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22 Cute (And Tasty) Valentine Cookies for Your Sweethearts

If baking is your passion then you’ll no doubt be spending hours in the kitchen preparing delicious Valentine cookies and other tasty bites for you can your sweetheart to share, but if you’re stuck for inspiration, run a floured finger down this mouth-watering list where you can find recipes for basic sugar cookies right through to artistic rainbow delights which look almost too good to eat.

Cute and tasty Valentine cookie recipes to try.

Valentine Rainbow Heart Cookies

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for some creative baking, and these rainbow cookies certainly fit the bill; with their vibrant heart centers they make a stunning addition to the day.

Cute Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Red Velvet is a perfectly romantic dessert, but taking that ruby goodness from cake to cookie brings them to a whole other level, especially when they’re topped with white chocolate hearts.

Stained Glass Valentine Cookies

These stained glass hearts look almost too good to eat, but eat them you must because the combination of buttery cookie, royal icing, and delicious candy is too good to miss.

Valentine Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

Dipping your cookies in chocolate opens up a whole new world of decorating ideas, as you can sprinkle sugar hearts, coconut, or even chopped nuts to add a new level of flavor.

Heart Linzer Cookies

Simple but sweet (in more ways than one) these Linzer cookies are baked to golden perfection before being sandwiched together with a layer of delicious strawberry or raspberry preserve.

Hershey's Kiss Shortbread Cookies

These little bites make a pretty addition to Valentine’s catering, but they’re deceptively easy to make. Covered in sprinkles, a Hershey’s Hug is lightly pressed into the center of each one.

Heart Cutout Cookies

They’ll fall in love with these sweet cookies on Valentine’s Day. Stunningly simple, the red writing on a background of pink icing makes them the perfect gift or sweet treat.

Red Velvet Valentine Cookies

Red velvet and cream cheese is a match made in heaven, and love’s little cupid will definitely approve of these pretty cookies which are smothered in delicious creamy frosting.

Adorable Valentines Day Cookies

Sometimes it’s not what’s IN the cookie that’s important, but more what’s on top, and this recipe also comes with loads of ideas for decorating your cookies with sweet messages of love.

Valentine's Pinwheel Cookies

Pinwheel cookies are a lot of fun because you can create a swirl of color which runs right through the batch, and you can go as vibrant or as subtle as you like.

Giant Chocolate Chip Valentine Cookie

What’s better than a plateful of cookies? A gigantic cookie that’s made for sharing, of course, and this one is brimming with creamy chocolate chips and edged in a delicious chocolate icing.

Decorative Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies aren’t just for Christmas – they make perfect Valentine cookies too, especially when you see what can be done to make the icing represent this most romantic of holidays.

3 Ingredient Valentine Crunch Cookies

If your skills don’t extend to baking but you still want to create that homemade vibe, these cookies require only three simple ingredients and require no baking whatsoever.

Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies

Marbling turns plain cookies into stunning works of art in this recipe, which uses both plain dough and colored to create these delicate heart cookies which are perfect for the Hallmark holiday.

Mickey Valentine Cookies

Disney meets Conversation Hearts in this recipe, which uses Mickey Mouse shapes and pastel colored icing to recreate the sweet messages of love you usually find on those little candy hearts.

Shortbread Heart Valentine Sandwich Cookies

One look at these golden bites of loveliness tells you they will melt in your mouth, thanks to the crumbly, buttery shortbread hearts which are sandwiched together with fruity red preserve.

Vanilla and Chocolate Iced Valentine Cookies

These heart shaped cookies use a traditional tried and tested recipe, and are smothered in melted white and milk chocolate before being sprinkled with lots of pretty Valentine-themed sweeties.

Big Chocolate M&M Valentine's Day Cookies

If there’s one day of the year when it’s good to indulge, it’s 14th February; these cookies are huge, soft, and fudgy, and covered in delicious red and pink M&Ms.

Striped Sugar Heart Cookies

These Valentine cookies are impossibly cute – not only are they made with pink candy stripes running through them, but the application of shimmering sanding sugar means there’s no decoration needed.

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

The pastel colors on these sweet heart shaped sugar cookies are an immediate reminder of Conversation Hearts, and the addition of cute messages in red icing writing is the finishing touch.

Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

Basic sugar cookies have been given an upgrade in this Valentine recipe, in which the buttery hearts are half-dipped in melted chocolate and covered with pink and red sprinkles.

Very Valentine Pudding Cookies

Adding instant pudding mix to this recipe takes these M&M topped cookies from delicious to sublime, and means they are soft and gooey right to the last bite.

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