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43 Must-Have Survival Kits, Tools and Gear to Maximum Preparedness

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a camping trip, it’s important to know what to do in life threatening situation. Luckily, this list contains some of the best must-have survival kits, tools and gear available; they’ll make any earthquake, tsunami, fishing trip or hiking adventure a lot easier to get through.

The best survival kits and gear to have in any emergency situation.

2-Person Emergency Survival Bag

Complete with all the basic items needed to survive in the wild, such as filtration straws and bath wipes, two people will be able to sustain themselves for 72 hours with this kit.


Emergency Case

Make sure the whole family is protected against every natural disaster there is with this emergency case, which is fully mobile, ensuring nothing bad will happen to them.

Prices Vary

Big Dog Emergency Survival Kit

While preparing the whole family for any disaster, the dog can’t be forgotten. The Big Dog survival kit contains enough items to keep the family pet alive for 72 hours.


72-Hour Kit

Designed with any family budget in mind, this quality 72 hour multi-use bag contains everything that’s needed to keep every family member safe from all natural disasters.


4 Person Survival Kit

Perfect for home, work or even the car, 4 people will be saved from tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and even man-made disasters because this kit has everything that’s needed.

Prices Vary

Earthquake Emergency Kit

72 hours’ worth of survival essentials are included in this backpack, including food, water, first aid, and survival gear, making it a must-have kit for 2 people who live in an earthquake zone.


Ultimate Auto Emergency Kit

When preparing to survive disaster, both natural and man-made, it’s important to have items which will help people in every situation, which is why this Safety and Trauma survival kit is perfect.

Prices Vary

Outdoor Tactical Survival Kit

Going on an adventure in the wild requires preparation. Make sure this emergency survival kit is part of the equipment taken on any trip which is taking place outside.


Fishing Survival Kit

Whether this kit is used on a camping holiday, as part of a military exercise, or even on a fishing trip, it’s got every item necessary to survive in the outdoors.

Prices Vary

BattlBox Survival Kits

Instead of buying just one survival kit, why not purchase a subscription from BattlBox? Choose from three different prices and receive exciting, new items every month.

Prices vary

Portable Survival Gear Kit

Survival bags aren’t always practical; not everyone has the ability to carry them around. This 9-in-1 portable rod contains necessary tools without taking up a lot of room.


Personal Locator Beacon Survival Kit

It’s great having the means to survive in the wild but what happens if they get lost? This locator kit should be part of any adventurer’s gear; it could even save their life.

Prices Vary


Perfect for slipping into a trouser pocket or small compartment, this multitool contains 21 essential tools such as wire cutters and 2 knives; who knows when they might come in handy?


Military Tactical Backpack

One of the best ways to ensure survival in the wild is to make sure the backpack has enough space to carry the necessary supplies needed to stay alive – like this one.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Everyone knows that clean water is something everyone needs to survive. Make sure it’s always available with this personal water filter, turning dirty water into fresh.


King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet

In a life or death situation, searching through a bag isn’t always possible. Wear this bracelet which can be disassembled to perform tasks which could save a life.

Prices Vary

The Firebiner

Whether it’s to keep warm or cook food, the ability to light a fire is a basic survival skill. This fire-starting tool also has a bottle opener and a screwdriver tip.


Survival Garden

Make sure these seeds are part of any home survival kit; they’ll last for 20 years and can be grown to ensure a healthy diet can still be achieved in any disaster.


Camping Cookware Survival Kit

Slip this into any backpack and they’ll have the means to both cook and eat food; it’s also the perfect size for any kit, no matter the terrain and location being explored.


Hand Crank Portable Radio

A mobile phone might not be the first item on everyone’s survival gear list, but it is essential these days; this multipurpose solar charger will come in handy in any emergency situation.


Windproof Lighter

Creating a fire in damp conditions will rarely work but as long as this fireproof lighter is part of the survival kit, it’s likely to be more achievable.


Safety Hammer Tool

Keep these in the car – they’ll be invaluable in a car accident. With the ability to cut seatbelts and smash windows, surviving a horrendous crash is more likely.

Prices Vary

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Use the Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag as part of any kit; because it’s thermal, it’ll keep adventurers warm while the bright orange color alerts rescuers to the location.


GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight

Most adventures take place in remote areas where light is hard to come by. Pack this LED flashlight and ensure that the path is as bright as city lights.


SOG Folding Survival Shovel

Who knows when a shovel might be useful? This folding one becomes the size of an adult hand when packed away and it can be used on a variety of materials.


Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets

Water is essential to life. If there’s only dirty water available, make it human safe with these purification tablets, which work by removing bacteria in only 35 minutes.


Survival Tabs 8-Day Food Supply

Whether it’s a natural disaster or an adventure gone wrong, these survival tabs will be perfect in the event that food isn’t available; they'll provide essential minerals and vitamins.


Windproof and Waterproof Survival Matches

Lighting a fire in the wilderness isn’t easy, especially if it’s damp. With these waterproof matches, flames can be created, even if the match has been submerged in water.


Ralix Fire Starter

Strike a fire up to 15,000 times with this survival fire starter. The compact kit also contains a compass and a whistle; essential tools for any adventurer.


Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

It’s not as though hikers and campers are eating three course meals in the wilderness, but this compact knife and fork set will be handier than they seem.

Prices Vary

Pocket Chainsaw

Finding clean, dry wood to light fires is an essential survival skill, and this pocket chainsaw will make it easier than ever to cut down trees and branches.


SurvivorCord Paracord

While this might look like an ordinary piece of cord, SurvivorCord is so much more; it can be used as a fishing line, a fire starter, and even small snares.


Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

Foil blankets are perfect for keeping in body heat, as well as protecting from the elements. These camo ones could even be used to cover a tent and blend it into the forest.


Tactical Tomahawks

Even though this tomahawk is lightweight, it definitely packs a punch. With a stainless steel hatchet blade, complete with spike, this is an essential piece of equipment.


Life Tent Emergency Survival Shelter

Use the Life Tent to keep two people safe and warm while they’re out hiking in the mountains; the tent also comes with a survival whistle and a paracord.


100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition

Before heading out into the wilderness, read this book; it prepares any adventurer for the realities of Mother Nature and tells them how to deal with every eventuality.


Primitive Technology

Tents aren’t necessary items, not when the skills of shelter building have been learned. This book contains over 50 DIY projects, all of which are items needed to survive in the wild.


Bushcraft 101

There’s so much more to survival in the wild than sleeping in a tent. Bushcraft 101 contains necessary information which will make adventures a lot easier to handle.


How to Eat in the Woods

Knowing which wild food to eat is the key to survival. Take this book along on any hiking or camping trip and ensure that no one goes hungry.


Survival Medicine & First Aid

One of the main reasons that people fail in wild adventures is because they don’t know basic first aid. This book provides key information on surviving most accidents.

Prices Vary

SAS Survival Handbook

The SAS spend most of their lives out in the wilderness. Be just like them and survive any life threatening scenario by reading this book before the adventure begins.


Survival Hacks

Life hacks aren’t the only way to make things easier, survival hacks will do that too. Simply take tips from this book and make any adventure easy to survive.


Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide

In the event of a disaster, it’s important to be informed on how to survive. Prepare for any scenario by reading the tips in this book and applying them to real life.



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