love of all things timey wimey, and do a good deed at the same time, we think the Doctor would definitely approve.

Doctor Who Designer TARDIS Watch

This sleek and stylish designer watch features a TARDIS blue faux leather wristband and the sign from the TARDIS door. This classic timepiece will make sure you are always on time, no matter when in time you need to be there. Gift boxed in a reusable metal tin, this lovely watch will make a lovely present for the discerning Whovian on your gift list. The distinctive square face measures 1 5/8 inches across, and features a 9.5 inch strap


The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook

You are throwing a marathon viewing party of all the Dr. Who episodes ever. All your friends are gathered in front of the television, what better way to start off with a Two Streams Garden Cocktail? Maybe you’re hungry, and want something quick and easy, why not try a Fish Custard Taco? These recipes and more will delight your taste buds and earn your Whovian fame! This paperback cookbook will have you feeling all wibbly wobbly with joy in 101 pages.


Doctor Who Cookie Cutters

Sometimes, you just need a cookie shaped like a Dalek. Thankfully there are Doctor Who cookie cutters to save the day. Shaped like the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, The TARDIS, K9, a Cyberman, and a Dalek, these cutters make throwing a Whovian party a snap. Crafted from food grade plastic, these are not dishwasher safe, but will create awesome snacks!


Dr Who Steampunk Bracele

This antiqued silver plated brass cuff is sturdy but malleable enough to fit any wrist perfectly. Sealed to protect the silver finish, this cuff features Gallifrey symbols across the exterior. This handcrafted made to order bracelet is as much a work of art as a piece of jewelry, making it a great one of a kind gift for anyone, especially a Whovian.


Doctor Who Life Size Cardboard Standup

Feeling a little lonely? Maybe you just really need a tall, thin impeccably dressed Brit to keep you company. Now you can have David Tennant right in your very own bedroom, without all the legal ramifications of kidnapping a celebrity. Just follow the simple instructions, and without requiring a single Sonic Screwdriver, the 10th Doctor will defend your home for years to come.

Prices Vary

Dr. Who Custom Etched Beer Stein

Raise a pint in honor of your favorite Doctor from the longest running science-fiction series of all time. Shout Allons-y! as you toast with your Whovian family, or simply enjoy a cold beverage from it as you wash the space dust from your throat. Etched upon this sturdy stein is the face and favorite salute of the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. For only $20 USD, this item is as attractively priced as it is detailed.


Dr. Who Blue Tardis Silver Tie Tack

These beautiful tie tacks/pins will keep your ties in place while discreetly proclaiming your adoration of all things Whovian. Attend meetings dressed to the nines, knowing these handmade tacks will absolutely draw the eye of Dr. Who fans, while maintaining a professional look. Since these inexpensive accessories also double as pins, you can mix and match them with your favorite outfits or share one with a friend.


Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Mini Torch

This functional keychain mini torch replicates the 10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver adorably. Defend your home or car and proclaim your allegiance to The Doctor with this bright little keychain gadget. For the adventurous time traveler, this handy little Sonic Screwdriver will assure a successful mission without destroying your budget.


Doctor Who: Clue

Whodunit? Hop in your Tardis and search the Universe to rescue The Doctor. Select your character, choosing from his closest allies friends, and figure out the clues to discover who among you has been conditioned by the Daleks to commit this crime, where to find The Doctor, and how it was pulled off. A wonderful twist on the classic board game, this edition would make a great gift for fans of the series or the original game!


Dr. Who Universal Remote Control

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to hold the awesome power of a Sonic Screwdriver in your own hand and change the Universe around you, the time is now! This incredibly detailed replica of the 11th Doctor’s favorite tool controls your DVD/Blu-ray, iPod dock and TV with 39 infrared signals. Copper plated; this 10 ¾ inch replica remote features a soft grip touch, flashing lights, and sound effects!! A perfect gift for the entertainment junkie on your list.


Dr. Who: The Masters Fob Watch

This classic timepiece is gorgeous in any era, which explains why The Masters are so partial to it. This elegant fob watch features Gallifreyan engraving on the outside zinc alloy cover, as well as the face itself. The built in soft blue light enables accurate readings in the dark, while simultaneously showing off your excellent taste in any light. This handsome watch makes a perfect gift for the Whovian guy in your life, and would pair nicely with a scarf or fedora.


Dr. Who: Retro Lunch Box

This Retro Lunchbox is functional and collectible. Store your lunch, or an assortment of Sonic Screwdrivers in this 9″x3.5″x7.5″ tin featuring a TARDIS on one side and a Dalek on the other in vivid, bold colors. This inexpensive but sturdy tin is the perfect gift for young and old alike! Today’s youth can explore the Universe while keeping their sandwiches safe just like their grandparents did as children, making this a gift that is exactly what The Doctor ordered; wibbly wobbly, timey wimey, and more than meets the eye.


16 Dr. Who DIY Gifts

DIY Dr. Who Terrarium

There is something magical about a terrarium. It’s a tiny world in itself. This adorable Dr. Who Terrarium is easy to assemble, and the results are simply stunning. For under $20, this project is as budget friendly as it is beautiful. Using materials you have found (or if short on time you can find these in any dollar store in the craft aisle), a block of polymer craft clay, some paint and a covered jar this craft produces stunning results from everyday objects. Upcycle your old jars with this easy to follow step by step DIY guide, and see where your TARDIS lands next!

Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS Cards

This surprisingly spacious card will delight any Dr. Who Fan. This very detailed step by step tutorial will take you through each segment of the card creating process, making even beginning paper crafters feel like pros. By following the tutorial’s pictorial instructions carefully, this card is simple to make, and sure to bring a smile of wonder to the lucky Whovian who receives it.

Project: TARDIS Phone Charging Station

Have you always wanted a Police Call Box of your own? With this easy to follow tutorial, you can make one. Using the downloadable PDF template, and the materials listed, the TARDIS will once again prove it is bigger on the inside by both nesting your phone while not in use and doubling as a charging station. The easy to follow pictorial will have your cell comfortably protected in no time.

Dr. Who Painted TARDIS Heels

Step out in style with this chic DIY TARDIS Heels tutorial. The step by step pictorial clearly explains the process, making the finished project fabulous. This Whovian themed fashion forward upcycle can also be designed in any of your favorite themes. The possibilities are limitless, affordable, and great for the planet and your wardrobe. Just follow the simple pictorial, and you’ll need a TARDIS of your own to escape the demands from your fellow Whovians to redecorate all of their footwear.

TARDIS Tissue Box Cover

Endless sneezes got you feeling blue? TARDIS blue, maybe? Stifle the sniffles with this tissue box cover project. Just download the template, grab your yarn and needles, and cross-stitch your way to health. The simple instructions are easy to follow, and this neat tissue cover is affordable enough to make, you can also surprise your favorite Who fans. The Doctors all agree, this Call Box is exactly what the Doctor ordered.

How To Make a Red Felt Fez

The Fez is one of those hats that just seems to make people smile, while being subtle and unassuming. Create your own Fez to match that nifty bow tie, then go out and brave the Universe, no TARDIS required. Just follow the step by step instructions using basic crafting materials. Basic sewing skills are necessary, but this project can be sewn by hand for those who don’t own a machine. This craft can be finished in an afternoon, giving you plenty of time to meet your Whovian friends at the pub, and raise a pint or two. Allons-y!!

Doctor Who Alien Tree Skirt

If your Christmas decorating just isn’t complete without a few aliens, this is the tree skirt for you! Simply follow the step by step instructions and drape your evergreen in a striking TARDIS blue and crisp white skirt guaranteed to draw the eye. This tutorial provides links to templates, with clear instructions to make this project, with handy tips thrown in along the way. This timey wimey craft can be made for about ten bucks or less if you are using recycled fabric pieces.


It really is bigger on the inside! This very cool closet makeover will thrill any Whovian. The detailed instructions in this pictorial are easy to follow, and filled with tips and tricks to save money and create a cleaner look. By following the tutorial, this project will renovate any space with Whovian flair, in very little time, and involving NO major construction. When your call box closet is finished, it will be the perfect place to store your fezzes, hats, scarves, and bow ties.

DIY Adipose Plush

These adorable little aliens will add a dash of cuteness wherever they are found. This simple step by step pictorial will teach you how to make one of your own, and requires only basic sewing skills. The free template download will ensure you get the right measurements, and the easy to understand pictorial will make creating your very own Adipose a breeze. This version is about 17 cm tall finished, but you can enlarge the template for a larger plushie. These are so cute; you’ll want to make a few to give as gifts as well.

Dr. Who Inspired Bow Tie Necklace

Bow ties are cool. With this easy to follow pictorial, you can make a more feminine version using a few materials. We all have a broken necklace or two we just can’t bear to part with, and here is a great way to recycle them. This cool tutorial will have you rocking your bow tie necklace in no time. Just make sure you make enough for your friends, because they will definitely want one.

DIY Dr. Who Rug

This boldly striped rug is not what it seems. This incredibly subtle Whovian decoration is a bright welcome to any fan of the show, while maintaining its useful, everyday functionality. Cleverly painted to look like a handmade scarf, no knitting needles are needed to create the effect. This is a great way to recycle mismatched bits of yarn and leftover paints. All it takes is an afternoon to save the Universe and our own planet with this wonderful project, or simply brighten your entryway.

Don’t Blink Weeping Angel Recycled Barbie

If you have an old Barbie doll, a hot glue gun and a undying love for all things Dr. Who you can make your very own Weeping Angel using this great tutorial. The finished product is absolutely stunning, and only basic crafting skills are needed! Step by step pictorial instructions show you exactly how to recreate these creepy characters from the beloved BBC series. This project takes a bit of time to finish, but it absolutely worth the wait.

Dr. Who Stepping Stones

These stepping stones will pave the way to adventure in your own yard. The easy to follow instructions in this pictorial will teach you step by step where to find and how to press these Gallifreyan symbols into the uncured concrete. Using ordinary household items, this project is cost efficient and produces a subtle salute to the longest running sci-fi show in television history.

Bleached Image Tee

There’s nothing more comfortable than your favorite tee, and nothing more disappointing than when you have to admit it has seen better days. Instead of retiring your cozy cotton comfort, you can upcycle it into this great bleached image tee. Just follow the step by step instructions, and for less than 5 bucks, you can give your old shirt new life. The tutorial recommends a dark colored shirt for best effect. Download one of the hundreds of free templates from the web, or freehand your own, for a one of a kind shirt proclaiming your undying devotion to the Doctor of your choice.

TARDIS Mason Jar Snow Globe

This is the perfect project for a rainy day and a house full of kids. The step by step tutorial is simple to follow, and most of the materials can be found around the house. Experiment with different size figurines and jars to create snow globes that are one of a kind. This craft is inexpensive to make, and the wonder in the eyes of a child seeing their TARDIS float through a glittery whirlwind of space dust is priceless.

TARDIS Phone Case Tutorial

Quite possibly one of the easiest and cheapest DIY Dr. Who projects out there, this phone case is phenomenal. The full instructions are given in step by step pictorial, so it’s never been simpler showing off your Whovian pride. Using inexpensive materials, your cell can sport a TARDIS in minutes. This project makes a great gift for any Dr. Who fan!


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