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21 Hilarious Gifts for Fanboys and Fangirls of The Office TV Show

The Office is an amazing show, managing to mix humor with the realities of working in an office. This list has been compiled with fanboys and fangirls of the series in mind. From Funko POP! characters to a Schrute Farm sweatshirt, look no further if you want hilarious The Office gifts.

The best gifts for fans of The Office tv show.

That's What She Said Game

For ages 17+, grab 4 or more players and enjoy a game of “That’s What She Said”, Michael Scott’s favorite innuendo; see who can come up with the most hilarious one.


Prison Mike Inspired Air Freshener

Available in 3 scents, this is the perfect air freshener for someone who is a fan of The Office; who knew Prison Mike would look so good hanging from a rearview mirror?


World's Best Boss Mug

This would make the perfect gift for a boss who is a fan of the hit US TV show. They can channel their inner Michael Scott by being the best boss around.


Rabies Awareness Fun Run Shirt

Only people who have seen the Rabies Awareness episode will understand this tee, which is why it would make a perfect gift for a superfan of The Office.


Dwight Schrute Funko Pop Figure

If they identify the most with Dwight Schrute, this official Funko POP! figure would be an ideal figurine for their desk at work, either in or out of the box.


Jim and Pam Framed Message

After loving her in secret for years, Jim finally got the girl of his dreams in receptionist Pam. Give this frame to that special someone and they’ll know how loved they are.


The Office Alphabet Poster

There are so many moments that stand out through the entire series of The Office, and this alphabet poster highlights just a few of them that make this show hilarious.


The Office: The Complete Series

When looking for The Office gifts, nothing comes close to buying them the complete series. They’ll be able to rewatch their favorite moments over and over again.


The Office TV Show Mug

Not only is this ceramic mug colorful, but it contains some of the most memorable quotes from the beloved characters that will make them laugh over and over again.


Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Hoodie

Available in 7 different colors, this hooded sweatshirt bears the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company logo, allowing the wearer to pretend they actually work at the Scranton branch.

Prices Vary

Dundie Award Trophy

Only the gift giver can decide what this Dundie is being presented for, but everyone knows that it’s an honor to receive one, no matter what for.


Funny Office Birthday Card

No one loves Pretzel Day more than Stanley Hudson. Wish them a happy birthday with this The Office themed card, perfect for any fan of the show.


Office Pencils

Everyone needs a little pick me up to get them through the day. These pencils have different quotes from The Office on, guaranteed to raise a smile.


The Office Sticker Pack

This pack of 50 stickers features the much loved characters and the most memorable quotes, they’re ideal for covering laptops, computers, work phones or maybe just the desk.


Funko Pop Michael Scott Figure

Dressed in a classic navy suit and holding a “World’s Best Boss” mug, this Funko POP! figure of Michael Scott is a must for any fan of The Office.


Schrute Farms Sweatshirt

Not only does Dwight work at Dunder Mifflin, he also runs Dwight Farms which is a bed and breakfast beet farm on the edge of town, somewhere this sweatshirt would fit in perfectly.


The Office Enamel Lapel Pins

These enamel pins can be used to decorate work bags, suit jackets and even coats but wherever they’re placed, they’re a sure fire way to announce a love of The Office.

Prices Vary

False Shirt

Dwight doesn’t like to agree with Jim. With this graphic tee, whoever’s wearing it will show that their favorite character is Dwight, even though he can be a bit miserable at times!


Schrute Farms Shirt

Who doesn’t like beets at their bed and breakfast? Schrute Farms promises to offer all 3 and this soft cotton tee will pay homage to this little known Scranton B&B.


Serenity By Jan Scented Candle

When Jan was fired from Dunder Mifflin, she tried her hand at candle making; now anyone and everyone can own a scented candle from Serenity by Jan.


Kevin's Famous Chili Dress Socks

Every year, Kevin makes a batch of his chilli, only he ends up spilling it all over the office floor. This hilarious scene is depicted in this pair of 80% cotton socks.



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