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22 Unique Valentines Candy and Chocolate for Maximum Impact

Make the maximum impact with Valentine candy and chocolate this year by getting creative and thinking outside the (chocolate) box. Satisfy her appetite for flowers with a dozen red roses made of the finest Swiss milk chocolate, or settle down for a Star Wars movie marathon with a selection of goodies based on Boba Fett and even Darth Vadar’s mask. What you choose is up to you, but none of the offerings on this list could ever be considered mundane.

The best valentines candy and chocolate.

Sugarfina Pop the Champagne Candy Gift Set

Give the gift of champagne without the risk of a hangover with this trio of delicious champagne bears in three different flavors, which are presented with two beautifully embellished champagne flutes


One Dozen Red Chocolate Roses

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but would it taste as sweet as this bouquet of beautiful red roses which open to revel the finest Swiss milk chocolate?

Prices Vary

The Perfect Man Valentine's Day Solid Chocolate Figure

Give her the most elusive of gifts this Valentine’s Day – the perfect man. With 3.5oz of delicious milk chocolate that’s as solid as his pecs, he’s the perfect Valentine date.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Chocolates

If Star Wars is their idea of the perfect Valentine night in, this set of 7 chocolates – which include the Millennium Falcon and Boba Fett – will be the perfect accompaniment.


With Love Chocolate Cards

With two Valentine’s goodies in one, these delightful cards open to reveal a delicious bar of dark chocolate, flavored with sea salt caramel, hidden among your words of love.


Customized Giant Face Sucker

For those times when they just can’t get enough of your sweet face, the Face Licker is a gigantic life-sized lollipop that’s designed to look just like you (or them).


Dylans Candy Bar Signature Tackle Box

You won’t get a more colorful candy offering than this sweet tackle box. Divided into 12 little compartments, each one is filled with a different but equally delicious sugary delight.


Tuxedo Heart See's Candy Chocolate Box

Even if Valentine’s night involves staying at home, this beautiful heart shaped box of decadent chocolates will arrive suitably dressed to the nines in a stylish black and red tuxedo.

Prices vary

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Take a more hands-on approach to gift giving this February, with truffles they have to make for themselves; it’s a lot of fun, and they get to enjoy them at the end.


Personalized Valentine's Day M&M's

This gorgeous padded heart holds a promise of something wonderful inside, but they won’t be expecting a box full of delicious M&Ms, personalized with graphics, messages, or even an actual photograph!

Prices vary

Edible Gold Lollipops

If you’re looking for Valentine’s candy with a more grown up twist, take a look at these stunning lollipops which have real edible 24K gold leaf, encased in a clear candy sphere.


All Pink Starbursts

Starburst – even the name makes the mouth water, and now you can buy a bag of everyone’s favorite flavor (strawberry), in a pink extravaganza which is ideal for the day of lovers.


Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar is living proof that eating chocolate is good for you, as it is infused with skin-improving pearl, stress-busting Rhodiola, and raw cacao to elevate the mood.


Rose Sparkling Champagne Jelly Beans

If you want to give something sparkling on Valentine’s Day, but your budget doesn’t stretch to a solitaire, this ‘champagne bottle’ is filled with shimmery pink jelly Belly jelly beans.


Reeses Peanut Butter Heart

Big enough to satisfy even the sweetest of teeth, this Reece’s chocolate heart is a delicious combination of smooth milk chocolate and the peanut butter taste that we’ve all grown to love.

Prices Vary

Peeps Valentine's Day Marshmallow Hearts

The sweetest thing to touch their lips since your kiss, these large and vivid pink hearts from Peeps are made from gooey, soft marshmallow that literally melts in the mouth.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Matches

If you’re looking for striking Valentine’s candy and chocolate, this little box will certainly fit the bill, as it’s filled with white chocolate ‘matches’ with a pink tinted tip.


Valentine Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Choose from either French dark truffle or Belgian milk chocolate for this decadent Valentine’s treat – simply stir the solid block into hot milk and watch it melt into an irresistible indulgence.


Chocolate Lobster

If he’s a fan of seafood (as in see food and eat it) he’ll love this unusual alternative on Valentine’s Day; a handmade lobster made from both white and milk chocolate.


DOVE Valentine's Milk Chocolate Truffles Candy Heart Box

This beautiful tin which houses these indulgently smooth milk chocolate truffles will make a lasting reminder of Valentine’s Day, as it’s perfect for stashing photos and handwritten love letters.

Prices Vary

8 Homemade Valentine’s Day Candies

Homemade Candy Conversation Hearts

These homemade Conversation Hearts are super easy to make and need only three ingredients, plus pastel colored food dyes to get the iconic shades, and a food pen to write your own little messages.

Jolly Rancher Lollipops For Valentine’s Day

These lollipops are so much fun to make – first you get to smash Jolly Rancher candy into tiny bits, and then you melt it in heart shaped molds before sprinkling with Valentine-themed candies.

Homemade Box Of Chocolates

Get set to impress your Valentine this year with a selection of handmade red wine chocolate truffles, dotted in amongst store bought chocolates and candies for a truly indulgent gift.

Candy Melt Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Buy the funniest love-themed candy molds you can find, and have fun filling them with melted candy melts before popping them in the fridge to harden up, ready to be gifted.

Chocolate Marshmallows

Looking for a quick no-bake recipe which will still result in impressive Valentine candy? This tutorial shows you how to squish, stick, and sprinkle store-bought marshmallows for a perfectly sweet treat.

Heart Shaped Hard Candies

This DIY couldn’t be simpler – just take a heart shaped silicone mold, drop a single red hard candy in each cavity, and ‘bake’ for 13-15 minutes until the candy has melted.

Chocolate Covered Valentine Pretzels

These pretzel sticks make the perfect nibble if you’re planning on having a movie marathon on Valentine’s night – they can be dipped into a variety of chocolates and sprinkled with a choice of toppings.

Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

Super cute and undeniably romantic, these Oreo pops require no baking, just dipping into red, pink, or white candy melts before being decorated with delicate heart shaped or shimmery sprinkles.

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