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37 Gifts That Scream “I Love You!”

There’s nothing stopping you from standing on the sidewalk and screaming “I Love You!” at the top of your lungs—except maybe the neighbors, the police, and later a restraining order. To avoid all that craziness, buy your main squeeze a gift from this list. Every one of them says “I Love You” loud and clear.

There are so many ways to show someone you love them. The perfect gift is one way to scream "I Love You!" at the top of your lungs, without actually screaming. These gifts are just a small sampling of ways to show someone you love them, with a gift that is tailored to their specific interests and tastes. So let the gift do the talking by choosing something from this list.

52 Reasons Why I Love You

Fifty-two weeks a year, one reason for each week—that’s a whole lot of “I Love You” packed into one Mason jar. Don’t gamble on love or you might end up in a crazy game of fifty-two card pick up. Make it a sure thing with this creative gift, perfect for a man or a woman.


I Love You Reminder Block

Men forget, women forget—we all forget to tell the people we love the most how much we really love them. It’s human. You can build in a fail-safe with these reminder blocks. That way, they’re remember that even when you forget, you still love them more than anything on earth.


Ultimate Super Bowl Trip

Guys dream about going to the Big Game, but most of them never get to do it. Tickets are too hard to get, hotel reservations even harder—the whole thing seems like an impossible nut to crack. You can solve all that. Give him this trip package and you’ll be the supreme being of the universe.


Diamond Eternity Ring

Whoever said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” only had it half right. They’re a guy’s best friend, too, because when a guy goes all out and gets a girl a diamond ring like this one, he gets boyfriend/husband/partner points that last a looooong time.

Prices Vary

I Love You Heart Print

Whisper “I Love You” over and over enough times and that whisper becomes a scream. That’s what happens with this romantic, sentimental print. The love builds and builds until it jumps off the wall and your lover can’t deny it. Your love is huge, your love is true, and they’ll never doubt it.


Curved Smart HD TV

There’s a trick: knowing what they love and giving them a gift that show’s you’ve been paying attention. Got a man who loves his man cave? Make it the best one around with this next-gen smart TV. He’ll know you’ve been paying attention. He’ll know he’s got the right partner in his corner.

Prices Vary

To The Moon and Back Wine Glasses

Moonlight, a romantic dinner, a walk in the park, the gentle clink of wine glasses, and a toast “to us.” Now that’s romantic. Make that finishing toast even more romantic with these lovers wine glasses, printed with the phrase that you both know is true—but it doesn’t hurt to come right out and say it.


I Love You Toaster Print

Better than a strong cup of coffee in the morning is a powerful, lung busting, side-splitting roll on the floor fit of laughter. Surprise the one you love bright and early by stamping “I Love You” on their breakfast toast. But do it before you give them their coffee, or you might get it all over you.

Prices Vary

Skateboard Stool

Gnarls, shred, nollie, kick flip, McTwist—does the love of your life say these things in their sleep? Then they’re a skate junkie, no matter how old they are. Support their skating love—literally, you can put it under them—with this stool made entirely from classic decks.


iPhone 6s

People try to pretend like they don’t want the best phone out there. They say they’re satisfied with their flip-phone, or their Android (what is that, anyway, is that like R2D2?), but they’re all jealous when the iPhones come out. Say “I Love You” by getting them the best. They want one even if they won’t admit it.

$649.00 and up

Vintage Love Birds Light Bulb

Love at first sight can be like a light bulb clicking on in your head. Now saying “I Love You” can happen every time they flick on the actual light switch. You can light up their life with love in any room of the house—or all the rooms in the house if you decide to go all in.

Prices Vary

Silk Wool Trench Coat

That man needs a stylish winter coat to make an impression in the big city. This silk and wool trench from Burberry will impress his colleagues, and random limo drivers will open doors for him when he passes by, because he’ll look like the millionaire who owns the block.


Hobbit Love Print

Hobbits are loyal, steadfast, consistent and strong. Like your love for that special person in your life. It’s an open question, though, as to what Hobbits love more: a second breakfast, or their friends. If you’re in Hobbit love, settle the question once and for all with this lover’s wall print.

Prices Vary

BFF Girl’s Getaway

Guys, if you love your woman and really want her to know it, you have to trust her. Trust her enough to send her away on an island getaway with her besties. They’ll make trouble and they’ll have stories to tell, no mistake. But this one screams “I Love You” like no other.

$1875.00 and up

A Huge Heart Pillow

Three feet tall, three feet wide, all red, all heart, all soft and snuggly pillow embroidered with the words “I Love You.” If you have a sweet and sentimental woman in your life, then this gift will make her swoon. Get two of them, and you can have epic pillow fights that end in outrageous bouts of laughter.


Genuine Navy Seal Watch

This is a man’s gift if there ever was one. This watch is totally badass—there’s no other way to say it. If your man is into tactical gear, he’ll love this gift. It’s matte black, made from carbon reinforced polycarbonate, and has a face that will glow for 25 years without a charge.


Framed Scrabble Tile Message

For the word-nerd couple whose idea of an exciting night out is actually a night in playing Scrabble, this is an incredibly thoughtful way to say “I Love You.” It doesn’t come right out and say it, but the message can’t be mistaken: you want those sweet kisses morning, noon, and night.


USB Typewriter

Keeping with the word-nerd theme, this gift is for the guy or gal who digs things classic and vintage. It’s an old school mechanical typewriter that syncs up to enter text right to a PC, Mac, iPad, or tablet. If your sweetheart dreams of writing the Classic American Novel, just like the Classic American Novelists did it, this gift wins.


Rough Diamond Earrings

She’s a diamond in the rough. She’d sooner be caught dead than be seen wearing a glitzy glam piece from a national mall chain or anything even remotely resembling “bling”. These earrings are the opposite of all that: conflict free, uncut diamonds in their natural state, set in oxidized sterling silver cages.

Prices Vary

Men’s Valet & Watch Box

A classy man needs a classy valet for all his classy gadgets. This valet is the epitome of understated sophistication—it’s handmade to order, but looks like an antique. Crafted from West African Lacewood, it’s got two levels of velvet lined storage for watches, phones, cufflinks, and all his other manly-man dailies.

Prices Vary

iPro Lens System

Total click-bait! We mean that in the best way possible. If your honey is a shutterbug, then you can turn their iPhone into a professional grade camera with this add-on lens system. They can go wide, telephoto, or macro with these three lenses. Look out Social Media—a juggernaut is coming.

Prices Vary

4-in-1 Chick Flicks

You sat through The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, Nights in Rodanthe, and a Walk to Remember. You got points for that. Now comes your ultimate mission, should you choose to accept it: sit through a four in one chick-flick binge. If that doesn’t scream “I Love You”, then nothing will.


Eternity Gold-Dipped Rose

Simple as A, B, C. A gold dipped rose…Beautiful gold earrings…Classic heart shaped pendant. Say—no, proclaim your love for her with this Eternity Rose Trio. The set comes in a leather presentation case that she’ll display proudly on her vanity for years to come.


Prada Boots

She’ll turn heads so fast everyone in the neighborhood is going to need a chiropractor after she walks by wearing these knee-high leather stilettos from Prada. Guys, your woman has wanted to buy a pair of these for years, but couldn’t justify the expense. Now she doesn’t have to. And you get to say, “Who loves ya, baby?”

Prices Vary

Varvatos Leather Jacket

Every man needs a hip leather jacket. Not a played out bomber jacket. Not a big bulky one like a rockstar onstage—those can make him look like a clown. What he needs is a stylish, understated piece that bespeaks a lifestyle of cool. This jacket is the one.

Prices Vary

Spiritual Armor Bangle

Not everyone can break the bank on an “I Love You” gift. We know that. But some guys want to get their gal a sweet piece of jewelry that means something. This bangle does it: the intricate, endless knot design symbolizes two spirits moving together on a constantly evolving spiritual journey.

Prices Vary

European Bike Trip

The love of your life is a cycling fan. A fanatic. You’ve heard them say incomprehensible things like “Ronde van Vlaanderen” and cryptic things like “The Hell of the North.” That means is they’re into the Belgian Spring Classics. Make their cycling dreams come true with a trip to see the Tour Of Flanders.


Relaxing Spa Packages

A spa day, a real spa day—we’re not talking about a morning at the YMCA and an after lunch mani-pedi—is a life-changer for any man or woman. From a working mom to a stay-at-home-dad to an insomniac graduate student, give them a full day at a professional spa, and we guarantee they’ll feel the love.

Prices Vary

Garmin Nuvi

Program your address into the latest Garmin so all roads lead to your house. Seriously, though, you don’t want your significant other getting lost out there in the world. If this is for a guy, they’ll finally have a good reason to never ask for directions again.

Prices Vary

The World’s Largest Scrabble Game

“I’m big into Scrabble” changes to “I’m into big Scrabble” with this last call for word-nerds. We found the biggest, nerdiest way to scream “I Love You” on earth. It’s over fifty square feet of Scrabble goodness. This is a great excuse to go ahead and buy a bigger house.


Prada Combat Boots

Can I kick it? The style and comfort of Prada isn’t just for women, no sir. He can get his punk rock on in style with these black leather combat kicks from the iconic Italian shoe and handbag designer. No one will question his swagger again, and he’ll never question your love—not after you get him these.

Prices Vary

MacBook Pro

The iPhone is one thing, but a MacBook Pro takes gift giving to the next level. This top of the line laptop from Apple is everything anyone ever wanted in a laptop. If your honey is still rocking a PC, it’s time to introduce them to the real world—it’s like going from a Camry to a Benz.

$1299 and up

All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set

Foodie in the house? There will be now. With a set of cookware like this, it’ll be a race home every night to see who gets to cook dinner first. This set is stacked with fourteen pieces of gourmet cookware for everything from soup to nuts. Loser cleans up!


ISLE Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board

Where do yoga, surfing, and paddle-boarding all come together? Right here with this inflatable paddle board. Guys, if your girl is a beach bunny who loves to paddle out past the breakers and bust out a few yoga poses, you just found an ideal way to say “I Love You.”

Prices Vary

Live Feed Video Drone

We’re thinking this ultimate tech gadget is for a guy, but we don’t want to rule anyone out. Whoever gets this gift is going to be a one person intelligence agency. It’s a fully maneuverable drone that sends video from up to half a mile away to a five inch screen on the remote.


Burberry Tote Bag

Guys, we know how hard it is to understand why women loves shoes and bags so much, especially the high end ones like this Burberry Canter. As with many mysteries of existence, poetry helps: “Ours is not to question why. Ours is but to do and buy.” We got that right, didn’t we?

Prices Vary

Romantic Dinner Cruise

You’ve been talking about doing something romantic for ages. But life keeps getting in the way. Cut through it all and take the plunge. Get a romantic dinner cruise for the two of you. Rekindle that love and passion. Make a big gesture: book a gourmet dinner cruise you’ll never forget.

Prices Vary

12 DIY “I Love You” Gifts

The Best Date Jar

This absurdly easy DIY screams “I Love You” in all directions. It signifies a whole bunch of things all at once: you’re in love, you know you’re going to be together for the long haul (or as long as it takes to finish all the dates), and you care enough to take the time to make them something as thoughtful, for no other reason than “I Love You.”

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Guys, here’s the deal: if you make her a sweet DIY gift, she’ll know you love her. Especially something like a heart tea bag in this tutorial. Make her a set of these and she can steep in the special love you have between you.

DIY Shoe Rack

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to a woman’s heart is through her shoes. This DIY will teach you how to make her a cool hexagonal shoe rack that will get all her shoes in order and free up space for the second most important thing in life: her clothes.

Origami Fortune Teller Dates

All the secrets of the ancients will be revealed by this paper fortune teller. Great questions of the universe such as: What will we have for dinner? And where shall we take out dessert? On which night will we Netflix and Chill? This DIY knows all. Seek, and ye shall find.

Heart Necklace

Making her heart shaped tea bags is good. Making her a shoe rack/closet organizer is better. Making her a heart necklace with your own two hands? The best of them all. You can do it, fellas: materials you can buy at any craft store, five basic steps, and you have a piece of jewelry more meaningful than anything bought in a store.

Power Tool Storage System

This is a DIY that takes some serious making. Ladies, you might need to enlist the help of a neighbor, brother, cousin, or someone handy with tools. Make this power tool storage system for his workshop, and he’ll be speechless. The trick will be keeping him out of there long enough!

His & Hers Mugs

Little things can mean a lot. They say not to sweat the small stuff, but that doesn’t apply here—in love, sometimes it’s the small stuff that means everything. Like taking the time to make a pair of Sharpie mugs. The little things like this will speak volumes of “I Love You.”

Head Covers

Fore! This DIY is going to take some sewing skill and knowledge up front, but if you have a golf lover in your life, the time you take will be the important “I Love You” message. The end product is totally classy—these head covers look like they come straight from a country club pro shop.

The Story Of Us

You’re writing the book of your love right this very moment. With every day you spend together and every little thing you do for one another, you add another page to your story. So why not put it all together and make the story of your life in book form. This touching DIY gives you a sweet example of a great “I Love You” gift.

Scratch Off Coupon Book

Your honey can play the Powerball all they want in search of that huge jackpot, or you can give the gift of love coupons—which are much better in our book, because everyone comes out a winner without spending any money. This easy DIY says “I Love You” in as many ways you can come up with: be racy, be traditional, or a little bit of both.

Beer Can Cake

For a swill drinking kind of guy, this DIY gift is perfect. Ladies, you’ll know if this is right way to say “I Love You” to your fella. If it is, then four step tutorial will have you winning “best girlfriend” honors without a doubt. Pick up a couple cases of his favorite brew, and with a little effort, you’ll take the cake!

Lavender Mint Sea Salt Soak

Guys, if you have a woman who loves nothing more than a long soak in a hot tub, then this DIY gift will say “I Love You” as well—or maybe even better—than anything on this list. You can get the five simple ingredients at any natural food store, and use recycled candles for the containers.


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