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49 Sweet DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths to Craft and Cherish

If you thought wreaths were just for the month of December, you’ve been missing out on some fabulous decorating ideas for brightening up your Valentine’s Day. You can take inspiration for full and frothy Valentine wreaths full of love, lace, and pearls, or go for something more subtle and delicate with a hint of burlap thrown in, but whichever you choose, we guarantee you’ll want to display it for longer than just one day.

Easy diy valentine wreath ideas.

Paper and Yarn Valentine Wreath

Herald the arrival of Valentine’s Day with this vibrant wreath. Resplendent in red, it can be decorated with paper flowers, hearts, and whatever other embellishments you have in mind.

Pine Cone Valentine's Day Wreath

Bridge the gap between Christmas and Valentine’s with this stunning wreath, which calls for lots of pinecones to be painted in varying shades of pink, and glued to a heart-shaped wire frame.

Tulip Heart Valentines Wreath

Grapevine wreaths are so useful for holding flower stems, and if you have a heart shaped one at home, you can turn it into a stunning floral arrangement using light and dark pink tulips.

Hearts And Lovebirds Valentine’s Day Wreath

This Valentine wreath is adorable, and makes a beautiful spring wreath, too. Dotted with baby pink and blue pom poms and a miniature heart garland, the love birds are a stunning finishing touch.

Burlap and Yarn Wreath

Gorgeous and cozy looking, this wreath is made using a cheap pool noodle and wrapped with soft white yarn for a fuzzy feel, while the red felt and burlap details really set it off.

Tissue Paper Rose Wreath

Who knew that scrunched up bits of red tissue paper would result in such beautiful roses? What’s more, a little over 3 dozen are enough to complete this stunning Valentine wreath.

Paper Heart Wreath

Highly unusual and unlike any you’ll see in the stores, this paper cone arrangement is a 3D marvel and would look stunning against a black and white background.

Valentine’s Candy Wreath

This sweet heart is a novel way of giving your loved one chocolate and candy for Valentine’s Day; choose ones which are wrapped in red, pink, and silver for a truly romantic feel.

Rag Heart Wreath

These wreaths are too adorable to only bring out in February – they can be made using any color and pattern of rags, but the gingham gives them a definite country vibe.

Easy Flower Hoop Wreath

This blog post is here for inspiration, and to show you what you can do for Valentine’s Day if you prefer your décor to be a little more minimalistic.

Paper Flower Wreath

This wreath is stunning, so stunning in fact, that you wouldn’t believe the daffodils are made using crepe paper! You could even repeat the project for Easter using yellow paper instead.

Eucalyptus Heart Wreath

How pretty is this simple but effective Valentine wreath? Perfect as a romantic dinner decoration, the vibrant green of the eucalyptus showcases the pinks and whites of the flowers beautifully.

Sweet Valentine’s Day Wreath

Natural wreaths make wonderful starting blocks for a more simple style of Valentine’s décor, and with the red and white embellishments attached, add a lovely rustic charm to the day of romance.

Simple Fabric Punch Ruffle Wreath

This will definitely make for a striking statement when it’s hung in your house this Valentine’s – there’s nothing more eye-catching than deep red against a background of black and white.

Scrapbook Paper Heart Wreath

Pink and gray go so well together, and this colorful wreath couldn’t be easier to make – just cut various sized hearts out of pretty scrapbook paper and glue them to a chipboard form.

XO Letters Tissue Wreath

A little different to the usual wreaths, this hugs and kisses version makes full use of washi tape in romantic colors and styles and will really stand out hanging on the door or wall.

Monogram Wreath

This monogram might be intended for Valentine’s Day, but it would look stunning in the home at any time of year – just choose a romantic patterned ribbon and get wrapping!

XO Spiral Rose Letters Wreath

Add a romantic twist to an existing wreath with this clever idea, which uses an ‘X’ and a ‘O’ (for hugs and kisses) covered in spiral roses and glued to the base.

Pom Pom Wreath

Incredibly easy to make, this heart shaped hanging needs just three ‘ingredients’ – a polystyrene form, pink pom poms, and a supply of glue – to create a fun and fuzzy Valentine wreath.

Clothespin Wreath

Transform plain wooden clothespins into this wonderfully fresh-looking wreath with the addition of romance-themed scrapbook paper, and a few little burlap triangles to create a miniature hugs and kisses garland.

Paper Straw Wreath

Using red and white striped paper straws for this project gives a unique optical illusion effect, and it’s ridiculously easy to make – just straws, glue, and a wreath form to stick them to.

Easy Framed Heart Wreath

If you’re not that crafty but still want to make your own wreath, this DIY idea shows you how to put store bought items together to create a stunning piece of romantic wall art.

White, Gold and Pink Wreath

Valentine’s décor doesn’t have to be all made in red – just look at this beautiful wreath which uses white, gold and a dusky pink to absolutely stunning effect.

Double Wreath

This rustic wreath is gorgeous and wouldn’t look out of place hanging in the home all year round, especially as you can adapt it to include whatever burlap pattern and even lettering you prefer.

Fealt Flower Wreath

Brilliantly cheerful, this pool noodle turned Valentine decoration will add a stunning pop of color to your door or wall, and uses handmade felt roses to add a floral touch.

Tree Branch Valentine’s Day Wreath

Make the most of fallen winter branches by cutting them into individual slices, which can then be used to form the basis of this natural and unusual heart shaped wreath.

Valentine Ribbon Wreath

This wreath is an extravaganza of frothy red, pink, and white ribbon bows which have been handmade and attached to a circular form, ready to be hung in a prominent position.

Kid-friendly Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

A great way to get the kids involved in Valentine’s Day preparations, this sweet little wreath can be made using a cardboard heart and lightly scrunched pink and red tissue paper.

5 Minute Heart Shaped Wreath

Remember those old-fashioned chocolate boxes which were covered in a froth of lace? If you’re lucky enough to find one, this tutorial shows you how to turn it into the simplest wreath ever.

Wood Slice Heart Wreath

This little hanging heart uses small wood slices (either found or shop bought) to create a heart shape, which is then painted in a muted shade of pink and embellished with burlap flowers.

Rosemary Valentines Wreath

Nothing could be simpler to make than this Valentine wreath, which has been created using just two sprigs of rosemary and tied together with twine. And it smells divine!

Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

You’d never believe the delicate flowers which make up this Valentine wreath started out as coffee filters! This instructional shows you how to dye them and turn them into this gorgeous decoration.

Floral Heart Wreath

This floral heart is incredibly easy to make, and all you need is a grapevine shape and a few bunches of white and pink artificial flowers to thread through the vines.

Toddler-friendly Valentines Wreath

Get the little ones in on the action by providing them with a supply of tissue paper in reds, pinks, and whites, which they can glue on to a cardboard heart-shaped form.

Valentine’s Heart Willow Wreath

Super cute and perfect for injecting a little rustic charm into the home, this willow wreath has been decorated with tiny pink hearts and hung using a pretty matching ribbon.

Yarn Heart Wreath

If you liked making pom poms as a child, you’ll love creating this yarn wreath which uses a wire heart as a base and involves threading the yarn to create a sweet layered effect.

Sweetheart Wreath

Just as romantic as a plethora of red, this jute wreath combines the subtle color of the string with pearls, pretty pink flowers, and delicate feminine lace.

Wrapped Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon is the order of the day when it comes to decorating this Styrofoam ring – different colors and widths add a wonderful texture which is topped off with pretty hearts and bows.

Heart Fabric Rag Wreath

If you like DIY home décor you’ll no doubt be familiar with rag rugs, but have you seen a rag wreath? Delightfully whimsical, this pretty wreath will add a lovely touch of romance.

Heart Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine wreaths work wonderfully with flowers, and this heart shaped one uses delicate fresh flowers to create a simple design which allows the beauty of the vine to show through.

Cupid’s Arrow Wreath

There’s no such thing as too much glitter and glitz, and this Valentine wreath is the perfect way to add shimmer to the home with its sequinned pink body and beautiful golden accents.

Rainbow Paper Heart Pom Pom Wreath

How pretty is this simple heart wreath? Use rainbow colored hearts and pompom for a burst of brightness, or coordinate two or three shades for a more subtle look.

Tissue Paper Flower Valentine’s Day Wreath

These flowers are so easy to make, but once they are ‘ruffled’ up they look absolutely stunning, and because they can be pinned straight onto the form, they take less time to complete.

XOXO Valentine’s Day Wreath

Although this wreath is finger-knitted, you could get a similar effect by wrapping yarn around and around until the whole thing is covered, before adding red and pink felt hugs and kisses.

Conversation Heart Wreath

Conversation Hearts are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, so put those pastel colored candies to good use by hot gluing them to a foam form and attaching a pretty pink ribbon.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts Wreath

Make a bunch of these cute yarn wrapped hearts and you can turn them into garlands, wreaths, or even hang some in the window as a pretty romantic decoration.

Pipe Cleaner Rosette Wreath

The way the embellishments sit on just a portion of this yarn-wrapped wreath makes it a more subtle but no-less effective way of adding a touch of romance to any room.

Embroidery Hoop Valentine’s Wreath

If you’re looking for a delicate ring to build your wreath on, an embroidery ring might be just what you’re looking for and makes a wonderfully simple background for delicate, pastel flowers.

Easy Straw Valentine Wreath

This DIY uses a straw circle, but any material would work as it’s wrapped prettily with a love-themed washi tape and adorned with a few ‘poofy’ hearts and a red polka dot ribbon.

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