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29 Free Printable Kids Valentine’s Day Cards for Classmates

Buying a Valentine’s Day card is okay if there’s just one child to buy for, but when your little Romeo or Juliet want to give cards to the entire class, it can get a little too expensive, and besides…nothing says love like a homemade greeting. This list is full of printable Valentine cards for kids which cost next to nothing to make, and come in a selection of themes to suit every child.

Free and printable Valentine cards for your kids classmates.

Free Printable Sloth Valentines

Sloths are irresistible and have a universal appeal. Print out these free Valentine cards and there’ll be more than enough for your kids to hand out to their secret crushes.

Harry Potter Valentine’s Day Cards

How cute are these Harry Potter Valentine’s cards? Perfect for fans of the Boy Wizard himself, there are 4 fun designs to choose from, including Harry, Hermione, and Albus Dumbledore.

Video Game Valentine Printables

One click will provide you with 6 of these miniature Valentine’s cards, which come in a geek chic gaming design and can be attached to chocolates or other Valentine’s gifts.

Heart Boxes

Use the free printable template included in this blog post to create these colorful little favors boxes, then attach one of the four funny jokes before adding a small piece of candy.

I Like You a Bot Printable Vaentine's Day Cards

Making a change from the usual hearts, flowers, and cute furry animals, these printable Valentine cards for kids are the ideal alternative, and feature robots, pixels, and plenty of ‘meeps’.

Modern V-day Greeting Cards

These abstract designs can be printed out at home, and along with the ones with love messages on, can be cut out and hung on the wall after Valentine’s Day is over.

Cute Creature Valentines

Woodland creatures abound in this collection of sweet Valentine’s Day cards, which include frogs, mice, owls, and even a cheerful red and white toadstool to add a little magic.

Star Wars Valentines With Lightsabers

Print out these totally cute Star Wars themed cards, and you’ll have the perfect background on which to attach a glow stick to resemble a light saber in their favorite color.

Googly Eye Valentines

Let them give a Valentine gift that’s more long lasting than candy with this fun printable card, which only needs a googly eye ring attached to bring it to eye-catching life.

Printable Cookie Valentine’s

Rustle up a batch of Valentine cookies and your kids will have a sweet treat to give to their crushes, along with the cute printable labels which can be found in this post.

Pirate Printable Valentne's

This printable will provide your little Valentine with either a boy or girl pirate who just needs a felt heart eye patch to complete their look, and a suitably piratey phrase written below.

Rock and Roll Cards

Add a little mix tape magic to February 14th this year by printing out this cute free card, which features an old fashioned cassette tape on the front, along with ‘You Rock’.

Dino-mite Valentines

An impossibly cute way to give candy on Valentine’s Day, this dinosaur themed card can be printed out free of charge, before adding heart shaped chocolates to its back for spikes.

Lego Valentines Day Cards

Download and print this fun, sensory card, and you can build and attach your own LEGO heart to stick on the front, using a number of gray and red LEGO bricks.

Robot Sweethearts Valentines

These delightful robots come in a choice of four colors to suit any boy or girl’s tastes, and can be printed at home for a free Valentine’s card the kids will love.

Bullseye Valentines

A practical alternative to giving Valentine candy, these cards feature a bullseye on the front which holds a pencil ‘arrow’ as a gift, along with an eraser point and washi tape fletching.

Monster Valentine Cards

These cards are cute enough to suit those who like their cards sweet, but abstract enough to satisfy those who find red hearts and flowers a bit too much to take.

You Make My Heart Soar Valentine

Toys make great alternative gifts on Valentine’s Day, especially when parents don’t want their kids eating too much candy. These cards can be attached to toy airplanes as a cute and different token.

Last Minute Valentine Printables

If traditional folded cards are a little too ‘samey’, how about printing these colorful and cute pictures onto cardstock to slip into their Valentine’s boxes instead?

Crayon Valentines

If coloring in is more their thing, attach this free printable Valentine card to a small box of crayons or colored pencils, and they’ll have their own little picture to complete.

Maze Card

It takes a second to devour candy, but this sweet Valentine features a heart shaped maze for kids to follow, along with the gift of a pencil attached to the back.

Minecraft Valentine’s Day Cards

If your kids are Minecraft mad, the eight designs featured in this free printable will delight them, as each one is based on an aspect of this phenomenally successful game.

I Wooly Wooly Like You Valentine’s Day Printable

Super cute and fun to create, these woolly sheep Valentine cards can be printed out with 5 to a sheet, and then colored in and decorated with cheerful rainbow pom poms.

Heart Valentine’s Cards For Kids

There are LOADS of different Valentine designs included in this free printable, from mermaids to dinosaurs and even elephants and aliens, so there’s bound to be at least one they really like.

I Like How You Roll Valentines Day Cards

Boys and girls who are more into construction than cuteness will love sending and receiving this fun Valentine card, especially when there’s a miniature bulldozer attached to the front!

Shopkins Cards

Shopkins are the perfect accompaniment to Feb 14th as they’re sweet, cute, and collectible. These printable Valentine cards for kids feature a variety of different Shopkins so you can choose their fave.

Animal Pun Valentine's Day Cards

Whether they prefer fruits or furries on their cards, this free printable will do the trick as it comes in a fox, bunny, berry, and bug design to suit their individual taste.

Frozen Pirtables

With eight cards to a sheet, these Frozen themed Valentine cards can be printed and cut out, and distributed to every child in the class at very little cost to you.

Punny Valentines

There are enough different designs included in this fabulous free printable that almost every child in the class will receive a different graphic on their little letter of love.

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