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35 Unique Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers & Equestrians

If you know someone that loves horses you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for horse lovers. Capturing the beauty and majesty of horses is not easy, but the following horse gifts do the best job of it, and are sure to be well-received.

35 Unique Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians- the horse lovers in your life will love these gifts!

Horse Blueprint

Here’s a gift that is sure to take up a special place in their home. It features a blueprint for a horse, either Arabian or Thoroughbred, and points out the important details of each. It looks great on the wall and goes with any horse-themed decor.


Mutual Affection Sculpture

Loving horses often leads to mutual affection, which is captured beautifully in this sculpture. This makes an excellent piece for any female horse lover, and is something that shows the bond created with these amazing animals. Features a wood base and has a bronze finish.


Horses Make Me Happy Square

This sums it up pretty concisely, and is the perfect gift that will make them smile each time they read it, because it will make them think of horses. It can be placed on a desk or countertop, or it can be hung on the wall to save space.


How to Think Like a Horse

Get into the mind of a horse and become a horse whisperer of sorts. This book gives insight into how horses think, and why they do the things they do. It provides a horse lover with a deeper understanding of horses and is sure to be appreciated.



With all of the different versions of Monopoly of course there had to be a version about horses. The aptly named Horse-opoly will entertain and delight horse lovers because it features different breeds of horses and the entire game is horse themed.


Pearl the Unicorn Doormat

Made from durable coconut fibers, this beautiful doormat features a picture of a whimsical unicorn flying through the air surrounded by a golden moon and sparkling stars.


Classic Hunter Boots

Perfect for rainy walks through the countryside, a pair of Hunter wellies will definitely keep toes dry as they’re 100% waterproof and made from natural vulcanized rubber.

Prices vary

Yarn Unicorn Kit

While it might not be possible to own a real unicorn, these DIY yarn ones are a great substitute. Complete with rainbow manes and glittery horns, these mythical creatures are truly magical.


Horse Candle

Anyone with a horse will know the smell of a tack room and with this soy wax candle, they’ll be able to immerse themselves in the familiar scent of horse sweat and leather.


Yes I Smell a Horse Shirt

Spending time with horses is bound to make someone smell like an equestrian. With this 100% cotton tee, that issue is addressed without having an awkward conversation about it.


Horse Message in a Bottle

With the rise of technology, a message in a bottle isn’t as common anymore. However, this horse themed one offers a motivational message in a non-traditional way.


Royal Rocking Horse

Made from sturdy cardboard, this colorful rocking horse will provide hours of fun for a child; it’s a perfect way to improve their imagination and get them away from the TV.


Churchill Downs Reclaimed Wood Whiskey Flight

Bring out this whiskey flight on race day and impress everyone when it’s revealed that the wood used was reclaimed from the 1903-1923 paddock at Churchill Downs.


Horse Girl Shirt

She’ll be able to show off her passion for horses while wearing this 100% jersey knit “Horse Girl” tee. It’s perfect to wear at the stables as well as to the grocery store.


Just a Girl Who Loves Horses Shirt

Ideal for a country girl who likes to ride in her spare time, this 100% combed cotton tee features a cute floral horse which adds a feminine touch to an otherwise messy hobby.


Funny Horse Mug

There’s no better feeling than riding a horse so she can’t be blamed for daydreaming about that! Just give her this ceramic mug so it’s pretty clear where she stands in a conversation.


Horse Racing Game

Enjoy the thrill of horse racing with this old fashioned wooden game which can be enjoyed at home with friends and family instead of venturing out to the racecourse.


Foldable Rocking Horse

Rocking horses have featured in children’s playrooms for centuries. This simple wooden one is great for open ended play and it’s easily foldable, maximizing their playing space.


Spirit Winds

This piece of art is so powerful, especially as only two watercolor shades are used, but the grace and majestic nature of a horse is embodied within this artwork.

Prices vary

Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack

Made from reclaimed horseshoes, this unique wine rack will take pride of place in a horse lover’s home. It’ll get the attention of anyone and everyone who visits.


Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Bank

Saving money is never fun but Elwood brings some magic to putting away those pennies for a rainy day – it’s ideal for both adults and kids alike.


Personalized Horse Journal

They’ll always have somewhere to jot down shopping lists, deep thoughts or diary entries with this personalized horse themed journal; it can be made with either lined or plain pages inside.


Horse Jewelry Box

This jewelry box can be used for more than just holding jewelry, and features a carved horse on the front of it. The design is pretty smart, using different shades of wood to create a feeling of depth and different textures to really make it stand out.


Galloping Horse Figure Statue

This statue features a galloping horse that looks like it will run right off the table or desk. It’s a stunning piece that is sure to look great in any home of a horse lover, and will be a conversation starter, especially when other horse lovers come over for a visit.


Handmade Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Here’s a horseshoe heart trivet that is handmade and will last and last. It is made to be able to be hung on the wall when not in use, and makes a great decorative piece. When it’s time to use it just place it on the table and it can hold hot pots and serving dishes.


Horse Christmas Ornament

Give them this Christmas ornament and they’ll love hanging it on the tree year after year. It’s always nice to give them something that they can look at and admire more than just once, and this is sure to become a special ornament for them.


Full Body Saddlebred Pin

This pin will definitely let people know that they’re a horse lover, and will get noticed. It features a Saddlebred horse that is standing up on its back legs and looks absolutely beautiful. They can wear it everyday, or just on special occasions as the perfect accessory.


Horses Snow Globe

If you know they love horses and they also love to collect snow globes, this gift is sure to be a home run. Even if you’re not sure about the snow globe part, they’re sure to enjoy this because it looks nice and reminds them of horses whenever they see it.

Prices Vary

Horse Fountain

Go all out by getting them this horse fountain. It’s the perfect gift for anyone that loves to garden, and will be a welcome water feature to any backyard. It has a prominent horse carved right into it so their love of horses will be unmistakable.


Herd Your Horses Game

Here’s a board game that horse lovers will enjoy, and even their friends will like to play. It is a game of strategy that is all about horses and will provide hours of fun for any fan of games, and is meant for a wide range of ages to play.


6 DIY Gifts for Horse Lovers

Life is Better at the Barn Sign

Life has a way of slowing down at the barn, which is why many agree that Live is Better at the Barn. This sign displays that message clearly and artistically, and they’ll love that you took the extra effort of making something by hand for them.

DIY Horse Bookends

These bookends will look great on their shelf and if you’re looking for a DIY project that looks like something store bought, this is the way to go. They’ll walk you through the steps and when you finish this will be a totally wrappable gift that they’ll love.

DIY Large Wood Horse Wall Art

Horses are large animals, so it makes sense that any artwork depicting them should also be large. That’s the idea with this wall art, which features a stunning horse and will be the focal point of any room they put it in.

Rocking Horse Ornament

Give them this cute rocking horse ornament and they’re sure to hang it on their tree every year. It’s one of those gifts that makes a great add-on to another gift because it’s so small. Any horse-themed gift will get a nice upgrade when you add this to the package.

DIY Ceramic White Horse

This is how to make a ceramic white horse that you may have seen on Pinterest. There are many different ways to make it, but this one turns out very good and is the kind of project you can give as a gift and know that they’ll like it.

Minaudiere with Golden Horse

Here’s how to turn an ordinary minaudiere into something that is ready for the Kentucky Derby. Of course they don’t need to be racing fans in order to be horse lovers, and most horse lovers are not fans of horse racing, but will enjoy this gift nonetheless.

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