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96 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas for a Lovey-Dovey Day

Here are the best Valentine’s Day decor ideas to bring the romance into your home (both store-bought and diy).

Here are the best Valentines Day decor ideas to bring the romance into your home

The Love Lamp

Shine some light on Valentine’s Day with the Love Lamp. Made from cedar wood, this lamp features the word ‘love’, with the ‘o’ being made from a heart shaped bulb.


Meerkat Lovers Sculpture

Meerkats are adored around the world, and you can celebrate that adoration with the Meerkats Lovers Statue which has been crafted from jacaranda wood and depicts two mongooses in a loving embrace.


Mates For Life

Hang this print on the wall as a reminder that you’ve mated for life. Filled with images and information about animals who stay together for always, it’s a real testament to true love.

$30.00- $100.00

The Kissing Mugs

Place these mugs face to face and they’ll add an immediate injection of romance into breakfast as they share a sweet kiss – and they don’t even care about morning breath!


Heart in Hand

This sculpture represents so many things – protectiveness, giving, and of course…love. Individually carved, this sweet piece will add romance to any room and makes the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day décor.


Rooted in Love Swing Sculpture

Reminiscent of young love and times gone by, this hand-crafted sculpture is made from copper and has been designed to hang on the wall, leaving enough room for the swing to really move.

$125.00- $145.00

Rainbow Valentine Felt Ball Garland

The ideal Valentine’s Day décor, this garland is available in 3 different lengths and includes colored natural sheep’s wool pompoms and hearts in a riot of beautiful and customizable colors.


Sweethearts Wooden Candy Hearts

These wooden conversation hearts will look stunning dotted around the house on Valentine’s Day (and every other day), thanks to their pretty pastel colors and sweet, romantic words.


Valentine's Burlap Table Runner

Set the scene for a romantic dinner at home with this simple but sweet love hearts burlap table runner, which will transform any table into a smorgasbord of love.


Heart Bowl

As delicate and beautiful as the heart it represents, this hand-blown glass bowl will make a stunning display piece for any lovers’ home, as an enduring reminder of love.


Be Mine Blocks

Wonderfully different, this set of wooden blocks are stained with dark walnut before being decorated with romantic red and pink backgrounds and white lettering for a casual yet effective token of love.


Balloon Kit

If there’s no man on the scene, gather the girls together for a Galentine’s Day party and decorate the house with these statement balloons which come with or without the matching garland.


Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

A universal sign for love, this pair of hands is made from pewter which join together to form a heart, and also carries a sweet declaration of love on the underside.


Valentine Red Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day décor just wouldn’t be the same without at least one red heart, and this cute garland features nine of them in complementing patterns of red and white cotton.


Sea of Love

Representing the depth of love you have for each other, the Sea of Love print makes an unusual love token for anyone who loves all things marine life.

$30.00- $100.00

Kissing Lovers Sculpture

For anyone who likes their love a little less obvious, this hand-carved stone statue captures a tender moment between two lovers, and has been created from one single piece of stone.


Love Birds Personalized Papercut

This utterly delightful papercut is full of romance and joy – from the carved initials on the tree to the two bicycles leaning against the trunk – and arrives in a frame, ready to hang.


Beating Heart in a Bottle Sculpture

A truly wondrous design, this clear bottle holds a red heart on a string, which ‘beats’ regularly as water drips along the wire holding the two halves of the heart together.


Valentine Fairy String Lights

Fairy lights can make even the plainest of spaces look and feel cozy, and this set combines pink and white bulbs to create the most romantic of atmospheres for Valentine’s Day.


Conversation Hearts Banner

Available in burlap or canvas, this conversation heart banner will add a touch of whimsy, and is perfect if the sea of red on the 14th of Feb is not your thing.


Love Blocks

These farmhouse blocks might be for Valentine’s Day, but who wouldn’t want these on display all year round? With a slightly distressed finish, they make a delightful ornament.


Love Language Desktop Sculpture

Love, liebe, l’amour…it’s a powerful word in any language, as demonstrated in this unusual hand crafted steel desktop sculpture which spells the word out in American Sign Language.


Valentines Gnomes

In keeping with the hygge trend, these Home Gnomes will bring warmth and smiles to their surroundings, and they come in a variety of sizes and colorways, too.


Love Carries All

No burden is too heavy when love is in the air – even an elephant can be lifted when there’s enough love around, as this delightful print so beautifully demonstrates.


Love Vase Set

This vase set is so unusual, and would make a delightful centerpiece for any romantic dinner as each letter of the word ‘love’ is a separate vessel for holding delicate blooms.


Love Soap

You’ll clean up in the romance stakes with this fragrant bar of soap, which combines two powerful symbols of love – the lotus flower and the heart – into one unique gift.


Be Mine Valentines Day Sign

Sometimes less is more, and that is certainly true with this farmhouse style print, which sits within a rustic wooden frame and is offered in a choice of 4 romantic phrases.


Personalized Faux Bois Vase

Names carved in a tree is an age old declaration of love, and this faux bois vase celebrates that tradition as it comes personalized with your choice of two initials.


Intersection of Love – Photo Print

This striking photo print takes an intersection sign and personalizes it with a pair of last names, along with two different years which mean something special to you and your other half.

$75.00- $175.00

Woomen Love Blocks

Vibrant and bright, just how love should be, this quartet of wooden blocks are finished in red and pink scrolls, and spell out the word ‘love’ with a sweet little heart for the ‘o’.


Valentine's Day Mason Jars

This trio of mason jars can be used in almost any room in the house, from the bathroom to the bedroom or even the kitchen, to add a happy splash of romance.


Poetic Love Personalized Art

From Rumi’s ‘This Marriage’ to Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’, this pretty personalized papercut makes an unusual offering for Valentine’s Day or any day which could use a little poetic romance.


Neon Love Sign

Love is all you need, and that even applies to lighting! This neon sign displays the word ‘love’ in a pretty script font, and can be freestanding or hung on the wall.


Tulip Heart Wreath

If you believe that home is where the heart is, you need to hang this wreath on your front door! Made using silk tulips, this heart-shaped decoration makes a really romantic statement.


Rose Garden Lights

By day these roses will look stunning, but once night falls these blooms really come alive as each one is fitted with a waterproof solar light to brighten up the garden.


Love Marquee Sign

Marquee lights never fade from popularity, and their charm will certainly shine on in this version, which comes in a choice of 4 stunning finishes and is perfect for Valentine’s Day décor.


72 Red Hearts Felt Garland

Go all out this Valentine’s Day with a garland bedecked with no less than 72 red felt hearts, as a dramatic backdrop to that romantic lovers’ dinner, perhaps?


XOXO Letters

Whether you’re a ‘love’ or a ‘hugs and kisses’ kind of person, this set of painted letters can be ordered in either complementing or uniform patterns to suit your particular theme.


59 Diy Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Valentine Clothesline Art

Super cute and easy to make, this Valentine’s clothespin art piece can be made using a traditional red, or you could even use rainbow colors if you prefer a more varied look.

Be Mine Garland

Pick up a few wooden heart shapes from your local craft store, and you can make this super fun wall hanging which is based on conversation hearts but with a more personalized feel.

Valentine’s Day Tablescape

You can make this table-scape as big or small as you want to, and it involves next to no effort – just a collection of mismatched bottles, a wooden board, and some pretty cut flowers.

Wire Heart Picks

Turn pretty much any plant into a Valentine’s plant with a set of wire heart picks – sweet little hearts molded from 12 or 16 gauge wire with the help of a pair of pliers.

On Cloud Wine Printable

If wine is set to play a part in your lovers’ evening, print out this free graphic and slip it into a frame for a quick and easy Valentine’s Day décor idea.

Blooming Monogram Letters

Turn a plain paper mache letter into a stunning floral monogram this Valentine’s by following the step-by-step instructions included in this tutorial – you could even make one for the word ‘love’ instead.

Valentine Glitter Votives

You can never have too much glitter, and these homemade votives are the perfect excuse to add a bit more as the candlelight catching the shimmery shades will just enhance the romantic atmosphere.

Valentine’s Day Heart Cards Garland

Grab a deck of playing cards, take out all the heart ones, and follow the directions here to string them together in a garland, using pretty red ribbons as spacers.

Mine and Yours Pillow Covers

Carry the Valentine’s Day décor theme right through to bedtime with this simple guide which shows you how to paint a simple ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ onto a pair of pillowcases.

Denim Hearts

Denim is a wonderful fabric for crafting as it retains all the nuances of well-worn jeans. Turn an old pair into these funky blue hearts which can be made in two different ways.

Easy Valentine Tree

Make full use of the winter weather by gathering bare twigs from the trees and arranging them in a cheerful pitcher, before decorating them with hearts for a simple but effective centerpiece.

Valentine's Tree

Take a handful of small branches from outside, spray paint them white, and adorn them with cut out red and pink hearts, clip on love birds, and other romantic embellishments.

Stacked Ombre Heart Candles

A totally novel way to make candles, this tutorial will enable you to create ombre effect candles that look stunningly higgledy piggledy, and with the addition of fragrance oils, they’ll smell awesome too.

Valentine Heart Jars

How stunning are these Valentine’s Day mason jars? Ideal for flowers or even just as a decoration, these jars can be painted in contrasting candy stripes in keeping with the romantic theme.

Valentine Window Garland

Looking like dozens of love themed bubbles floating in the window, this garland is created by threading pink and red pompoms onto transparent thread and attaching them to the top of the window.

Vintage Decor

Pick up an antique carpet beater with heart shaped panels and you’ll be halfway to making this fun Valentine’s Day décor idea – simply add some vintage-style Valentine’s pictures and you’re done!

Marquee Letters

Go big or go home with this impressive set of DIY marquee lights, which are created using metal and wood, and include a free printable template to get your love letters perfect.

Canvas Heart Art

These Valentine’s canvases are SO much fun to make, and look absolutely beautiful when hung together – use flowers, glitter, pompoms, and any other red and pink materials to add interesting, contrasting textures.

Valentine’s Day Mantel

Pink and gray is a beautiful combination, and a gorgeous alternative to the traditional Valentine’s red. This guide is brimming with ideas on how to decorate a mantle in these elegant muted shades.

10-minute Wall Art

These canvases look like they take a lot longer than 10 minutes to make, but they’re super easy to create and can be made in all kinds of color and pattern combinations.

Pom Pom Heart Wreath

You wouldn’t have thought that this sweet heart wreath started off as a plain wire coat hanger; this tutorial shows you how to shape it, and adorn it with cute Valentine’s pom poms.

Valentine Yarn Wrapped Trees

Make a set of these yarn wrapped trees using shades of red, pink, and white yarn, and you will have some cute and cozy ornaments to add to your Valentine’s Day décor.

Valentine’s Love Blocks

Set these wooden love blocks up in a prominent position on Feb 14th for a sweet alternative to all the ruby red decorations that abound at this time of year.

Button Burlap Heart

The black and white stripes on this canvas make a stunning backdrop to the vibrant red burlap heart, which is made using beautiful buttons in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Hearts And Button Hanging Decoration

Incredibly easy to make, these hanging hearts look stunning hanging in the window, and because you choose the paper to make them with, you can match them to your own interior décor.

Floral Hearts

A grapevine heart wreath is the foundation for this delightful floral wall hanging, which features beautiful and delicate flowers in contrasting shades of pink for a sweet and romantic touch.

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet

This is such a sweet idea, in more ways than one, and involves placing one vase inside another, filling it with beautiful flowers, and hiding it with tons of the prettiest candy hearts.

XO Letters

Follow these simple steps to create your own gigantic kisses and hugs using craft foam, before spray painting them in your chosen shades of red and pink for a fun decoration.

Burlap Garland

Super sweet and with a distinctly country feel, this burlap garland is pretty enough to leave up long after Valentine’s Day is over, while the glitter adds a little bit of bling.

Sunkissed Heart Wreath

This messy DIY is great fun to do, and once the glue has dried you will be left with a beautifully ethereal white heart which allows the light to shine through.

Valentine's Pinata

Piñatas are always great fun, and this tutorial will show you how to make 3 different Valentine’s themed ones, including an iconic love bug and a luscious pair of lips.

Candy Trees

If you fancy giving sweets to your sweet this February, have a go at making these delightful candy trees, using gummy hearts, conversation hearts, or pink and white marshmallows.

Wooden Valentine X and Hearts

If you can find some old, chipped pieces of wood (or paint and distress newer planks), you can create these Valentine’s kisses to add the finishing touch to your altar of romance

Modern Valentine Wreath

This love arrow wreath has a certain nautical feel to it, and will add a fresh, unique vibe to your Valentine’s Day décor, especially if you like an alternative to red.

Kisses Wall Art

Brighten up the bedroom (or any room, in fact) with this incredibly quick project, which has romance written (or kissed) all over it, and all it takes is paper, lipstick, a frame, and you.

Yarn-wrapped Ombre Letter

This ombre monogram is a real love ‘letter’, as it’s wrapped in lighter and lighter shades of pink, before having delicate matching flowers added as a pretty finishing touch.

Origami Puffy Heart Bouquet

This is one bouquet which won’t fade or wilt after Valentine’s Day. Made from different colors of paper, these origami puffy hearts make a fun and different décor idea.

Window Mason Jars

Mason jars come to the rescue in this DIY décor idea, as they can be filled with romance-themed candies for a glittery table decoration, before being opened for an after dinner treat.

Floral Wall Hanging

This DIY idea will help you to create a simply stunning floral arrangement, using either real flowers for a burst of scent, or silk ones for a longer lasting decoration.

Valentine’s Day Garland

Banners are a simple way to brighten up a plain wall or fireplace, and this sweet Valentine’s one is simple to make, using paper, alphabet letters, teeny clothespins, and twine.

Fresh Flower Wall

A wall full of beautiful, fresh flowers will make a stunning Instagram worthy backdrop for a romantic dinner, intimate party, or even (dare we say it?) a Valentine’s Day proposal!

Scrabble Tile Inspired Diy Coasters

If your game nights invariably see a battle of words across a Scrabble board, this set of wooden coasters, which are based on lettered playing tiles, will make the perfect DIY.

Love Letter Art

Love letters are becoming more and more scarce in this digital age, so reproduce one by following these simple steps, before framing it in a delightfully rustic way.

Branch Heart Wall Art

Use nature’s own treasure chest for this beautiful wall hanging, which is made using gathered twigs and different paints to create an ombre effect rustic heart, which hangs from a thicker branch.

Rolled Book Page Heart Art

You could use an old copy of their favorite book for this unusual wall art, which is made using rolled up pages to create a heart on a simple wooden or canvas background.

Lipstick Art

Meaningful yet simple at the same time, this vibrant heart artwork uses different shades of lipstick to color in a heart, which is then framed to create a stunning piece.

Printable Valentine’s Day Banner

If money is a little tight this year, this Valentine’s Day DIY comes with a free printable to create these conversation hearts, which can be strung together with ribbon or twine.

String Heart

String art has been around for years, and it’s so much fun to do! This tutorial shows you how to create an eye-catching heart which will look fab on a mantel or wall.

Sweater Heart Pillows

Turn old sweaters into cozy heart pillows by following these instructions, and you can fill your couch with romantic soft furnishings while also keeping them out of landfill.

Valentine’s Day Buffet Decor

This blog post is FULL of fabulous ways to add a touch of romance to the home – from a burlap banner to a cutesy chalkboard, you could decorate the entire house.

Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars can be decorated in so many ways; painting in pastel colors and distressing them is particularly effective, and the addition of sweet wooden hearts tied on with twine is perfect.

Baloon Art

This balloon heart might take a bit of time to make, but the end result will be so worth it as your guests or your sweetheart clap eyes on this symbol of love.

Paper Heart Garland

Super simple and with the same charm as Christmas paper chains, this paper hearts garland will lend a touch of whimsy to any home’s Valentine’s Day décor.

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