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53 Cool Fishing Gifts for All Skill Levels

It takes a certain amount of patience, planning, and diligence to be a success at fishing. Support their dedication to rising before sunrise with a gift that helps them get the job done. From different types of lures to a waterproof phone case, you’ll find something here that is sure to live on in fish story infamy.

My husband loves to fish and this is the best list of fishing gifts I have ever seen! I will be using this one for years. Tons of cool ideas.

Dry Bag

There’s nothing worse than getting all your valuables wet. It happens all the time, because let’s face it: fishing happens by the water. The fisherman in your life can seal up all their important stuff in this dry bag, and never worry about it again.

Prices Vary

Waterproof iPhone Case

People need access to their phones 24/7, even when they’re out fishing. It’s inconvenient to dig around in the dry bag every time you want to check the weather or see how much you’re missing at the office. This waterproof case lets you fish worry-free, with your phone by your side.


MicroFiber Bait Towel

Whether the bait is worms, minnows, or shrimp, your hands are going to get fishy and gross when you bait that hook. This quick drying microfiber towel hooks right onto your belt, so you can wipe your hands off and get down to business right away.

Prices Vary

Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Motor Mount

This inflatable 9’ pontoon boat has everything the sports fisherman needs to make the most of the water. The comfy padded seat, rod holder that mounts in three different positions on each oar stand, anchor system with fillable mesh bag, motor mount, and more are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Prices Vary

ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

Sometimes you have to be smart to find the fish and with this Bluetooth “smart” technology fish finder you can be sure you know where to find the action. Accurate sonar readings down to a depth of 135’, an LED beacon, and 10 hours of battery life make this a valuable tool.


KastKing Fishing Rod Rack

Give your fisherman a gift he will love. This practical storage rack organizes and protects up to 24 rods and reels. The lightweight aluminum is easy-to-assemble and takes up minimal floor space while keeping equipment from overlapping and getting tangled. Help him protect his investment with this handy storage solution.


CAMPORT Folding Camping Chair Stool Backpack

This practical gift fulfills so many needs for the outdoorsman. It is a backpack with multiple zippered pockets including an insulated cooler, and also serves as a camping stool with a weight limit of 300 pounds. The comfortable shoulder straps and lightweight design make it an excellent choice.


Electric Fish Scaler

It’s not a pretty job but someone has to do it. Make it easier with this electric fish scaler. The convenience of the portable, cordless design means that it can be used anywhere to quickly clean and prepare fish for cooking. This little device saves time and makes an unpleasant chore a bit easier.

Prices Vary

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod Tackle Cart

Fishing enthusiasts need to keep their expensive gear clean and organized. They will love this wheeled cart design that offers three shelves and storage for up to 12 freshwater rods. The middle wire shelf is adjustable so that you can create the room you need for tackle boxes and other supplies.


Custom Leathercraft Wild River Lighted Backpack

Looking for a luxurious gift for the fisherman in your life? You can’t go wrong with this backpack that has it all. A large compartment holds up to four trays for lures and other supplies. It has a built-in LED light, a removable plier holder, and its own built-in rain cover.


Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Guys who fish need a quality set of pliers for so many uses. This multi-functional tool is corrosion-resistant for either fresh or saltwater environments. Strong and easy-to-use, they come with a protective case and lanyard for ultimate convenience. You can also order them in multiple color combinations.


Sea Eagle NeedleNose Inflatable Touring Fishing Rig

Looking for a gift that is sure to impress? This inflatable stand-up paddleboard with swivel seat fishing package is sure to do the trick. Only 29 pounds and stored neatly in the included backpack, you can carry this rig anywhere. It includes a hand pump and repair kit.

Prices Vary

De-Fishing Soap

Need a super-practical gift that is good for not only fishermen, but anyone who has to live with them? This “de-fishing” soap instantly removes fish and bait odors, but it is good for so much more. Use it to eliminate any stubborn odor. Try on knives, cutting, boards, even your pets!


Paracord Survival Watch

This paracord survival watch is a fashionable gift that could provide comfort and life-saving help with its multiple uses. If an emergency strikes, quickly unwind the 54-inch cord to secure your boat from wind or your food from bears. The watch has luminescent hands to read in any type of light.$60.00

Organized Fishing Lightweight Folding Fillet Table

Once they get back from the big haul, all the work begins. This food-grade plastic folding table with stainless faucet and garden hose attachment is the perfect tool for preparing the day’s catch for dinner. It even has a built-in measuring tape so you can prove the big one didn’t get away!


Outdoor Weather Indicator Watch

This handy little gadget will change the way your guy goes fishing. Literally at his fingertips, he can now tell the tide, moon phase, sunburn risk, and more. The display technology makes it easy to read in bright light or no light at all. It also has an alarm and stopwatch.$70.00

HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Knot Tying Tool

This multi-function fishing tool means that now everyone can tie their own tackle with a professional knot. Suitable for anglers of all ages and experience, now you will never lose a fish from a faulty knot. This will be an appreciated addition to any tackle box.


Delk MultiTool

This one tool has everything you’ll need for a day out on the water. It’s got a hook remover, a fish scraper, a serrated knife, a pair of scissors, and an eighteen-pound scale. It fits right in your pocket and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Prices Vary

Ball Cap Headlamp

Lots of fisherman like to get out on the water before sunrise so they can catch the fish during their morning feed. This head lamp fits right on the bill of a baseball cap, so early risers can get their gear together in the dark.


Crossbody Tackle Bag

This bag sits comfortably across the chest for easy access to all your fishing accessories. No more looking around for what you need.It’s got room for lures, bait, a fishing knife, fish-finders, spare line, hook cutters, and pliers. There are extra pockets for smartphones and keys, too.

Prices Vary

Casio Fisherman’s Watch

This is the perfect watch for fisherman. It’s water-resistant up to three hundred feet, and the stainless steel case is made to take any punishment an outdoorsman can dish out. It’s got a traditional Roman numeral display and a digital window, plus a compass function and moon cycle readout.

Prices Vary

The Ultimate Fishing Chair

This is the chair you want for kicking back on the dock by a quiet lake or lounging on the beach while your lines are out in the water. It’s got a fishing pole holder, a storage pouch, and a two-drink cup holder. The seat and back have ample padding, and it folds up for easy storage.


Electronic Fish Scale

You really want to know how much your fish actually weighs, so you can gauge exactly how much you have to exaggerate when you tell your fish story later on. This electronic scale weighs fish up to one hundred ten pound, or fifty kilograms. It’s got a stainless steel hook and a tare function to ensure accuracy.

Prices Vary

Waterproof Gear bag

This waterproof gear bag is just what you need to keep your fishing gear organized and safe in one place. There’s room for rods, reels, bait, tackle, and all the extras. It’s made from thick, durable Oxford cloth and finished with rope zippers. It’s got a padded shoulder strap as well as two handles for easy carrying.

Prices Vary

The Total Fishing Manual

Everything you need to know about fishing is in this book. This is widely recognized as the definitive fisherman’s bible. It’s published by the fishing experts at Field & Stream magazine. You’ll find over three hundred tasty tidbits of fishing knowledge, from advice on gear to where to catch fish.


Fishing Knife Set

Part one is getting out of town. Part two is getting out on the water. Part three is catching the fish. Part four is when you clean the catch so you can get to the tastiest part of all: part four, eating fish. This knife set has part four covered, with two fillet knives, a serrated knife and a cutting board.


Heavy Duty Gloves

When the weather gets cold you need a heavy-duty pair of gloves. They need to be designed so you can bait your hook, work your reel, and get that fish landed, no matter how bad the weather gets. These neoprene bombers have a Kevlar reinforced thumb and forefinger for line work, as well as fully-functional rubber grip.


Fish Lip Grabber

You cast your line, wait patiently, get a bite, and fight that fish into the boat. You get the hook out, and you’re ready for your buddy to snap a picture. What you need most in that moment is this fish lip grabber, so you can show off your fish for all the world to see.


Home Rod Organizer

The avid fisherman has more than one rod at home. In fact, the true fisherman probably has every rod and reel they’ve ever owned, from childhood through today. This hand organizer has space for up to five full rods and reels on the outside, and room for extra gear and parts on the inside.

Prices Vary

Kennebec Boundary Pack

The folks as L.L. Bean have outdone themselves with the Kennebec Boundary Pack. It’s the perfect fusion of soft tackle box and fishing vest. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable, and the four large chest pockets have more than enough room for all your fishing gear.


Coastlock Snap

Bait, cast, fish. Re-bait, cast, fish. Repeat for life. Every fisherman knows that a coastlock snap is an essential tool that makes re-baiting the line much easier. No need to cut the line and retie the lure: you just undo the snap, rebait, snap it back, and you’re in business.

Prices Vary

Shimano Curado Baitcast Reel

Now we’re getting into the real meat of this list. This baitcast reel from Shimano is at the top of the list for every fishing enthusiast. This award winning reel is made from strong, lightweight aluminum and comes with Shimano’s renowned X-Ship gearing system and SVS Infinity Brake system.

Prices Vary

St. Croix Casting Rod

Mount that snazzy new Shimano on this St. Croix rod and you’ll have a rig that everyone out on the water will envy. This one piece rod is made from SCII graphite and comes in a variety of models, depending on your fishing needs. This medium action rod is the most versatile of them all.


Daiwa Ballistic Spinning Reel

A step up from the baitcasting reel is the spinning reel. This model from Daiwa is magsealed, so it works perfectly in both saltwater and freshwater situations. This spinning reel has a smooth and powerful action. It’s great for small fish as well as beast over fifty pounds.

Prices Vary

St. Croix Avid X Spinning Rod

This rod from St. Croix is designed to accommodate almost any modern spinning reel. It’s lighter and more powerful than any other rod on the market, thanks to the SCIII graphite. The split-cork grips make this rod comfortable to use in any conditions.


Waterworks Liquid Fly Reel

We take a step up from baitcasting to spinning, then another step up from spinning to fly-fishing. Fly-casting is the true art of fishing. It takes years to perfect, and the experts say that once you get it, it’s more like Zen meditation than sport.

Prices Vary

Sage Salt Fly Rod

Combine the Waterworks reel with this rod from Sage and you’re sure to reach the enlightenment reserved only for the fly fisherman. This rod has been called the strongest, most responsive fly rod ever mass-produced. This portable, four-piece beauty comes in an aluminum carrying case.

Prices Vary

Deep Sea Trolling Reel

There’s a breed of fisherman born to be out on the open ocean, fishing for bluefish, marlin, swordfish, or tuna. They’re called sport fisherman. They’re out for the big stuff. They want a real fight with the biggest fish they can find: this powerful reel is made for them.


Deep Sea Trolling Rod Set

The heavy duty trolling reel of the sport fisherman begs for a top-quality rod to support it. This set of two big-game rods from Okiaya is designed for fish from fifty to eighty pounds. It’s made from a proprietary aluminum/fiberglass composite for superior strength and responsiveness.

Prices Vary

Shark Fishing Reel

Shark fishing is for the most macho of the macho sport fisherman. It’s on a different level—so much so that they call it hunting. This is for the person who lives for that moment from Jaws when Roy Scheider turns and says, “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” This reel can handle the bad boys of the ocean.


The Beast

This rod is so tough its nickname is simply “The Beast”. It’s made by Okiaya from an aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass composite. This six foot rod can handle fish up to one-hundred eighty pounds, and meets or exceed all sport fishing industry standards.

Prices Vary

Sportfishing Belt

When you’re in the fight for your life against a monster of the deep, just like the Old Man in Old Man and the Sea, you need a belt that can help you win. The fish hits and runs, you grab the rod, you lock the belt in place, and it’s on. You’re a real sport fisherman.

Prices Vary

Kid’s Fishing Kit

We’ve topped out with the shark gear, and now it’s back to basics. Even if you’re not an outdoor type or fishing fanatic, you can give this fishing kit to your kids. You never know: it might be just what they need. This kit comes with a basic rod, reel, tackle box and bait.

Prices Vary

Zebco 202

This is the simplest, most functional rod and reel you can find. It’s what most kids start with when they’re little. The Zebco 202 is ideal for local creeks and ponds. All you need to feel the joy of fishing is this rod, a hook, and a tin can full of earthworms from the back yard.

Prices Vary

His & Hers Fishing Kit

This couples kit from comes with two Zebco 33’s. One is purple and one is black—you can decide which one is for him, and which one is for her. Pack up a picnic lunch, throw these in the trunk, and make it a quiet couple’s afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.


Tackle Box

The rod and reel are where all the action is, but you’ll need a tackle box to keep all the necessities. This three tray box comes loaded with one hundred thirty six items. It’s got hooks, curly-tail worms, jig heads, split shots, leaders—everything you need to get started.

Prices Vary

Soft Tackle Bag

When you need to walk or wade to where the best fish are biting, this tackle bag will go there with. It’s fully waterproof and built to keep all your gear protected and ready to use. The shoulder strap makes for easy carrying, and it’s got a dedicated electronics to keep your phone safe and dry.

Prices Vary

Live Bait Cooler

Serious fisherman know that one sure way to attract the big fish is to use live bait. This cooler keeps the bait fish fresh so when you’re ready to hook them up, they’re still alive and flapping. This brings the fish to the fisherman—which is the way it should be.


Trolling Bait Bucket

Another way to bring the fish to the fisherman is to keep your bait in a bucket at the end of a line, just off the boat. This bucket is designed to keep the water flowing through the top, so all the fish in the area smell the bait and come running—or swimming—for a tasty treat.


Basic Lure Set

This set of lures has everything you need to fill your tackle box and head out for a fun and rewarding day out on the water. It comes with six hard lures, eighteen metal flashers, fifty soft lures, and fifty assorted hooks, leaders, and sinkers.


Fly Fishing Assortment

One thing that sets fly fishing apart from other types of fishing is the art of the lure. People spend decades perfecting their fly lure technique. This thirty-two fly kit will get you started on your personal fly-fishing journey. The lures come in a compact, waterproof, twelve row fly box.

Prices Vary

Freshwater Line

It’s important to have spare line on hand at all times. You don’t want to be caught out at the river or lake without enough line to replace your rig. As the saying goes, “Snags Happen”. Be ready for cutting your line and starting all over again with a fresh spool.

Prices Vary

Sport Fishing Line

While you’re sport fishing, cutting your line is more common than not cutting your line. That’s why you have to have an extra spool or three or four in your equipment kit whenever you go out for a hard day of chasing the big ones.


500 Piece Freshwater Hook Set

Lines and hooks—no, we’re not talking about pop music. We’re talking fishing, of course. This five-hundred piece hook set will keep you in the barbed steel for a couple of years, minimum. They’re in a range of sizes from #3 to #12, from ten millimeters to nineteen millimeters.

Prices Vary

Heavy Duty Hook Set

These hooks are for the big boys. Wright and McGill was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1925 and they’ve been making the best fishhooks in the world since then. The Eagle Claw is their top-of-the-line size 1/0 hook. This is a set of forty-five burnished red hooks.

Prices Vary

Hatch Nomad Pliers

Hatch is the first name in fishing pliers. There’s a lot of technology packed into this little package. The I-Beam are anodized aluminum, the cutters are tungsten carbide, and the jaws are made from high-end stainless steel. They’ll cut through any fishing material, and come with a black sheath and bungee lanyard.

Prices Vary

Simms G4 Pro Jacket

Simms is famous among fishing aficionados for their impeccably designed and durable gear. This jacket is the pinnacle of all winter wading jackets. You’ll find crafty gear pockets inside and out. It’s got a completely waterproof Goretex outer shell, and a cuff system that lets you dip your hands into the water to handle your catch and come out dry as a bone.


Simms Freestone Waders

To go along with your top-shelf Goretex wading jacket, you’ll need these Freestone stocking foot waders. They transition easily from hip-high waders to chest-high waders thanks to the ingenious, reversible suspender buckles. They’ve got fleece lined, reach through pockets and they’re cut for all day comfort.


Neoprene Wading Shoes

Round out your wading attire with these one-hundred percent waterproof neoprene wading shoes. They won’t let a drop of water through to your feet, ever. They’re perfect for flat fishing and all types of wading. The tough, rubber non-slip bottoms protect your feet and toes from all hazards you might encounter.

Prices Vary

Angler Kayak

Some fishermen aren’t content to stand on the shore or the dock. Nor do they want to rely on a motorboat to get them to where the fish are. They want the silence and the self-determination that comes with kayaking—a solo boat for a solo venture. This kayak is custom designed for both river fishing and seashore fishing.

Prices Vary

Kayak Anchor Kit

When you find your perfect spot after a tough morning of paddling, you’ll want to ship your paddle, hang in place, and fish until they stop biting. You can’t do that without a functional anchor system. This one’s got you covered with fifty feet of line and a one and a half pound folding anchor.

Prices Vary

Telescoping Landing Net

You spend your time on the important stuff. The rod, the reel, the bait, the boat, and above all, the fishing itself. You don’t want to fall short when the time comes to get the fish in the boat or up onto the dock. This telescoping net extends to six feet and has a two-foot wide, two-foot deep net.


Spearfishing Catch Bag

If spearfishing is your thing, then you know you need a catch bag. Otherwise, you’ll be swimming back and forth to the boat or the shore more than you’ll be fishing. This catch bag hooks onto your dive belt and has an easy closing clip on the top.


Humminbird Fish Finder

This is for the golfer in your life who loves nothing more than to get out on the water, toss out a line, then sit back and wait for the fish to bite. This fish finder has all the latest technology to help make sure they comes back with dinner. Or at least a story to tell.


Fish Catching RC Boat

This foot and a half long radio controlled boat is rigged with a hook, line, and bobber. You can guide it over a hard to reach patch of water, or simply sit on the dock and have fun at the intersection of tradition and technology. It comes with a three-foot telescoping grappler to haul in the fish when he’s got it hooked.


Orvis Fly Fishing School

Fly fishing is an art that takes years to perfect. The best way to learn is from true, experienced guides who can not only tell you but also show you the secret techniques of fly fishing. Choose a trip in the United States or as far away as New Zealand.


Ultimate Bass Boat

The Lowe Scorpion is all you’ll ever need in a bass boat. It’s a mod-five aluminum fisher that comes with twelve volt trolling motor, a Lowrance fishfinder, and a twenty three gallon well for catch and bait. It’s got holders and organizers for four rods, a driver’s seat, a passenger seat and two professional pedestal chairs.


10 DIY Fishing Gifts and Gear Ideas

Polar Bear Tubes

You’ll need to keep your catch cold once you land it on the boat. That way, when you get home, it’s fresh and tasty for the whole family. Take an hour to make these polar bear tubes out of PVC pipe, and you’ll have a way to keep your fish cool all day long.

Homemade Fishing Bobbers

This one is easy. You can make these bobbers in less than an hour for the fisherman in your life, or do it as a quick, fun project with the kids. All you need is cork, paperclips, paint, and some fishing line. The five step process makes perfectly functional bobbers.

DIY Fishing Rod Rack

Here’s an afternoon project that will make your fisherman extremely happy. It’s a simple, three step process that teaches you to make a rack that holds up to seven fishing rods. You’ll need a drill, a saw, and seven pieces of wood easily available at the hardware store.

Kid’s Toy Fishing Pole

This is a very artsy-craftsy project to make for the little fishing kid in your life. The one who wants to be just like Daddy, fishing for real. You’ll need a bucket, a dowel, some string, a swath of craft felt, and several small magnets. In less than an hour you’ll have a fun fishing game for kids under six years old.

Nightcrawler Farm

You’ll never lack for prime, fat fishing worms when you have your very own nightcrawler farm in a bucket in your back porch. You need a bucket, a tight lid, some earth, and compost. You’ll also need the worms, which you can buy at a bait shop, order online, or just take a walk in the woods and find under some wet leaves. This farm will take twenty minutes to make, tops.

Diy Bass Lure Binder

Check out this tutorial for a clever idea on how to DIY a bass lure binder. These handy storage compartments can cost up to $30. You can make one for pennies using some plastic storage sheets and a three-hole folder. Fisherman love tools that help them stay organized.

Diy Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Yet another creative use for the beloved Altoid tin. This pocket “survival kit” includes a fire starter, LED flashlight, compass, water bag, iodine tablets, fishing gear, and more. All tucked into a tiny tin that could come in handy in an emergency. A clever project for a scout group maybe?

Diy Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Nothing ruins outdoor fun like pesky mosquitos. Try this homemade potion to chase off the annoying little buggers. Add vegetable glycerine to witch hazel or, believe it or not, vodka, and some essential oils for a pleasant aroma. Now you can enjoy the great outdoors with this all-natural solution to those blood-sucking pests.

Diy PVC Ice Pack Coolers

Who would have thought that PVC pipe cylinders would make such perfect ice packs? Whether fishing, tailgating, or some other outdoor adventure, check out this simple way to create custom ice packs that don’t get soggy or take up a lot of room in the cooler.

Diy Camping Sink

Perfect for camping, fishing, or any outdoor adventure, check out this idea for turning a storage tote into an outdoor sink complete with water drainage system. If you can handle some basic tools, you can spend less than $25 and wind up with a washing system that helps with fishy clean-up.


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