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50 Most Romantic Personalized Valentine’s Gifts for Him and Her

These personalized Valentine’s gifts all have a romantic side to them, and you can make them more meaningful by personalizing them. Give a gift that they’ll remember forever, and be able to keep as a memento of your love.

romantic personalized valentines gifts

Personalized Couple Art

Add a little whimsical charm to Valentine’s Day with this adorable portrait, which can be customized to match faces, hair, and clothing, and embroidered onto flax and organic cotton canvas.


Personalized Tree of Love Photo Ledge

Stunningly different, this tree of love photo ledge comes with the couple’s initials carved into the ‘bark’, and allows photos to be uniquely displayed via the integral slot or slots.

$60.00- $75.00

Custom Stamp Gift Set

This gift set allows couples to create their very own unique stamp plate via the gift certificate from a wide range of styles, and comes with a self-inking stamper and ink pad.


Custom Love Letter Cufflinks

These cufflinks make adorably romantic personalized Valentine’s gifts, as they feature a pair of opening brass envelopes which hold your own message or artwork etched onto teeny wooden letters inside.

$80.00- $105.00

Custom Face Stickers

Super fun and funny, this sheet of stickers will arrive proudly displaying 21 mug shots of their favorite face in various sizes, to stick on a variety of objects.


Custom MyIntent Bracelet

A wonderful way to raise their vibrations, this bracelet features a silver plated token which comes hand stamped with your choice of motivational word, and infused with the intention you desire.

Prices vary

Lovers Name Ring

Made from 1100 pure aluminum, this spiral ring makes a cute addition to their jewelry collection as it features both your names and a pair of sweet little hearts on the front.

Prices Vary

Personalized Minimalist Leather Wallet

This handsome slim wallet is made using soft leather with an attractive distressed appearance, and has been designed to hold credit cards safely while taking up minimal space in the pocket.


Photo Book

Photo books are a much nicer way of storing memories than keeping them on a digital device, and with three different ways to create them, they make for beautifully romantic Valentine’s gifts, too.

Prices vary

Initial Book

If your partner is something of a bookworm, this folded book art will make a thoughtful gift as the pages are folded to create both of your initials with a heart in the middle.


Together We are Home

Hand-painted in stunning detail, this framed or unframed picture consists of one or two states which mean the most to you both, beautifully illustrated and personalized with names and a special date.

$80.00- $160.00

Custom Song Print

Have a special song or your own voice turned into one of these beautiful soundwave pictures which can be created in a range of color schemes on either paper or stretched cotton canvas.


Fully Custom Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are cool in any situation, but just take a look at this awesome custom version which can be made to look exactly like the person you’re giving it to!



Now they can cuddle up to you even when you’re not there, thanks to the Mushion – the soft and squishy cushion which arrives printed with the photograph of your choice.


Poetic Love Personalized Art

No-one did love like the masters, so if your significant other has a favorite poem from the likes of Shakespeare or Charlotte Bronte, have it turned into this adorable piece of personalized art.


Personalised Face Socks

They’ll be loving you from head to toe when they’re wearing these socks! Printed with your face ALL over them, Sock Yourself socks make a fun but practical Valentine’s Day gift.


Personalized Jewelry Bar Necklace

Choose from gold, silver, or rose gold for this delightful bar necklace, which can be engraved with up to 4 sides of text and is supplied with a 17.5” chain.


Custom City Ring

If she’s pining for home, or some other special place, give her a wearable reminder in the form of this stunning ring, which can be made with a choice of cities’ skylines.


Personalizable Music Box

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter movies, and this personalized music box plays the tune beautifully as she reads the special message that’s engraved inside the lid.

Prices Vary

Personalized Photo Pet Face Socks

No matter how badly behaved their dog is, it will always be to ‘heel’ with these hilarious socks, which feature their pet’s face against a background of bones and paw prints.


Dainty Name Ring

Delicate and pretty, this name ring can be personalized with any name, and can be ordered in a sterling silver, or yellow or rose gold filled finish in US sizes 2 to 14.


Personalized Movie Marquee Illuminated Art

If movies have played a big part in your relationship, this unique movie theater artwork depicts your names and ‘playing since’ date on a billboard, illuminated by soft LED lighting.


Intersection of Love Outdoor Sign

Showing your names and both the date you met and the date you decided to make it official, this Intersection of Love sign makes a wonderfully romantic personalized Valentine’s gift.


Personalized Zip-Top Carryall

Large and roomy, and available in a range of vegetable-tanned colors, this leather carryall can be customized with her initials and a range of optional and interchangeable bag straps.


Woven Image Blankets

Happy memories do invoke feelings of comfort, but now you can go one step further with a blanket which displays a collage of their favorite photos to keep them warm both inside and out.

Prices vary

Personalized Custom Name Necklace

Name necklaces never go out of style, so make sure she has one which will last with this dainty but sturdy version which comes in a range of fonts, finishes, and chain lengths.


Personalized Pet Tag

Keep their dog or cat safe with this sweet ID tag, which is available in aluminum, copper, or brass, and can be hand stamped with a name, symbol, and phone number.


Monogram Silicone Spatula

Unique and interesting, these silicone spatulas have been designed by British designer Rory Dobner and feature a drawing of a fantastical creature to depict the initial of your choice.


Personalized Tree Wood Carving

Whether you choose initials or the family name, this Baltic birch tree trunk carving will bring them back to the heady days of romance, and will grace any home or office.

$85.00- $160.00

Teeny Tiny Stacking Sterling Silver Ring

Super cute and discreet, these sterling silver stacking rings are hand stamped with 1mm wide letters which can make up any name or date up to 10 characters long.


Custom Spoon

A beautiful addition to any kitchen, the handle of this wooden spoon will be hand painted in a vibrant mint green, and laser etched in whichever name you like.

Prices Vary

What I Love About You Fill-in-the-Blank Book

Full of prompts for you to fill in, this little book comes with 112 pages just bursting with love as you finish the sentences in your own inimitable way.


Personalized Written in the Stars Wine Box

With space for a bottle of wine to be opened on their 1st, 3rd, and 5th anniversaries, this wine box comes personalized with the couple’s names and wedding or anniversary date.


Actual Fingerprint Necklace

This heart shaped pendant can be engraved with a fingerprint, picture, handprint, or even footprint and can be finished in silver, gold, or rose gold for a gift she’ll cherish forever.


23andMe Kit

Find out exactly who you’re in a relationship with, with the 23andMe DNA kit, which not only details their ancestry, but also provides a report on their health, traits, and even their physical characteristics.


Personalized M&M's

You can have text, pictures, or even a photo printed onto a selection of M&Ms, for the ultimate romantic personalized Valentine’s gift for someone with a deliciously sweet tooth.

Prices vary

Personalized Night Sky Star Map

Choose one defining moment in their life and have it captured forever with this beautiful print, which features the stars as they were in that moment, along with your own personalized text.


Personalized Bob's Burgers Style Portrait

You can have up to 5 people and 2 pets included in this hilarious Bob’s Burgers style portrait, which will be customized to resemble the photos you send, and comes as a printable digital file.


Personalized Blooming Together Glass Vase

If she’s lucky enough to have flowers bought for her throughout the year, she’ll need something to put them in, and this pretty personalized vase – with its intertwined flowers – is just perfect.


Personalized Porcelain Faux Bois Mug Set

This pair of faux bois hand-thrown mugs depict the age-old tradition of carving lovers’ names on a tree, with hand painted initials and significant date, along with a heart and arrow.


Personalized Pet Portrait Necklace

If her beloved pet was always by her side, this memorial necklace – which features her dog or cat’s portrait beautifully etched along with their name – will make a truly touching gift.


Face Licker Personalized Giant Candy

Big enough to satisfy even the sweetest tooth, this life size lollipop will be a faithful reproduction of your own or your partner’s face, providing hours and hours of sweet, sugary satisfaction.


Personalized Leather Journal Notebook

Leather journals are the perfect place to jot down all important notes and ideas, so make sure they have a stylish one, like this beautiful leather version which can also be personalized.


Custom Candle Heart Map

Keep the flames alive with this soy candle, which comes in 2 sizes and features the map of any city enclosed in a heart, along with the couple’s names and special date and year.


Personalized Away Travel Suitcase

If you’re planning on whisking her away for a romantic Valentine’s vacation, gift her The Away Large suitcase, which offers unbeatable protection thanks to the durable polycarbonate shell, and an internal compression system.

Prices vary

Map of Our Hearts

Keep your home towns inextricably linked with this sweet framed print, which displays maps of both places inside the heart, and comes in a bright or vintage style option.


Personalized Lunar Phase of Love

Choose a special moment in their life and hold it forever with a beautiful lunar image from that night, which comes framed or unframed, and personalized with names and a special date.

$125.00- $195.00

Embark Dog DNA Test

More than just a way to find out a dog’s ancestry (which is pretty awesome by itself), this DNA kit will also reveal a predisposition to certain health conditions that could save their life.


The Story of Us

The Story of Us is a beautiful linen-bound journal which includes prompts and spaces for photos, and is divided into ten sections to cover the different parts of your journey together.


Personalized Air Pods

AirPods are the must-have accessory du jour, but these ones are extra special as the wireless charging case comes with the option to have their name or initials engraved on the side.


Love Book

Customize the characters in Love Book to look like you and the recipient, and have the story of your romance printed inside, for the most romantic gift you’ll ever give.

Prices vary

Personalized Carry Love With You Necklace

This sweet sterling silver necklace is hand stamped with a special message or names of loved ones, then set with a hand-molded brass heart for that added touch of love.

$85.00- $95.00

Peek a Boo Hidden Face Personalised Cushion

The ideal gift for love struck fidgets, the Peek-a-Boo cushion is covered with a gazillion sequins which can be stroked to reveal the hidden face of the one they love the most.


Wine Cork Letters

Put together a name, initials, or special word using these Baltic birch letters, then fill the spaces with wine bottle corks from special occasions to commemorate every celebratory sip.

$20.00- $35.00

Personalized Heart Wall Sculpture

Beautifully charming, this steel sculpture is hand crafted into a spiral heart, which is then painstakingly painted, sealed, and cut so the personalized heart stands out delicately from the frame.


Custom Personalized Wooden Name Sign

You can choose to have this gorgeous name sign finished in a choice of colors, or left unfinished to be painted at home or even kept natural for a sweet, rustic look.


Intersection of Love – Photo Print

A charming addition to any home, this 11” x 14” photo print of an ‘Intersection of Love’ will be personalized with two names and dates which hold great meaning to you both.

$75.00- $175.00

Personalized Love Birch Cuff

Hand cast in brass from real birch bark, this unusual cuff makes a sweetly romantic personalized Valentine’s Gift, as the inscribed initials resemble those traditionally carved into a tree.


8 DIY Personalized Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Personalized Valentine Heart Boxes

Make this personalized valentine heart box and you’ll have the perfect way to wrap their gift. Customize it with their favorite colors and of course their name, or go with traditional pink or red for Valentine’s day. Don’t underestimate the power of proper packaging.

Eye Chart Valentine’s Wall Art

This cute eye chart actually tells the story of how you first met. It’s a definite conversation piece if anyone ever notices that it actually spells out things. This is a doubly fun gift because you get to put into words the romantic bits about how you met.

Custom Conversation Hearts

You know those chalky conversation heart candies that are a Valentine icon? Well now you can replicate the candies and add your own messages to them. These are the perfect add-on to one of the gifts found above on our list, and are nostalgic as well.

Valentine Mailboxes

Make them this Valentine mailbox and you’ll be able to give them sweet treats and fun things leading up to Valentine’s day. You can count down the days and each day they’ll look forward to seeing something new in their box and discovering just how much you love them.

Chalkboard Matchbook

When you craft this chalkboard matchbook you’re able to write any number of romantic puns on it, like “hot stuff”, “you make me hot”, “let’s heat things up” and so forth. You will only be limited by your imagination so let it flow and see what comes to mind.

Valentine Wax Seal

This wax seal produces results that look a lot like what was used in colonial times to seal documents. The best part is that with this tutorial you can personalize the seal however you want, with both of your initials or just their name.

Custom Felt Fortune Cookies

If the stainless steel custom fortune cookie found above wasn’t quite your style, go with this felt fortune cookie and you’ll still be able to make your own personalized fortune for them to discover. Order some Chinese on Valentine’s and then give them it.

Personalized Gift Tags

No matter which gift you go with on our list, be sure to finish off the package right with one of these personalized gift tags. They’re very easy to customize and then print out so you’ll get perfect results every time, and it has that special finished look to it.

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