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21 Clever Gifts for Guitar Players

Become the champion of gifts for guitar players by getting them any one of these items. You’ll help them play better, more comfortably, and longer with one of these great guitar gifts.

21 Clever Gifts for Guitar Players- including a tool to make your own guitar picks, a folding acoustic guitar and our favorite DIY guitar gifts.


With this guitar they’ll be able to learn to play the easy way, with chords that light up to show them where to put their fingers, it’s like playing a video game, only you really play guitar. It’s the fastest way to increase their skill set and is just plain fun to play.


iTrack Professional Dock

This hi-tech gadget turns their iPad into a professional workstation with many features. They’ll be able to record right into the device by plugging their guitar into it. They can also plug mics into it and it will charge their iPad while all this is happening.

Prices Vary

Marshall Amp Fridge

Here’s the perfect fridge to get the guitar player in your life, as it’s faithfully modeled after a Marshall amp, one of the most popular amps in the music industry. This is not an amp though, and only serves as a stylistically way to show their love of music.


The Guitdoorbell

Ever wish you could enter a room with a nice strum of the guitar? That’s the concept behind the Guitdoorbell, which could use a better name but otherwise is sure to be a gift they didn’t expect, but that they’ll be happy you got for them.


Portable Guitar Practice Tool

They’ll be able to practice guitar no matter where they are with this portable guitar practice tool. It’s not always possible to lug your guitar around, but there are perfect practicing opportunities while waiting around in various places during the day.


Folding Acoustic Guitar

By folding up, this acoustic guitar is making a strong case as being the most portable guitar out there. Even though it folds up, it also unfolds into a great sounding guitar, so they’ll still be able to play all of the songs they love.

Prices Vary

High Performance Guitar Pick

They’ll be able to play as long as they want without worrying about a hand cramp when they’re using this high performance guitar pick. It’s designed to fit ergonomically in the hand, allowing them to grip it easily and strum to their heart’s content.

Prices Vary

Custom Made Cigar Box Guitar

Get them a guitar made by hand out of cigar boxes. This gift is perfect for the guitar player that’s also a cigar smoker, or just loves to collect different types of guitars. It’s definitely a conversation piece among guitar lovers.


Oil Can Guitars

These guitars look vintage, even though they’re not. They’re made out of oil cans, making them the right choice for a guitarist that loves cars, or is a mechanic for a day job. They come in different styles, made from different brands of oil cans.


Electronic Pitch Pipe

Help them tune their guitar with this electronic pitch pipe. It will tell them instantly whether a strong needs to be tightened or not, so they can quickly fix anything that needs fixing and get back to playing. A big time saver that also makes them sound better.


Guitar Smartphone Holder

There are apps out there that will show them the tabs for songs, but it can be hard getting your smartphone to cooperate. This holder puts it right where they can easily see it, so all they have to do is focus on playing.

Prices Vary

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

They’ll be able to make guitar picks out of old credit cards with this pick punch. It’s a fun way to make custom guitar picks, and also to properly dispose of a credit card. Produces colorful, perfectly stamped out picks.


The Shredder Cheese Grater

Take food prep to new levels of awesome with this shredder cheese grater. It is shaped like the sort of guitar they’d use for a shredding solo, so they can put their best air guitar skills to good use and end up with a pile of shredded cheese for their efforts.

Prices Vary

Self Closing Guitar Wall Hanger

This self-closing guitar wall hanger makes a great gift if you’ve noticed that they don’t have a really good place to store their guitar. It keeps the guitar up and out of the way, on the wall so it serves as a decorative piece that can come down and be played at any time.


VariGrip Hand Exerciser

Keeping your hands and fingers strong is important if you want to be able to player longer sessions. This hand exerciser works all of the muscles and ligaments of the hand so they’ll be able to play and play.


Marshall Micro Amp

This little amp looks just like a regular sized Marshall amp, except much smaller. It’s only one watt, and can clip to a belt so it’s very mobile. It provides just enough boost in sound to make a noticeable difference and is a lot of fun.


Guitar Pop Chart

Here’s a chart that lists many different types and styles of guitar, so they can learn about different guitars or just refresh their memory if they’re already a guitar aficionado. It’s a “Visual Compendium of Guitars” that looks great on the wall.


Gibson Memory Cable

How’s this for a space saver, you use a cable that can record your playing so you don’t have to use any other device to do it. It’s made by Gibson, one of the best guitar manufacturers around, so you know that it will work as described and they’ll appreciate it.

Prices Vary

Coin Guitar Picks

These guitar picks are made out of quarters, so you know they’ll last a lifetime. You can also choose to have your picks made out of dollar coins, one with the Statue of Liberty on it that looks pretty cool.


Bass String Bracelet

Music becomes fashion with this bass guitar string bracelet. It’s very eye-catching and is a great way for them to show off their love of guitars. It’s also a good way to start a conversation with other guitarists, and would go well with a range of different outfits and styles.


Acoustic Guitar Case

This is the case you’ll want to get them if they have an acoustic guitar and no good way to transport it. It’s one of the top-rated guitar cases you can buy, and is sure to provide plenty of worry-free use over the years.


8 DIY Gifts for Guitar Players

DIY Guitar Strap

Make them a guitar strap that shows you care enough to make a gift by hand. It’s made from fabric strips that you get to choose, so you can customize it to their tastes. These are sewn over a regular guitar strap, so it’s actually pretty easy.

Handmade Electric Guitar Soap

Give them the guitar gift of cleanliness with this electric guitar soap, and it will be soap they’ll never forget. An electric guitar is emblazoned on the side of a bar of good-smelling soap, and is a fun add-on gift to other guitar-related gifts.

Guitar Plushie

This plush guitar is sure to take front and center when they want to do a sweet air guitar solo to a song. Instead they’ll be able to do a stuffed guitar solo. In between jam sessions it looks super cute on a couch or sofa.

Stamped Metal Guitar Pick

This metal guitar pick is destined to become something they cherish and treasure over the years. It is totally personalized with their initials, or the initials of a couple, or other short word of your choice. It comes with a chain so they can put it on their keys.

Music Note Pendant

Help them display their love of music with this music note pendant. It makes a great addition to their collection of music-themed items, and it’s the perfect addition to a wrapped gift that will give them a hint of what’s inside.

Washi Tape Notebook

Every musician needs to have a notebook handy to jot down lyric and musical notes when inspiration hits. You can get them this stylish notebook decorated with washi tape so they’ll always have pen and paper handy.

Classic Wooden Stool

Here’s a stool that looks like the classic spot for a guitarist to sit and play their songs. It looks great in a studio, or in a living room, able to be pushed back when not in use, and pulled out easily when it’s time to play.

Cassette Tape Gift Topper

Once you have their gift all wrapped up, how to decorate it? You can use a cassette tape as the topper, unraveling some of the tape to make a bow and to wrap around the present. It’s perfect for music-based gifts of all types.


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