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74 No-Fail Gifts for Music Lovers – Best Gifts for Musicians and Audiophiles

The perfect gifts for music lovers are the ones that help them enjoy music even more, or show off their love of music. These gifts are designed to do just that and are some of the best music gifts you can give.

74 No-Fail Gifts for Music Lovers- your music obsessed friends and family will love these gifts.

Ridged Glass Guitar Picks

Music is an art form, and so are these beautiful picks which are made from borosilicate glass in a stunning sunset or surf design, and can be used on all types of strings.


Vintage Record Bottle Opener

A unique gift for music lovers, you can choose from 4 different genres (country, soul, 80s, and rock & roll), and have a vinyl 45 repurposed into an awesome wall-mounted bottle opener.


POW Expandable Travel Speaker

Sometimes headphones just won’t cut it and they want to share the vibes, instead. This portable speaker can be attached to a phone when expanded, or collapsed for when they’re on the move.


Musical Serving Boards

Music gifts don’t come much more unusual than this guitar, violin, or piano serving board, which is made from Nova Scotian yellow birch and finished with intricate pewter details.

Prices vary

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

The horror of singing mistaken lyrics in company can’t be overstated, but this set of cute cork coasters are printed with some of the best wrong lyrics ever, so they’ll know they’re not alone.


Wine Barrel Guitar Rack

Guitars are as beautiful as they are functional, and should be displayed as such. This wall rack is made from reclaimed oak barrel staves in a single or double design.

Prices vary

Musical Transposition Ring

With the circle of fifths engraved all the way around this stainless steel ring, they’ll be able to clearly see the relationship between the tones on the chromatic scale without turning to Google.


Recycled Record Bookends

Every music aficionado should have at least a couple of vinyl records on their shelf, and this pair of bookends fulfils that expectation as they’re made from genuine reclaimed vinyl 45s.


Drumstick Pens

Drummers and fidgets alike will enjoy this set of poplar wood drumstick pens, which can be flipped from writing to rocking out whenever they need a little musical inspiration.


Pocket DJ Mixer

Give them the means to mix it up massive with this portable DJ Mixer, which is small enough to slip in their pocket, but powerful enough to belt out the sounds from their phone.


Smart Ukulele

Connect this ukulele via Bluetooth and they will be able to play along on the light-up fret board with the included app, which allows them to play anything from chords to songs.


Mechanical Music Box Set

Let them create a few tunes of their own with this old-fashioned music box mechanism, which comes with three blank strips, a hole punch, instructions, and a pre-punched ‘Happy Birthday’ strip.

Prices vary

Wooden Heart Guitar Pick

Crafted from either ebony or padauk, these picks offer different tones and a double dimple for easier picking, and are crafted in a delightful heart shape for the romantic musician.


Cedar Thumb Pianos

With 8 numbered keys, this little thumb piano is amp-compatible and is an ideal way to teach kids about music, or for having an impromptu jamming session on-the-go.

Prices vary

Woodstock Coasters

Anybody who loves music will have heard about Woodstock, so revive the memories with this set of 6 coasters which feature original poster art from the iconic 3-day festival of love.


Heavy Metal Rock Band

Heavy in personality but not in weight, these mini steel sculptures have been made using found objects to represent the crazy members of a heavy metal band.


Smart Lighting Panels – Canvas

If you’re looking for artwork which will light up any room, this geometric light installation can be configured in several different ways, and can be set in a combination of 16 million different shades.

Prices vary

Personalized Mixtape Doormat

Mix tapes were the success story of the 80s, and were often given as a token of love. This doormat can be personalized with up to 16 characters for any music-loving home.


Garden Bluetooth Speaker

Fitted with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, this delightful flower sculpture comes with a stake to keep it firmly planted outdoors for hot summer nights spent al fresco funking.


Timber Drum

As beautiful to look at as it is to play, this timber drum comes equipped with two rubber mallets which can be used to make 6 different, mellow tones.


Guitar & Pick Holder

Handcrafted from Oak and Beechwood, this handsome holder can accommodate any six string guitar, and also features an inlay for keeping picks where they can find them when they need them.


Music Playing Cards

With suits represented by genres, these playing cards feature the portraits of some of the greatest musicians of all time to add a little bit of rhythm to any game of rummy.


Reclaimed Music Wine Stopper

Classic wine needs classic music, and these unusual stoppers certainly deliver, with a strip of music from Gruber, Mozart, or Beethoven suspended in clear resin and set beneath a violin tuning peg.


Guitar Glasses – Set of 4

Each of the 4 glasses in this set is decorated with the image of an iconic guitar from a different era; a great gift for music lovers who enjoy a pint with friends.


Vibrating Guitar Grasp Toy

They may have the next Jimi Hendrix on their hands when they start their little one off with this vibrating guitar grasp toy, which shakes and shimmies when the red cord is pulled.


Personalized 45 rpm Record

Personalize the label on this vinyl 45 and you’ll have a fabulously funky gift to give as an anniversary, birthday, or ‘just because’ gift that they can hang on the wall with pride.


Ticket Stub Diary

If they’re known for going to plenty of gigs, this diary will make a fantastic gift as it will give them somewhere to store all their concert tix along with space for writing notes.


Love Tuner

Did you know that love has a frequency? This flute plays meditative tunes with every breath at 528 Hz, which is said to heal and soothe matters of the heart.


Folding Travel Guitar

With ‘no body’ to play with, this travel guitar is the perfect choice for musicians on the go as it comes with 19 frets, a fingerboard, and a rotating body arm for comfort.


Blipblox- Kids Synthesizer

This Kids’ Synthesizer will delight tots and music-loving parents alike as little ones embark on a journey of discovery through the syncing lights, built-in melodies, and intriguing integral drum machine.


Reclaimed Guitar String Bracelet

Handmade in New Orleans, this bracelet will allow any music lover to wear the blues on her wrist as it is made using turquoise-dyed howlite beads and reclaimed bronze and steel guitar strings.


Pick Your Poison Guitar Glasses

In a bar full of beers and spirits, which drink would they ‘pick’? These glasses come in shot, whiskey, or pint-size and each have a colorful plastic pick embedded in the side.

Prices vary

Personalized Gold LP Record

Choose a special occasion and up to 5 songs with a certain significance, and have them printed on to this gold LP which comes secured in a glass and ash wood frame.


Music Note Measuring Spoon Set

Music is always good when there’s cooking going on, and this set of pewter measuring spoons comes in the shape of 4 pretty music notes hanging on a musical staff.


Reclaimed Guitar String Gemstone Bangles

Reclaimed guitar strings and non-tarnish gold wire are the mainstays of these pretty bangles which come in a set of three, and dotted with either pink or turquoise-toned semi-precious stones


Mixtape Card Game

Combining retro with modern, the Mixtape Card Game requires players to find the perfect song on their phone, tablet, or computer to match the given scenario.


Brick Touch Speaker

This unassuming wooden brick holds the key to great music as, once a phone is placed on top of it, music will be amplified with no need for plugging in.


Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

Super comfy and easy to use, this cordless sleep mask blocks out surrounding light while playing music or meditations from their phone to ease them gently into a blissful slumber.


Woodstock Clock

Take them back to a time when the music was grooving and the love was free with this wooden clock, which sports original poster art from the one and only Woodstock.


Upcycled Record Coasters

Bring some music to the table with a set of coasters which have been made with genuine recycled vinyl records, and sealed so even spilt drinks won’t ruin the labels.


Acoustic Mini Guitar

Did you know that any song can be played with just three strings? This mini guitar comes with half the strings, making learning twice as fast with the aid of helpful flash cards.


Personalized Record Doormat

Music loving families will take great pleasure in welcoming guests to their home with this retro-inspired doormat which can be personalized with their name and choice of album title.


Moving Hurdy-Gurdy Kit

Things are always appreciated more when we make them ourselves, and this 16th century hurdy gurdy comes as a kit which builds into a beautiful replica which can be played or displayed.


Musician's Hand Grip Exerciser

Making music can be hard on the hands, but this handgrip exerciser is here to help. Designed to add flexibility to the fingers, this cool tool will help with both stiffness and pain.


Custom Song Wall Sculpture

Choose a snippet or a whole song for this incredible wall art, which is made of reclaimed wood to represent the sound wave for their favorite piece of music.

Prices vary

Oak Headphone Stand

They can keep their favorite set of headphones safe and secure while displaying them for all to see with this modern oak wood and steel stand which cradles them until they’re needed again.


Door Harp

This beautiful door harp is made from maple, canary, and padauk wood for a multi-tonal effect, and produces 3 melodic notes as the mallets hit the wire every time the door is opened.


Repurposed Coin Guitar Picks

The raised patterning on both the quarter and the dime lend a natural texture to these guitar picks, which have been designed as a celebration of music, money, and the great USA.

Prices vary

Pick Punch

Old gym cards, membership cards, and expired credit cards can all be turned into guitar picks with this handy pick punch, which produces usable plectrums with one simple squeeze.


Songwriter's Journal

When the muse strikes it pays to have somewhere decent to write the ideas down, and this songwriter’s journal contains pages for both music notation and lyrics in one handy book.


Handwritten Sheet Music Scarf

Scarves make classic gifts, and this one is classic in more ways than one, as it comes printed with the music from either Bach's "Chaconne for Violin”, or Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly”.


Travel Guitar Amp

Amp stacks might be iconic, but they’re not that easy to transport. This portable amp plugs straight into the base of an electric guitar and connects to a smartphone for additional tones and effects.


Kid's Classic Banjo

Tune into a child’s natural love of music with this adorable rubber wood banjo, which is painted in an eye catching red and features 4 strings for easy jamming.


Ukulele DIY Kit

Far from being a guitar’s lesser cousin, the ukulele is a small instrument with a big personality. This kit comes with all the parts to build their own, and decorate it with stickers and paint.


Personalized Amp Doormat

Resembling that most of iconic of amps, the name ‘Fender’ will be replaced on this cool doormat by the family name of whoever the lucky music fan on your gift list is.


Desktop Sculpture

Crafted from steel, this throwback sculpture features the three hand gestures for peace, love, and rock ‘n roll, to bring a little hippy magic to any music lover’s desk.


Guitar Pop Chart

Guitarists everywhere will be thrilled with this poster which shows 64 of history’s most iconic guitars, including the make, model, and guitarist who held it in their hallowed hands.


DIY Synth Kit

Those who like to tinker with both music and electronics will love receiving this kit, which includes all the parts to build three different mini synthesizers, and customize them further.


DJ Cat Scratching Pad

Have their cat hit the decks with this kit which builds into a cardboard DJ turntable scratching pad, complete with stickers, for the most insta-worthy pet pictures ever.


Jam Jar

Perfect for use in the kitchen, this glass cloche will keep their phone safe while enabling them to listen to music and take calls completely hands-free via the included remote control.


Artiphon Multi-Instrument

With endless instruments in one, the Artiphon is an incredibly portable piece of kit which can morph into drums, guitar, violin, and even a keyboard by way of the multi instrument digital interface.


Music IQ Party Game

Delve deeper into music with the Music IQ Party Game, which sees players having their ‘IQ’ increased or decreased based on their knowledge of fascinating music trivia.


Mayan Brass Guitar Pick

Utterly beautiful to look at, this colorful pick is hand-shaped using brass from vintage replicas of the Mayan Calendar, before having the details enhanced with vibrantly colored paints.


Birth Month Guitar Pick

Forget rings and pendants – these birthstone picks make the best gifts for music lovers as each one has been hand crafted using birthstone gems for each birthday month.


Zoots the Kalimba Recorder

Said to date back around 3000 years, the thumb piano has been combined with modern technology in this version which allows recording, playback, and even digital manipulation for an altogether different sound.


DJ in a Box

This wooden box might look simple, but it’s far from ordinary as it can be used to record both voices and sounds, which can then be manipulated using pitch-bending technology.


Cannonball Gourd Thumb Piano

For such a small instrument, the thumb piano makes a surprisingly beautiful sound, and this version – which is made using a colorful hollowed-out gourd – is as beautiful to look at, too.


Vinyl Records Necktie

Not only is this necktie as hip as they come, thanks to the all-over vinyl record design, but it is made from eco-friendly upcycled bottles, too. Yes, you heard us right!


Musical Pat Bells

Young musos will love this set of eight bells which can be activated with a simple pat of the hand, and comes with four double-sided song cards to get them started.


Bass String Bracelet

Choose from either black or silver for this unique unisex bracelet, which has been created using the strings from a real bass guitar for a true boho, rock star vibe.


Cassette Business Card Case

Whether they’re in the music industry or just prefer a departure from the usual executive look, this wooden business card case has been designed to resemble a classic and nostalgic mixtape cassette.


Wooden Valet & Amplifying Speaker

This handy wooden catch-all will hold keys, coins, and other pocket-debris, as well as earbuds and watch, and features an integral natural amplifier to play music from their phone, too.


Men's Guitars Socks

He’ll have rhythm in his feet for sure with this pair of nifty cotton blend black socks, which come emblazoned with the coolest all-over acoustic guitar pattern in a size 8-11.


5 DIY Gifts for Music Lovers

Handmade Vinyl Record Book

This book takes vinyl records and repurposes them into a book. It’s the perfect diary or notebook for a music lover, and is nice and sturdy because it’s protected by the hard outer surface of the record. The inside of the book can be used for whatever they need it for.

Music Themed Card

This card is cute, and is made from washi tape, so it’s not hard to make it turn out just like theirs does. It uses the phrase Everyday I’m shuffling, which is from the song Everyday I’m hustling, but now refers to shuffling through a playlist.

DIY Gramophone iPhone Speaker

This iPhone speaker looks like a very old school gramophone, and the contrast between the modern iPhone and the retro gramophone is a nice juxtaposition that will not be lost on those that see it. This a speaker that also sounds good and doesn’t just look good.

Jogging MP3 Armband

Here’s a handy way for them to bring their MP3 player on their next run. It is comfortable so they’ll be able to go for a longer run. You’ll need to borrow their MP3 player so that you can custom fit it so it stays put on the run.

DIY Piano Clutch

They can rock a clutch that has piano keys on it, and they don’t even have to know that you made it yourself, unless you want them to know you care even more. This is super easy to make, and a great gift for the piano player in your life.


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