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60 Cool Gifts for Gamers of All Ages

Picking the right gifts for gamers is a matter of supporting their habit and spurring on more game play. These gifts upgrade their experience, or bring back memories of games long past. Each will help the gamer in your life continue on with their favorite pastime.

60 Cool Gifts for Gamers- of all ages.

Pipe Foam Can and Bottle Cooler

Made from insulated foam, this cooler looks exactly like the warp pipes found in the Super Mario games; it fits most can sizes so it doesn’t matter what the drink of choice is.


Pokemon Bulbasaur

If Bulbasaur would have been their starter Pokémon, this adorable Funko Pop! vinyl figure stands at 3.75 inches and will take pride of place in their home or office space.


Razer Firefly Chroma Hard Gaming Mousepad

Every PC gamer out there will explain that having the right equipment is vital to getting the best results and this mouse pad promises to provide a great balance between control and speed.

Prices Vary

Retro Insert Coin Keychain

Anyone who used to head to the arcade as a child will appreciate this keychain. It’s a perfect replica of the coin slots found on old arcade games.


Padded Gaming Chair

Gamers can spend hours sitting around, playing their favorite games. Make sure they’re comfortable with this adjustable memory foam floor chair which is available in a range of colors.


Sega Genesis Mini

They’ll be able to relive their childhood gaming days with this sleek Sega Genesis Mini, a perfectly compact unit which comes with 2 wired controllers and is preloaded with 42 classic games.


Rocket League Stadium Playset

Perfect for both young and older fans of Rocket League, this stadium brings the classic video game to life; the cars can even be controlled by smart devices.


The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

There’s so much more to the Zelda franchise than is shown on the video game. This gorgeous book contains information that even the most hardcore fan wouldn’t have known.


Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook

Get them away from the games console and into the kitchen with this Fallout themed cookbook; while it’s still video game based, at least they’ll be doing something productive.


Blood, Sweat, and Pixels

When playing a video game, little thought is given to the hard work put into creating a game. This book explains the process and just how difficult it can be.


Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Screens give off blue light and scientists say that this light can affect sleep. Counter that light with these orange glasses; they can play their game and still get a restful night.


Elgato Key Light

It’s amazing how popular game videos are. Give them the means to create their own “Let’s Play” videos with this Key Light, providing them with the ideal light for filming and playing.


Handheld Retro Game Console Phone Case

While mobile phones these days are moving on in terms of technology, some people might miss the simplicity of the past and this phone case helps them remember the old handheld consoles.

Prices Vary

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

This gaming desk is wide enough to have three monitors on, allowing them to see every angle of the game and enhancing their experience; whether it’s for fun or filming.


USB C Wall Charger

This universally compatible USB charger can charge devices at high speed and with its advanced durability, it can be put through its paces without being scratched or getting broken.


Fallout Dogmeat Mug

This 16oz Tiki style cup would make an ideal gift for a gamer, especially one who’s a fan of the game Fallout; it can be used for any kind of drink.


Nintendo Switch

Give them the ultimate experience by getting them this special Nintendo Switch bundle which comes with the gaming console as well as a $35 eShop gift card.

Prices Vary

PacMan Ghost Light Table Lamp

Whether they played Pacman at the arcade or they just know of the classic game, this USB powered Ghost table lamp will be the perfect addition to a gamer’s room.


Oculus Go

Help them escape the pressures of real life by buying them this Oculus Go. They’ll enter a world of virtual reality as soon as they put the headset on.


Golden Tee Classic Arcade

For someone who spent their entire childhood at the arcade, there’ll be no better gift than this Golden Tee machine; it looks exactly like the one they remember from being a kid.


NES Entertainment Flask

No one will ever suspect that this inconspicuous game cartridge is actually a flask. There are so many designs, all of which have a hilarious label on.

Prices Vary

Legend of Zelda Ocarina Replica

Anyone who is a fan of the Zelda games will recognize this instrument instantly. This Ocarina replica can be played, making them feel like they’re in Hyrule.


Playstation Controller Alarm Clock

If they’ve been up half the night playing their game, they’ll need an alarm clock to wake them up. And is there anything more perfect than this PlayStation controller one?


Fortnite Four Llamas T-Shirt

Fortnite has become an overnight sensation, almost everyone has heard of it. This tee is made from lightweight jersey and will make a perfect gift for any fan of the game.

Prices Vary

RESPAWN Gaming Chair

They’ll never be uncomfortable while gaming again. With molded form, this ergonomic chair can be positioned to find that perfect position; it can even rotate 360 degrees.

Prices Vary

Gameboy Watch

If they’ve been a fan of gaming for years, they’ll probably have fond memories of the Game Boy. Give them the gift of nostalgia with this cute watch.


Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse

Serious gamers will really appreciate this wireless gaming mouse. It promises to deliver smooth, lightning speed results so no game will be ruined by a missed opportunity.


Playstation Wallet

Only seasoned gamers will recognize the classic PlayStation design on this wallet; there’s plenty of room inside for coins, notes and cards. It’s also secure as it closes with a button fastener.


God of War Original Soundtrack

Not only is God of War famed for it’s stunning graphics, the soundtrack playing in the background is powerful and now they can listen to it whenever they want.


ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

With this gaming headset, they’ll be able to hear every sound on the game and the microphone makes it easy to communicate with online friends and gamers.


Ergonomic Video Rocker Gaming Chair

Those long gaming sessions need comfortable seating and that’s exactly what this ergonomic chair promises to provide; it minimizes tiredness and discomfort and the rocking motion is also good for watching movies.

Prices Vary

LEGO Overwatch Building Kit

Ideal for Overwatch fans, this 380 piece LEGO kit can be put together to reveal two of this video games characters; a large Roadhog and a minifig Junkrat.


Video Games Collection Puzzle

If they can be peeled away from their screens for long enough, they’ll be able to put together this 1000 piece jigsaw which comes together to show a collection of video games.


Pokemon Pokeball Molded Coffee Mug

Forget trying to catch Pokémon in the Pokeball, it’s much more fun to drink coffee from. This mug will quickly become their go to when they need a caffeine hit.


PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

The PlayStation 4 Pro promises 4k gameplay, meaning games can be played in higher quality and if it’s played on an HDR TV, the colors become wonderfully vibrant.


Playstation Metal Drink Coasters

This pack of four metal coasters look exactly like the buttons on a PlayStation controller. They’ll make a great addition to any gamers home, especially when they have their geeky friends over.


Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

With a high precision sensor and 7 programmable buttons, this gaming mouse would be the perfect gift for anyone who likes to spend their free time playing through their favorite games.


Elite Series 2 Controller

The Series 2 Elite Wireless Controller can be used across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, meaning they’ll definitely get as much use out of it as possible.


Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic

If they enjoy recording podcasts or live streaming their gameplay, they’ll need a professional microphone which is going to record crystal clear sound and this one is both PC and Mac compatible.


Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game

Monopoly is a classic game which everyone has played at least once. This version has been given a makeover though as it’s the Fortnite edition, perfect for gamers.


PlayStation VR

Virtual reality is the next big thing in gaming. Introduce them to the VR world with this PlayStation 4 bundle which includes everything they need to get started.


Game Capture Card

This game capture card can record and stream gameplay in 1080p quality. No live streamer would be able to manage without one of these, they’re an absolute must.


Super Mario Bros 3 Raccoon Mario Collectible Lighted Figure

Perfect for their gaming den, this collectible light is a figure of Mario but in his raccoon costume; and the best part is that it’s in pixels, ideal for those who game.


Super Mario Encyclopedia

Learn everything there is to know about the first 30 years of the Super Mario Bros game with this encyclopedia, it’s a must read for anyone who is a fan of the franchise.


FreezerBoy Dry-Erase Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets

Turn an ordinary refrigerator into a classic Game Boy but with a difference, it’s a dry erase whiteboard which can be used to write shopping lists or messages on.


Galaga Arcade Machine

With this classic arcade style game, people who used to spend their allowance in the arcade will be able to relive the fun they had as a child.


Super NES Classic

Just like the 90’s console, only smaller, this SNES classic edition comes with 21 games preloaded so the fun can start as soon as the machine is plugged in.


Nyko Sound Pad

Make live streams or recordings much more interesting with fun sound effects which can be achieved by using this rechargeable controller attachment for the PlayStation 4.


Pac-Man Lamp

No batteries are needed for this pluggable Pac-Man light. It even comes with a remote which can control the brightness as well as other settings. It even plays 12 classic Pac-Man sounds.


Nintendo Switch Lite

Take the fun of a Nintendo Switch and turn it into an entirely handheld gaming experience with the Lite, it’s compatible with all Switch games that have a handheld mode.


Bluelounge CableBox

Gaming requires a lot of wires and cables which can look untidy and be dangerous. This CableBox organizer hides those cords and keeps them out of harms way.

Prices Vary

Microsoft Xbox One X

Gifts for gamers don’t come better than an actual games console and this Xbox One is perfect. It has 40% more power than other consoles and it’s great for 1080p screens.


The Game Console Book

If they’re really into all things gaming, this book will be absolutely perfect for them. It takes the reader on a journey through the world of gaming, all in full color photos.


Retro Gamer Crates

This crate is sure to bring a smile onto any gamer’s face, as it is filled with goodies that gamers will really appreciate. It even comes with a retro NES player so they can play games that they probably haven’t played since they were kids.


Pac-Man Arcade Machine

Go all out with this Pac-Man arcade machine. It’s a way to save your quarters and play as much as you want. There’s also a ton of other retro arcade games built right into it, so when they get tired of Pac-Man there’s more to keep them entertained.


Make It Rain Zelda Shirt

Zelda lovers will really enjoy this shirt, as it’s a subtle reference to the game without being a total let-on. It’s from a part in the game where you have to hit the buttons in the shown order for a song to play. Zelda fanatics will remember this easily and love wearing this.



The PlayStation line of consoles continues on with the fourth installment. The PS4 is in direct competition with the Xbox One, and according to most reviews is leading the pack. If they’re a gamer and don’t have a PS4 they will be giddy that you got this.


Full Immersion Professional Racer’s Simulator

OK, so you’re probably not going to drop $65k on a racing simulator unless you already have a real race car in your driveway, but look how cool this thing is! We just had to show it to you so that you can see the sort of real life games people are playing these days.


X Rocker Gamer Chair

This gamer chair is the perfect throne for a gamer, and is highly rated for all of the features it contains. Staying comfortable is important, especially when a gamer is trying to beat a game they’ve never beaten, and needs endless attempts to get it right.


5 Awesome DIY Gift Ideas for Gamers

DIY Tetris Shelves

These shelves look like a Tetris game is underway, and the best part is you make them yourself. They will definitely be appreciated by anyone that loves Tetris, which let’s face it is just about everyone. They can actually hold stuff too!

Space Invaders Coin Purse

This coin purse features one of those pesky aliens from the video game Space Invaders. So not only does it serve as a great place to hold your extra coins, it also conjures up nostalgic memories of gaming’s early days.

8-Bit Hearts Headboard

Keep a perpetual life meter on your headboard with these 8-bit hearts. It’s a fun way to decorate your bed, one of the pieces of furniture that never seems to get a design upgrade. 8-bit just has a charm to it that you can’t really put words to.

D20 Bookends

Those that like their gaming to be in the real world and not on a TV will appreciate these D20 bookends featuring the dice used in D&D. They’ll be a constant reminder of the fun had while playing the game, and just plain look cool for the uninitiated.

8-Bit Fire

Starting a fire is easy when it’s an 8-bit fire that never goes out. Here’s the perfect piece to put in place when there’s no fire going, but you want to give a room a look of video game awesomeness. This costs just a couple of bucks and makes a cute gift.


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