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42 WOW-worthy Valentine Box Ideas They Won’t Forget

Whether the annual request for making the biggest and best Valentine box fills you with pleasure or pain, you’ll be onto a winner with any one of the fabulous ideas laid out in this collection. From fairy tales like Rapunzel and the Frog Prince, to futuristic designs based on robots and rocket-booster backpacks, no matter what your child’s interests (or your level of expertise) you’ll find the perfect design here.

Creative diy valentine box ideas your child will love.

Heart Garden Valentine Box

Young love will blossom with this sweet garden themed Valentine’s box, just like the heart flowers – made from the prettiest patterned paper you can find – which are ‘growing’ on the top.


Take a look at this cute bird house box and adapt it to make it your own. It’s super simple to make, too, so is perfect for the kids to lend a hand.

Bumble Bee

This nature inspired Valentine’s box idea (made from a pretzel tub), will ‘bee’ the best in class, with its cheerful yellow and black stripes, heart-adorned wings, and adorable twisty antennae.

Shaggy Dog Valentine Box

This utterly adorable pooch starts off as a shoe box, nut tin, and a $6 mop. Simply add eyes, nose, lolling tongue and ribbons, and you have the perfect Valentine’s box.

Lego Valentine Box

Valentine’s boxes don’t have to be cute or kitsch – LEGO mad kids will adore making and using these building block versions which are super simple to make using bottle tops and gift wrap.

Love Robot Box

Even robots catch the love bug in February, and this Valentine’s box will make a delightful alternative to the more usual designs, using items you probably already have lying around the home.

Trolls Princess Poppy Box

Copy the ideas in this fab blog post to create your own Princess Poppy box, using a popcorn carton, pink felt, and embellishments which are befitting a member of Troll royalty.

Ninja Valentine Box

Stealth and cunning are the cornerstone of a ninja’s power, but luckily you won’t need either as this DIY Valentine’s box project is simple to make but looks incredible.

Bullseye Box

They’ll hit the bullseye with this fun Valentine’s box, which features a red and white heart-shaped target and two of cupid’s arrows embedded firmly in the center.

Ice Cream Cone

The perfect holder for keeping those sweet treats safe, this ice cream cone is made from a paper mache pot for the cone, with a pink ornament ‘scoop’ that looks good enough to eat.

Piranha Plant Valentine Card Box

If they like their Valentine’s accessories a little less sweet, how about making this piranha plant card holder (with an optional vivid blue background), which is sure to grab everyone’s attention?

Mini Trash Bin

This Valentine’s box idea is genius and perfect if crafting isn’t your strong point, because one plain red trash bin can be transformed with the application of white stick-on lettering and patterns.

Panda Valentine Card Box

Subtle but so adorable, this panda box makes full use of the bear’s monochrome coloring, while the addition of heart shaped features add just the right amount of sweetness.

Kitty Cat Valentine Box

This kitty Valentine’s box will steal the hearts of everyone in the class, and it looks much more intricate than it actually is, thanks to the show stopping masses of fringed crepe paper.

Pikachu Valentine Box

They’ll be able to ‘catch ‘em all’ (Valentine’s cards, that is) with this absolutely adorable Pikachu box, which only requires a shipping tube, card, and 4 different colored paints to complete.

BB-8 Valentine’s Day Box

Channel your inner child with this Star Wars themed box, which uses paper mache to create a fabulous BB-8 model to look after all their love letters and cards.

Platypus Valentine's Box

Fans of Phineas and Ferb will go crazy for this Perry the platypus Valentine box, because who could resist dropping a card in this sweet and cheerful duck-billed fella?


This clever little DIY will show you how to create a Valentine’s box which looks just like a real life mailbox, complete with opening front, flag, and authentic USPS logo.

Valentine Jail

Their heart will be well and truly captured with this fun and oh so cute Valentine’s box, which is designed like a jail and holds a sad looking heart captive.

Star Wars Darth Vader Valentine Box

If you have (or can get hold of) a Darth Vader mask, you can rustle up this incredible Star Wars box which is an absolute masterpiece in black.

Football Valentine Box

If they live and breathe football, why not combine their passion with Valentine’s Day and create this stadium card box which even comes with cute little popsicle stick goals?

Dinosaur Box

This Valentine’s box will be Tricera-top of the class this February, and is perfect for younger kids who love all things prehistoric – they can even get involved with the painting and sticking, too.

Alligator Box

This alligator has been designed for affirmations, but it can easily be adapted as a snappy little Valentine box, with the cards being deposited in the gator’s mouth.

Rapunzel Valentine’s Box

You could make this Rapunzel themed Valentine’s box as simple or as intricate as time (and craftiness) will allow, and it can be adapted to suit any age, too.

My Rubiks Cube Valentine Box

Love is one of life’s eternal mysteries, which makes this Rubik’s Cube box such a fitting design. Just add eyes and hearts to the colored squares for a sweet twist on an old favorite.

Hippo Valentine Box

Utterly adorable, this hungry hippo is ready and waiting to swallow up all of your child’s Valentine’s cards, and with his big toothy grin there’ll be plenty of space for them all.

Frog Prince

Brighter is better when you’re making this Frog Prince card holder, and you can really go to town with the detailing; why not add a touch of glitter to make his crown shine?

R2-D2 Trashcan

Take inspiration from this blog post which shows what can be achieved with a plastic trash can, some paint, and a keen eye for detail a la Star Wars and R2-D2.

Basketball Box

Add a little extra fun to ‘posting’ Valentine’s cards this year by creating this basketball box, which incorporates a cute mini basket for slam dunking all those messages of love.

Monsters Inc

Make this adorable pair of mailboxes for Valentine’s Day by following this easy video tutorial, which shows you how to create both Mike and Sulley from Disney Pixar’s Monster’s Inc.

Football Stadium

Double the boxes needn’t mean double the trouble when it comes to boys’ and girls’ Valentine’s box ideas, as this inspired blog post – which includes both his and hers boxes – shows.

Birdhouse Box

Bright and cheerful, this sweet little bird house has an opening roof so that Valentine’s cards and gifts can be placed easily inside, and it’s incredibly easy to make, too.

Happy Camper

Ermagherd, this Happy Camper Valentine box is SUPER cute (and simple to boot), and will make a beautiful ornament to sit on a bookshelf or desk long after February 14th is gone.

Lightning Race Car Box

The instructions for this Lightning McQueen car cost just $4.99 and are delivered via a PDF file – they’re perfect for parents who need a little help in the crafting department.

Wearable Rocket Booster Valentine Box

Wannabe astronauts will go crazy for this rocket booster Valentine’s box, which is built like a back pack with ribbon straps and red and yellow ‘flames’ made from strips of crimped card.

Angry Birds Box

Although these Angry Bird boxes call for special dies and punches, you could take inspiration from them and create your own using a cardboard box, wrapping paper, and a little artistic flair.

Unicorn Valentine Card Box

Unicorns are everywhere, so why not cash in on the trend by making one of these super cute unicorn Valentine’s boxes using the free eye printable and a subtle touch of glitter?

Batman Box

Followers of the Dark Knight will be over the moon with a Valentine’s box which has been made to look like their favorite caped crusader – just like the example shown here.

iPod Box

Turn a cereal box into an iPod by following the step by step guide, and add some sweet hearts to the ear buds for a subtle nod towards Cupid’s favorite day.

Despicable Me Minion Valentines Day Box

The Despicable Me minions are among the most recognizable characters in the world, which means this cheerful box, which uses duct tape instead of paint, will really stand out on Valentine’s Day.

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