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22 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends, Crushes & Lovers

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all sweet and sappy? Romantic gifts aren’t always called for (or wanted) on Valentine’s Day, so if you’re shopping for someone with a sense of humor, a quirky novelty gift can be a much more enjoyable option.

Funny Valentine's Day gift ideas for friends, crushes & lovers.

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

So, your best friend navigated entire worlds, only to discover his princess was in another castle? Cheer him up with an 8-bit flower bouquet. Unlike real flowers, these ones won’t wilt and they don’t require water or sunlight. They won’t give you magical powers, but they’ll definitely brighten anyone’s day.

Name a Roach

Cockroaches are some of the most adaptable creatures alive, which means they’ll probably outlast us all. So what better way to declare your eternal love than to give the gift of officially naming one of these everlasting insects?
Prices Vary

Pink Domo

Domo is here, but that doesn’t mean disaster has to follow. In this case, the pink, cuddly, jumbo-sized Domo just wants someone to love.
Prices Vary

The Perfect Date Package

Is she stuck without a date this Valentine’s Day? Swoop in to save the day at the last minute with the Perfect Date Package: John is the strong-or, more accurately, inflatable-silent type who arrives with gifts and accessories for his date. What’s not to love?

Colossal Diamond Ring

If a real diamond ring is too much for you (or your “significant” other) to handle this Valentine’s Day, a giant faux diamond ring is the perfect placeholder.

Dirty Valentine Hearts

This is the grown-up version of those innocent conversation hearts you remember from elementary school. Each candy heart features a risqué saying that will have everyone laughing and blushing.

Love Gun Cupid Catapult

With only a bow and arrows, Cupid’s aim left a lot to be desired. Now he’s upgraded to the Love Gun Cupid Catapult. A novelty catapult shoots mini plastic cupids into the air, and with a little bit of luck, one will land on the person you’re meant to love.

Humongous Heart Plush

No one can say you don’t have a big heart this Valentine’s Day. This humongous heart plush toy is made to look like a real human heart. Fortunately, it’s soft and cuddly and sports a big cute grin, so your valentine is sure to love it.

Magic Frog to Prince

If you know someone who’s still looking for her Prince Charming, give her a funny gift that’s a reminder that he’s still out there. All she needs to do is add water to the Magic Frog to Prince kit, and soon the frog will turn into a prince!

Cranky Cupid

Not everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day. Get your grumpy friend a grumpy gift to hang out with for the day. The grumpy Cupid toy is on strike for the romantic holiday, donning an angry face and spouting anti-love messages. It’s a cute gift that will add some laughter to your friend’s day.

Made with Love Sandwich Bags

Sealable sandwich bags are adorned with lipstick kisses. It’s a fun way to brighten your sweetie’s lunch on Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions.
Prices Vary

Candy G-String

It’s a sexy G-string made from yummy candies. Enough said!
Prices Vary

Lil’ Smoochers Cinnamon Candy

Pucker up for Valentine’s Day with a pack of cinnamon flavored candies. The Lil’ Smoochers are lip-shaped candies that come in a lip-shaped tin. It’s a perfect gift for a humorous Valentine’s Day.
Prices Vary

Heart Gelatin Mold

Everyone is making heart-shaped gelatin treats for Valentine’s Day, so do something different with this heart gelatin plastic mold. It’s also shaped like a heart-this time, a human heart. It’s a great way to poke some fun at all the romantic themes this Valentine’s Day.
Prices Vary

I Love You from the Top to Bottom Toilet Paper

This Valentine’s Day gift is as romantic as it is hilarious. A roll of real toilet paper is printed with the words “I Love you from Top to Bottom” in red, with heart decorations to match. This gift is sure to be a big hit with your valentine.

Q-PIG the Lover Pig

Q-PIG is the lovable rapping pig who’s all about spreading love and romance through his music. He lights up the entire room with his singing and dancing, and he’s sure to make your valentine fall in love.

Wax Lips

Pucker up with a pack of big, luscious, red wax lips. They’re a great old-fashioned candy item for parties, gifts, and having some fun on Valentine’s Day.
Prices Vary

I Love You Toast Stamper

Say “I love you” with breakfast in bed. In this case, the breakfast in bed is actually emblazoned with the words themselves. The “I Love You” toast stamper lets you brand each piece of toast with the romantic message. It’s sure to get you a smile and a hug from your valentine.
Prices Vary

Ouch Heart Bandages

Feeling lovesick? Give the gift of these adorable sweetheart bandages and you and your valentine will be feeling better in no time. The bandages are decorated with pretty hearts and designs, making them a great gift for the romantic holiday season.
Prices Vary

Love Rats

There are many ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day. Try something different with these adorable love rats. One is white with red hearts, and the other is red with white hearts. And just like you and your sweetie, together they make a perfect pair.
Prices Vary

World’s Largest Inflatable Heart

Show off your big heart by gifting your special someone with the world’s largest inflatable heart. It’s big, red, and trumps any other gift you could think of giving your friends ,family, or sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Gamers can keep track of their health throughout the day with this clever coffee mug. A pixelated heart adorns the side, and when the mug is filled with a hot beverage, the heart turns red. The user must refill the mug throughout the day in order to stay at full “health.”

8 Fun DIY Valentine Gifts

DIY Dino Valentine

Here’s a Rawr-inducing DIY dino Valentine that will let you share your feelings without getting all mushy or lovey dovey. It’s a fun way to let someone know you like them without being all intense and serious about it.

Romantic and Funny Fortune Cookies

Take these fortune cookies to the next level when you fill them up with custom messages. You can be funny, romantic, or just plain silly with them, making it the perfect gift for that secret crush so you can test the water and see how they respond.

Seeds of Love Envelope

See what grows when you give them this seeds of love envelope. It’s a fun way to let them know that you’re wanting to sow some seeds and see what happens, if there’s anything there or not, or if you just want to be friends.

Valentine Tic Tac Toe

Play a fun game of tic-tac-toe and make it a Valentine at the same time with this cool card. Playing games with the object of your affection is a great way to create the foundation that can blossom into love.

Tell It Like It Is Valentines

Here are some funny Valentines to let someone down easy, or to razz them a bit. We’ve dubbed them tell it like it is Valentines because you’re basically being real and not just covering your feelings over with love and hearts.

I Love You More Than…

Go all out and let them know that you really love them. It’s a way to compare them to all of the best things in your life. They’ll really have an idea of how much you love them when you say you love them more than your favorite things.

Valentine Felt Envelope

This Valentine is like taking a page out of history because it has a classic look to it thanks to the felt being used. It looks like an envelope and can hold another Valentine card inside so you can share how you feel.

Kiss Me Valentine

See if you can lure a kiss out of them with this Kiss Me Valentine. It’s sure to get them to pucker up if they have reciprocating feelings, and if they choose not to kiss you you can play it off light and breezy.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolates, flowers, and romance. It’s also a great day to have some fun with your friends and loved ones and show them how much they mean to you. A funny gift is a great way to acknowledge others on Valentine’s Day without the romantic context.

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