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22 Gifts for Hunters That WIll Improve Their Skills

Choosing gifts for hunters that hit the mark can be tricky business. But if you get them something that helps them be a better hunter, or makes them more comfortable while on a hunting trip, they’re sure to love it.

22 Gifts for Hunters- that will improve their skills.

Smartphone Scope Adaptor

Get more out of your rifle when you attach your smartphone to it. You’re able to use your phone as a scope with the ability to see a bigger picture and have more accuracy while keeping your head up.


Pocket Night Vision Monocular

Take this night vision monocular into the woods with you and you’ll be able to get a view of things even when it’s completely dark. Just using one eye keeps the other eye open and seeing things as they are.


Hunting Knife

This is a hunter’s best friend aside from his gun or bow. It has a number of uses when you get out into the wild and need to take care of multiple tasks. This is a gift that they’ll likely end up using a lot, and keep for years and years, remembering you all the while.


Wireless Motion Activated Surveillance Camera

You can scout out an area with this motion activated surveillance camera. Put it up where you suspect there’s some wildlife, and it will take video footage of them when they get nearby. That way you’ll know what’s out there and be ready with the right weapon for the job.


The Wild Chef

Find out how to make all of your wild game taste amazing with this cookbook that comes from Field & Stream magazine. There’s a special art to cooking game meat, and if you get it right it will make your hunting trip that much more special.


Compact Zoom Binoculars

A pair of good binoculars is essential for a hunting trip. But you don’t want something that is going to take up a lot of space, or be heavy to carry around. That’s where these compact binoculars come in handy. They zoom up close but don’t weigh a lot and aren’t too big.


Camo Bike

This camo bike might cost more than most bikes, but it has some pretty cool features that other bikes don’t have, other than its camouflage design. It has oversized tires to navigate through wooded areas, and places to store you bow and arrows.


Rechargeable Hand Warmer

When they have this rechargeable hand warmer with them they’ll always be able to take the perfect shot because their hands will be nicely thawed and warm. It’s hard to focus on the shot when you’re thinking about how cold your hands are.


Heated Insoles

Give them the gift of warm feet no matter how late into hunting season it gets. These are rechargeable and reusable so they can use them each time they go out and it will keep their feet the right temperature even when walking in the snow and wind.


Garmin Tactix

This is one watch that tells a lot more than the time. It gives location data thanks to the GPS ability, as well as a ton of useful information that hunters can use to mark their location and decide where they want to go and where they’ve been as they track animals.


Don’t Shoot Your Buddy Game

Don’t pull a Cheney! Test your skill with this game that requires quick reaction time and a smart trigger finger. It will put up three random targets. Your job is to shoot the animals and refrain from shooting your hunting buddy.


High Quality Waders

You’ve got to have a pair of high quality waders so you can feel free to romp around uncharted areas without worrying what you’re going to step in or if you end up in a creek or not. These are highly rated and come with plenty of pockets for your gear.


Portable Fridge/Freezer

Once you land that big game you’re going to need a way to keep it fresh. This portable fridge and freezer combo will make sure that it makes the trip home, or makes it overnight so you can enjoy a meal the next day.

Prices Vary

Premium Jerky Crate

One of the best snacks to hold you over during a longer hunting trip is jerky. Top them off with this premium jerky crate and they’ll have something to munch on for days and days of hunting. It doesn’t contain venison jerky, but that’s OK because they’ll get that made later.


Insulated Hunting Boots

The right pair of hunting boots can make or break a hunting trip. These insulated boots will keep their feet toasty warm, and they’re super comfortable for big hikes into the woods. This is a gift they’ll use on each trip, and one they’ll appreciate each time they go out.


Lip Protecting Mug

This mug will let you sip hot beverages without burning your lip. It has a special piece on the rim of the mug that keeps your lips from being scalded. But be careful you don’t sip to fast because it doesn’t protect the rest of your mouth or throat.


Three Layer Hiking Socks

These hiking socks will be very well received by any hunter that has found themselves in the woods with socks that just weren’t made for the job. They have three layers to keep feet warm and dry, the perfect combination when out in the woods on a cold day.


Original Camo Gloves

These are some of the best-rated camouflage gloves for hunting. They’ll keep their hands warm but still allow them the dexterity needed to do most things involved in hunting. Helping them get fully outfitted is about as thoughtful as you can be.


Rescue Bands Dog Collars

These dog collars are made with military grade paracord, so if you’re ever in need of some you simply pull off your desired amount and you’re ready to go. Your furry four legged friend won’t even know he’s carrying around a safety device.


Biometric Rifle Safe

This rifle safe is a must-have to keep the rifles secure when not in use. It uses biometrics to unlock it, so it provides quick access to the right person, and keeps the wrong people out of the safe entirely.


Camo Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses are polarized for crystal clear vision even in the brightest of sunshine. They’re camouflaged so that they’ll go with the rest of the gear you’ve got on. Sun in your eyes can ruin a shot so help them be prepared with these glasses.


Biolite Campstove

This camp stove gets great reviews and is a must have for any hunter that goes out hunting for multiple nights and sleeps in the woods. It uses twigs for fuel so there’s no need to carry around fuel, and it creates energy from the fire to charge portable devices.


8 DIY Gifts for Hunters

DIY Ghillie Suit

This ghillie suit puts you on a different level beyond camo gear. It has you blending into your surroundings completely so they never see what’s coming. This is a way to make them a suit that they’ll love and that elevates their game.

DIY Hunting Tree Stand

This tree stand is something you can make for them, and allows them to get a bird’s eye view of their targets. It’s something that they’ll really appreciate, but check to see what sort of hunting they do before deciding to make it for them.

Personalized Hand Warmers

These personalized hand warmers add a special touch to the gift. Put their initials on them and they’ll have something that is uniquely theirs. Each time they warm up their hands on a cold hunting trip they’ll think of you.

DIY Sleeping Pad

This sleeping pad is the perfect compromise when you don’t want to lug around a heavy sleeping bag. It’s light, and highly portable, and supplies enough of a cushion between you and the ground so that you don’t wake up sore and stiff.

Paracord Keychain

This paracord keychain is something special, and something that you can make for them rather than buying them a store bought gift, or as an add-on to a bigger gift. It has a secret compartment for storing things, and comes undone in an emergency.

Portable Spice Kit

Cooking in the woods doesn’t have to be a bland affair. Make them this portable spice kit and they’ll always have the right spices to flavor up their catch. This uses the smart idea of a weekly pill container to provide a few pinches of a range of different spices.

Mounted Stag Head

Here’s a sort of gag gift for the hunter in your life. If they haven’t bagged a 12 point buck yet. You can hang this honorary mounted stag head as a sort of placeholder for their bigger one that is on its way. This repurposes old Christmas ornaments to do the job.

Mason Jar Match Holder

This match holder is made from a mason jar. It will keep the matches from getting wet, and makes them easy to take out. It’s a nice gift to give a hunter before they head out on a multi-day hunting trip.

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    My husband is a huge hunter and will go on the elk hunt every year. I try to always buy him gifts that he will use frequently throughout the year. I liked your idea about getting him a knife or some insulated hunting boots. Either of those would certainly make him really happy.

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