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26 Cool Gifts for Gamers of All Ages

Picking the right gifts for gamers is a matter of supporting their habit and spurring on more game play. These gifts upgrade their experience, or bring back memories of games long past. Each will help the gamer in your life continue on with their favorite pastime.

26 Cool Gifts for Gamers- of all ages.

Gaming Headset

Many video games sound better with a headset on, and there are some games that let you communicate with other players in real time. A gaming headset is a necessity for any true gamer, so help them out with one if they don’t have one already.


Retro Gamer Crates

This crate is sure to bring a smile onto any gamer’s face, as it is filled with goodies that gamers will really appreciate. It even comes with a retro NES player so they can play games that they probably haven’t played since they were kids.


Minecraft Light-Up Torch

You don’t have to understand the lure of Minecraft in order to get a gift for a Minecraft addict. This light up torch looks just like the one in the game, and helps bring the game to life. It goes well with cosplay or just looks cool in a room.


Pac-Man Arcade Machine

Go all out with this Pac-Man arcade machine. It’s a way to save your quarters and play as much as you want. There’s also a ton of other retro arcade games built right into it, so when they get tired of Pac-Man there’s more to keep them entertained.


8-Bit Flower Bouquet

This flower bouquet is made to look like it’s from the 8-bit world, the third generation of video game systems that had a certain appeal to them. Many of these flowers are from the Mario bros. world and will be easily identified by most gamers.


Make It Rain Zelda Shirt

Zelda lovers will really enjoy this shirt, as it’s a subtle reference to the game without being a total let-on. It’s from a part in the game where you have to hit the buttons in the shown order for a song to play. Zelda fanatics will remember this easily and love wearing this.



The PlayStation line of consoles continues on with the fourth installment. The PS4 is in direct competition with the Xbox One, and according to most reviews is leading the pack. If they’re a gamer and don’t have a PS4 they will be giddy that you got this.

Prices Vary

Space Invaders Fleece Blanket

Here’s a fleece blanket that will appeal to the gamer that is getting on in years, but still remembers battling all of those non-stop aliens in Space Invaders. It has realistic graphics making it look like a fighter going into battle.


Smiley Face Snack Assortment

A good gaming session just isn’t complete without snacks. This snack assortment features three different flavors of popcorn, and is sure to keep them feeling satisfied as they game on and on. They’ll really appreciate you enabling them to be a gamer.


Pokemon Hat

Pokemon may not be as popular as it once was with kids, but those kids have grown up and they haven’t lost their fondness of Pikachu, one of the most popular of the Pokemon characters. They’ll feel a little silly with this bright yellow hat, but that’s the point sort of.


NES iPhone Case

This iPhone case resembles the controller for the NES system as it was released to the United States market. This will definitely click with anyone that was a kid in 1985. It turns the back of the phone into a realistic looking NES controller.


Classic Console USB Controllers

These classic controllers plug directly into your computer so you can use them to play video game emulators easily found online. You can play games you never could before because of their hefty price tag, and the feeling will be the same because of these controllers.


Mobile Gaming System

Use your Android device to play games on the go. All you need to do is put your smartphone on top of the controller and it syncs up for all the fun you can handle. Instead of simple tapping games you can use a real controller to play all sorts of games.

Prices Vary

Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set

These pillows are for anyone that tried to blow the dust out of their cartridges when they wouldn’t load. They feature some old school games that didn’t break through to the mainstream in terms of popularity, but are still remembered by gamers.


Player 3 Baby Suit

“Player 3 has entered the game.” The perfect shirt for the gamer-to-be. This is the best shirt for new parents because it sums up the situation perfectly. If those parents happen to be gamers, all the better.


Nintendo Posters

These posters feature classic games that many of today’s gamers grew up on, and will hit a nostalgic button within them. One of the most popular games, Super Mario 3, is the one where Mario could fly, which took gaming to a whole new level.


Full Immersion Professional Racer’s Simulator

OK, so you’re probably not going to drop $65k on a racing simulator unless you already have a real race car in your driveway, but look how cool this thing is! We just had to show it to you so that you can see the sort of real life games people are playing these days.


Diablo III The Sword of Justice

Fans of Diablo III will instantly recognize the Sword of Justice and instantly want one of their own. When they open this gift they’ll have that moment of being a kid again and will be very happy. Just make sure that they’re fans of Diablo III before buying.


Gourmet Decadence Cookie Tower

There’s only one thing that can make gaming more fun: cookies! Keep them in gamer heaven with this tower full of deliciously decadent cookies. They’ll be fueled by sugar and chocolate and be able to keep up a marathon session with their buddies.


Arcade Light Switch Plate

This light switch isn’t just for fun, it actually works to turn the light on and off. Easy installation means you’ll have this up and running in no time, and instead of a boring old light switch you’ve got it set up perfectly for a game room.


Halo 4 Essential Visual Guide

Halo 4 enthusiasts will love this visual guide to the game’s characters and settings. It’s all spelled out in beautiful detail, and this book is actually fun to read even if you’ve never played the game before. It’s amazing how much work goes into today’s video games.


Pac-Man Shot Glasses

These shot glasses are perfect for Pac-Man fans that like to get their drink on. It features Pac-Man on one of the glasses, and 3 of the ghosts, Clyde, Inky, and Blinky. It’s fun to make Pac-Man chase the ghosts, just make sure you have a chaser handy.


Second is the Best Shirt

If you’ve played any amount of Mario 64 you’ll be familiar with the blue shell that will race from anywhere on the board and knock out the number one driver. That leaves things wide open for second place to become the new first.


Sega iPhone Case

For those that remember the Sega system more than the NES system, this iPhone case replicates the entire console. Sega and Nintendo had quite the battle, with Nintendo eventually doing away with its rival, only to be passed up by Sony and Microsoft.


X Rocker Gamer Chair

This gamer chair is the perfect throne for a gamer, and is highly rated for all of the features it contains. Staying comfortable is important, especially when a gamer is trying to beat a game they’ve never beaten, and needs endless attempts to get it right.


Flappy Bird Plush

Get this Flappy Bird plush to remember the game that was so fun, but was taken away too soon by the creator. It features the bird that everyone that’s played the addictive game knows all too well, in plush so he’s soft and cuddly.


DIY Gifts for Gamers

DIY Tetris Shelves

These shelves look like a Tetris game is underway, and the best part is you make them yourself. They will definitely be appreciated by anyone that loves Tetris, which let’s face it is just about everyone. They can actually hold stuff too!

Space Invaders Coin Purse

This coin purse features one of those pesky aliens from the video game Space Invaders. So not only does it serve as a great place to hold your extra coins, it also conjures up nostalgic memories of gaming’s early days.

8-Bit Hearts Headboard

Keep a perpetual life meter on your headboard with these 8-bit hearts. It’s a fun way to decorate your bed, one of the pieces of furniture that never seems to get a design upgrade. 8-bit just has a charm to it that you can’t really put words to.

D20 Bookends

Those that like their gaming to be in the real world and not on a TV will appreciate these D20 bookends featuring the dice used in D&D. They’ll be a constant reminder of the fun had while playing the game, and just plain look cool for the uninitiated.

8-Bit Fire

Starting a fire is easy when it’s an 8-bit fire that never goes out. Here’s the perfect piece to put in place when there’s no fire going, but you want to give a room a look of video game awesomeness. This costs just a couple of bucks and makes a cute gift.


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