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50 Most Romantic Valentine’s Gifts with a Personal Touch

These personalized Valentine’s gifts all have a romantic side to them, and you can make them more meaningful by personalizing them. Give a gift that they’ll remember forever, and be able to keep as a memento of your love.

romantic personalized valentines gifts

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillowcases

Here’s a reminder not to fall asleep without a goodnight kiss. The extra bit of personalization on the pillowcases makes them extra special, and you get to have his name on one pillow and her name on the other making it a matching set.


Book of Love Quotes

This book is filled with lots of quotes on love that will help to solidify the way you feel about each other even more, especially since your names will be interspersed throughout. It’s the sort of book that you can bring down from the shelf and read on occasion.


Sweet Love Candy Jar

This candy jar is filled with one of the most popular Valentine treats: Hershey’s Kisses. Not only will they get a sweet candy in the jar, but the jar itself has your names on it, plus the phrase “The sweetest thing I’ve ever known is loving you.” Too sweet.


Mickey and Minnie Ceramic Plate

Go with a classic when you get this Mickey and Minnie ceramic plate with a cute message on it and your names. It’s a great decorative piece to have in the dining room or on a mantle. Nothing is more iconic and classic than Mickey and Minnie when it comes to a couple.


State of Love Canvas Print

The state where you fell in love becomes the main eye-catching piece to this canvas print. If you’re still in the state where you met this will be very fitting, but if you’ve moved since then it will be a touching reminder of where it all began for you both.


Breakfast in Bed Tray

The ultimate way to provide a personal touch this Valentine’s Day is to bring them their favorite breakfast in bed. This tray works perfect for the job, elevating their meal to the right height so they can simply sit up and start dining.


Personalized Heart Rock Print

This heart rock print makes it look like your names are etched into the rock itself. It also has a place on it where you can put the date of your anniversary or other special date. You could even put this Valentine’s date on it to remember when the gift was from.


Romantic Picnic for Two

When it’s just the two of you, outdoors and eating some of your favorite foods together, the world just seems right. With this picnic set for two you’ll have all of the supplies needed for a romantic park getaway, just remember to include foods they really love.


Our Love Blooms Flower Pot

This pot sums it all up, and when you put their favorite plant in it you’re going to really be sending the message that you love them dearly. You’ll both enjoy watching the plant grow, and as it needs water it reminds you that every relationship needs to be kept up.


Our Story Vintage Scrapbook

Document your love with this vintage scrapbook that has a very appealing look to it. You can fill it with all sorts of personal items, ticket stubs, pictures, and other keepsakes that you don’t want to lose. This is something you can keep forever, and always be adding to it.


Because of You Frame

This picture frame is extra unique because it has your names right on it, and it can be used to hold one of your favorite pictures that you took together over the last year. It has a snippet of 1 Corinthians 13 from the Bible, just enough to conjure it in the mind.


Engraved Connected Heart Necklace

When you give them this engraved heart necklace you’re really giving a gift for both of you. That’s because it has your names engraved on the back, but also because the two hearts connect, but the necklaces still look good when worn separately.

Prices Vary

Why You’re So Awesome

Let them know just why it is that they’re so awesome, one page at a time. This book leads you along so you simply fill in the blanks and by the time you’re through you have a great book that they’re surely going to love to read.


I Love You Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a can’t miss gift for Valentine’s Day, and when you make it even more personal with a custom t-shirt that the bear is wearing, you know you’re getting it right. This is a snuggly teddy bear they’ll be able to hold while you’re away.


Secret Message Collar Stays

Send secret messages along with him with these collar stays. The messages are totally up to you and you can customize them with whatever you want him to know. These will keep his collar looking sharp and prevent it from rising up.


Book of Love Artwork

This book is full of artwork that shows love in all its forms, and the best part is it’s also infused with your names. It’s a nice book to look at with each other and snuggle up together and just feel all those warm, tingly emotions that you get with each other.


Carved in Love Photo Cube

Here’s a way to display multiple photos with one frame. It’s a cube that lets you show off four photos of you, but it also has a nice message on it that says “Our love continues to grow.” and has a picture of a tree with a heart and your initials inside.


Puzzle Map of Where You Met

Take a map of where you met and put it into puzzle form and you’ve got a great personalized Valentine gift. If you think about it, none of this would have happened if you hadn’t met first, so where you met has a big meaning to it, and this puzzle celebrates that.


Love Message in a Bottle

You get to write your own personalized message to go in the bottle. The bottle itself is emblazoned with one of the most famous passages of love from the Bible. The combination of the verse on the outside and your personal message on this inside works well.


Loving Hearts Doormat

Decorate the entrance of your home with this elegant loving hearts doormat. It’s a nice way to greet guests to your home, and it’s also nice to come home to and see your names, hearts, and a big welcome sign. It will put you both in a good mood before entering.


Wine Cooler Filled with Their Favorite Wine

They’ll flip when they see that you’ve tocked an entire wine cooler full of their favorite wine. The cooler will keep the wine at just the right temperature, and it keeps it separate from the rest of the refrigerator, great for homes with kids.


Split Heart Engraved Key Ring

This key ring is especially made for couples because when they’re together the heart is complete, with each name on one half of the heart. When they separate the heart is broken until it is reunited again. A way to take a piece of them with you wherever you go.


Personalized Fondue Set

Think of the delicious fun you’ll have with this personalized fondue set. It’s a way for you to have a special meal together date night style without actually having to go out. From melted cheese to melted chocolate you just can’t go wrong with good fondue.


Things I’d Do For Love Book

Let them know all of the things you’d do for love with this book that goes into detail and also has their name in it so they feel special. There are funny things in this book, as well as touching things, so it’s a great book that will make them chuckle and smile.


Personalized Romantic Cushion

They’ll love snuggling up with this romantic cushion that has your initials on it plus a heart sign in the middle. This is the sort of cushion you can keep on the couch or sofa all year long as a reminder of the romantic time you had on Valentine’s.

Prices Vary

Name in Image Wall Calendar

Here’s a way to celebrate your love for the rest of the year. Each of the images in this calendar have your names worked into them so it’s even more fun to look at. Each picture is cuter than the next, so as the year goes by you’ll get something new decorating the wall.


Couple’s Rubik’s Cube

If you want to drive them up the wall get them this Rubik’s cube with your favorite pictures on it. Warning: this will be much harder to solve than a regular Rubik’s cube that simply has colors on it. You might want to make sure they are pretty good at solving one before you get this.


Oversized Valentine Card

Let them know just how big your love is with this oversized Valentine’s card. It is pre-printed with their name right on it, so it will look like you went out of your way to find them a card that had their name on it.


Secret Agent Cufflinks

He’ll feel like a secret agent when he wears these cufflinks. That’s because tucked inside a secret compartment is a place for you to send a note along with him. When fully assembled they look like regular cufflinks that will make him look even better in his suit.


Decorative Wine Box

With this decorative wine box you turn their favorite bottle of wine into something even more. It is an ornate design, and it has not only your names on it but also your anniversary date at the bottom. Or you could put this year’s Valentine’s date and let the bottle age.


Chocolate Body Paint

Things will get a bit messy when you get this Valentine gift for them. It’s chocolate body paint that you smear on, well, you know, your bodies. The package is personalized with your names and it says “Dessert’s on me.”


Chalkboard Heart Mugs

These heart mugs let you personalize their morning with a special lovey-dovey message that will get the day off on the right foot. Since you can erase and rewrite the message there’s no telling how many cute things you can tell them in the morning.

Prices Vary

Custom Red Wine Labels

Brand their own red wine with these custom labels. You get to make up a name for their vineyard and you can customize it further with a date that the wine was made, which can be a date that’s special to the both of you. Affix labels over their favorite wine.


Lovebirds Personalized Keepsake

This keepsake lives up to its billing and is definitely something you’ll want to keep for years and years. It has a depiction of two birds in a tree, and has your pair of initials engraved into the tree trunk. A really nice gift if you’ve ever carved your names into an actual tree.


Engraved Pendant

Here’s a gift they’ll cherish for years to come, an engraved pendant that has each of your initials as well as rhinestones to make it even prettier. It’s shaped link the infinity sign, so it has a deeper meaning to it, showing that your love is endless.

Prices Vary

#truelove Plush Pillow

Looking for a gift that plays to their social side? With the hashtag of true love this pillow is saying a lot without saying anything at all. It’s a soft and cuddly plush pillow that’s great to snuggle up with, especially since it has both of your names on it. You can change all three lines.


Head Over Heels Canvas Print

With this canvas print on the wall you’ll have a constant reminder that you’re head over heels for one another. The red from her shoes really draws the eyes to this print, so it’s sure to get compliments when you have company over, and also to draw your attention as well.


You Make My Heart Smile Picture Frame

What a sweet message this picture frame brings with it, and it does a great job of showcasing a picture of the two of you from the prior year. You could also take special Valentine pictures this year so that it looks extra awesome.


What I Love About You By Me

Delve into just what it is about them that you love with this handy book that acts as a guide so you don’t forget anything. They’ll be blown away that you took the time to write down your feelings, which can be really hard sometimes.

Prices Vary

Letter Wall Art

Spell out their name with letters made from different themes depending on what they really love or what the decor of the home is. Choose from horses, fishing, wine, and antlers as themes and you’ll be able to tailor this to their interests and hobbies.


Personalized Street Sign

Here’s sign that will sum up your love for each other by putting your names together to form a street name. It’s manly enough to make it into a man cave, but also elegant enough to hang anywhere you see fit in the home.


Personalized Sterling Silver Fortune Cookie

With this sterling silver fortune cookie you’ll never look at Chinese takeout the same way again. It comes with a fortune of your own design, and you can come up with something better than any other fortune they’ve ever had from a cookie.


Book of Love Photography

The best part of this photography book isn’t the cute pictures they’ve rounded up, it’s that your names are included in the pictures. It’s a fun book to look at whenever you’re feeling extra loved, and it’s something that you can keep for a long time to remember your love for each other.


Engraved Wooden Postcard

Here’s a great gift for anyone who has had to endure a long distance relationship for any span of time. It’s an attractive piece to add to any desk or shelf, and you get to customize it three different ways, with their name, your name, and a brief message.


Red Satin Kimono Robe

Give her the gift of luxurious feelings on her skin with this red satin kimono-style robe. It has her initial embroidered onto one side of the robe, and comes with a belt to make sure that it stays in place while being worn. A very romantic and personalized gift.


Love Connection Photo Puzzle

Pick out the best picture you’ve taken together since last Valentine’s day and make it into a puzzle. As they’re putting the puzzle together they’ll eventually figure out which picture it is, which should help them finish it off. You can always frame it once it’s put together.


Scented Glass Candle

Each time they smell this candle they’ll think of you and your touching gift. The candle reads “You will forever be my always.” and has your two names at the bottom. The quote can be changed to three other ones, and you also get your pick of five different scents.


Create Your Own Love Coupons

When you give them these personally crafted love coupons with a store bought look you’ll show that you took the time to find something they can really put to use. This gift blurs the line between handmade and store bought, with great production value and customization.


8 DIY Personalized Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Love Always Wins Mug

This mug is great if you’ve ever played tic-tac-toe with each other. It has a row of hearts that is winning the game and says love always wins at the bottom of the mug. It’s a great way to start the morning, and if they love coffee or tea it’s just right for them.


Personalized Valentine Heart Boxes

Make this personalized valentine heart box and you’ll have the perfect way to wrap their gift. Customize it with their favorite colors and of course their name, or go with traditional pink or red for Valentine’s day. Don’t underestimate the power of proper packaging.

Eye Chart Valentine’s Wall Art

This cute eye chart actually tells the story of how you first met. It’s a definite conversation piece if anyone ever notices that it actually spells out things. This is a doubly fun gift because you get to put into words the romantic bits about how you met.

Custom Conversation Hearts

You know those chalky conversation heart candies that are a Valentine icon? Well now you can replicate the candies and add your own messages to them. These are the perfect add-on to one of the gifts found above on our list, and are nostalgic as well.

Valentine Mailboxes

Make them this Valentine mailbox and you’ll be able to give them sweet treats and fun things leading up to Valentine’s day. You can count down the days and each day they’ll look forward to seeing something new in their box and discovering just how much you love them.

Chalkboard Matchbook

When you craft this chalkboard matchbook you’re able to write any number of romantic puns on it, like “hot stuff”, “you make me hot”, “let’s heat things up” and so forth. You will only be limited by your imagination so let it flow and see what comes to mind.

Valentine Wax Seal

This wax seal produces results that look a lot like what was used in colonial times to seal documents. The best part is that with this tutorial you can personalize the seal however you want, with both of your initials or just their name.

Custom Felt Fortune Cookies

If the stainless steel custom fortune cookie found above wasn’t quite your style, go with this felt fortune cookie and you’ll still be able to make your own personalized fortune for them to discover. Order some Chinese on Valentine’s and then give them it.

Personalized Gift Tags

No matter which gift you go with on our list, be sure to finish off the package right with one of these personalized gift tags. They’re very easy to customize and then print out so you’ll get perfect results every time, and it has that special finished look to it.

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