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28 Cool Valentine’s Gifts for Him

You don’t have to spend a fortune getting Valentine’s gifts for him that he’ll remember for a long time and truly appreciate. These gifts all clock in under $25 and they will surely put a smile on his face, and represent a token of your affection.

28 Cool Valnetines Day Gifts for Him

RFID Blocking Wallet

If you’re thinking of getting him a wallet this Valentine’s Day why not get him one that serves an additional practical purpose. This wallet helps to block would-be identity thieves from accessing confidential information stored on his credit cards. Anything with a computer chip will be protected from scanners with this wallet.


Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

When you want romance and he wants Star Wars there’s only one compromise. This Star Wars lightsaber candlestick makes it so everyone gets what they want. You’ll get the romantic lighting needed for a dinner with just the two of you, and he’ll get a Star Wars reference built right into the meal.


His Favorite Movie on DVD

Until they come up with a way for you to provide the special features that come on a DVD through On Demand video, DVD’s will always make a great gift when you get his favorite movie on one. Most single DVDs can be had for less than $25 these days, and that includes the better quality Blu-ray discs.

Prices Vary

39 Piece Tool Set

You get a bunch of tools in this 39 piece tool set, but you won’t pay a lot. It includes tools to get all sorts of jobs done around the house, so he won’t have an excuse anymore for not completing tasks. That makes it a gift that both of you can benefit from.


Ticket Stub Diary

This ticket stub diary give you a place to put all of those movie tickets, concert tickets, and sporting event tickets all in one place. It helps document all the fun things you guys do throughout the year, and organizes everything so you don’t misplace any important keepsakes from the events you attend.


Apples to Apples

As long as you have a box of Apples to Apples cards available you have the ability to make any party or get together more fun. Since games like this help build your relationship it makes a great gift because it will make it so you interact more throughout the year not just with each other but also with your friends and family.


Super Soft Flannel Pajama Pants

Give him the gift of comfort with these ultra soft flannel pajama pants. It will keep him warm and comfy on cold nights, and their flannel design gives him a classic and rustic look. Plus, you get to snuggle up next to these pants so they might as well be extra soft and luxurious.

Prices Vary

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones might be the coolest gift you can give your guy this Valentine’s Day because they let him keep his whiskey cold, and what’s cooler than that? If he likes to drink his drinks on the rocks, this is a perfect gift because it keeps the drink cold without watering it down.

Prices Vary

Essential Guide to Real Barbecue

Spring and summer are just around the corner and if your man likes to barbeque he’ll really appreciate this guide to barbecuing foods, so he can perfect his craft. You’ll benefit too because he’ll definitely want to try out some of the tips and it encourages him to grill more often. If he’s grilling it means you’re spending less time making the meal so it’s a win-win.


LED Headlamp

This gift will help him see in places that are hard to shed some light on, and it keeps the light steadily in place wherever he is looking. It comes in handy for late night trips to the bathroom, as well as any time he needs to work on a car or other dark and cramped quarters where it is inconvenient to hold a flashlight.

Prices Vary

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

This Millenium Falcon bottle opener is something he’s sure to appreciate if he is a Star Wars fan, as it is meticulously detailed to look just like the actual ship from the films. Of course it also serves a practical purpose, popping tops of bottles off with ease.


The Little Black Book of Kama Sutra

This little book will keep the both of you busy for quite some time. It details many of the positions found in the original kama sutra scrolls, but puts it in a format that is easily accessible, and won’t take up much space. This gift will absolutely turn him on because it basically tells him you guys are going to be getting it on in the near future.


Butterfly Knife Styled Multi Tool

This multi tool is made to look and function like a butterfly knife, easily retracting into itself with a flip of the wrist. When the tools are needed another flip of the wrist makes it so all of the tools are ready to be used.


Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle

What’s cooler than safety? These goggles will make sure he’s protected no matter what job he’s trying to complete. Safety goggles are recommended even for mundane tasks like screwing a screw into the wall to hang a photo frame. You never quite know what will be projected towards the eyes and it’s best to play it safe.

Prices Vary

Flex Grip Work Gloves

These work gloves are made to bend and flex with the movements he makes so that they don’t get in the way of the job he’s trying to do. Many work gloves are oversized and bulky and can sometimes interfere with the task at hand. Make sure that he keeps his hands smooth and soft for you with this pair of work gloves.


Manly Man Soap

Most guys don’t spend too much time thinking about the soap they’re using, which makes soap a great gift to give to your guy if you want him to upgrade in this area. This Manly Man soap is sure to be appreciated by him, and has a smell that you’re going to love as well.


Element of Surprise Shirt

Surprise him in some sexy lingerie and then give him this element of surprise t-shirt to go along with it. It features a play on the periodic table by suggesting that Ah is an element, complete with an atomic number and surprise as the element’s name.


Survival Series Fire Starter

He’ll be able to get a fire started no problem with this Survival Series fire starter from Bear Grylls. It includes everything he needs to get the fire going, and you can insert whatever sexual reference you want to make this a sexy gift.


Six Piece Manicure Set

Help him stay well groomed with this manicure set. It is held in a fancy wooden box so it is something that he can keep for a long time, and something he won’t mind using on a regular basis. Since most manicure sets are very cheaply made, they typically end up in the trash, but not this one.

Prices Vary

Fifty Shades of Bacon

This book shows him how to cook up bacon 50 different ways, so if he’s a big bacon fanatic you definitely hit the target with this gift. It is a play on the ever popular 50 Shades of Grey book, so it is a silly way of mixing the sensual with the bacony. Sexy meets succulent.


Deluxe Nose Hair Trimmer

Not all nose hair trimmers are created equally, and this deluxe nose hair trimmer features vacuum suction to make sure that the hairs he trims get sucked into the device rather than remaining in his nose or going all over the bathroom counter. Help him trim those pesky nose hairs, and as a side bonus you won’t have to look at them anymore.



Netflix has hundreds of movies to stream, so the two of you can cuddle up together and agree on a movie. When you present him with a Netflix membership, be sure to stress how many action and adventure movies they have rather than the obscene number of romantic comedies they have.


Kona Coffee

If you like to drink coffee, introduce him to kona coffee and he’ll definitely thank you for it. This is specially grown coffee that is some of the most expensive you can buy, with a taste that goes unrivaled when compared to what’s typically served in restaurants and coffee shops.

Prices Vary

The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails

If he has an appreciation for a good cocktail, help that appreciation grow with this guide to cocktails. It’s written from a man’s point of view, and will help him learn everything he needs to know about the art of making and drinking cocktails.


Batman: Arkham City

Now that the Xbox One and PS4 have hit the market, you can find great deals on PS3 and Xbox 360 games. Check out this Batman game with pretty impressive graphics. It even one game of the year and is now much less than $25 on either console.


Miniature Keychain Flashlight

This miniature flashlight might not be very big in size, but it definitely flashes enough light to help him find the keyhole at night, or for when he is getting into his car. It’s a handy and thoughtful gift for most guys, and is sure to come to the rescue several times throughout the year.

Prices Vary

Sexy Truth or Dare

Blow his mind with this sexy Truth or Dare game, and it will definitely be something he won’t forget. Each of the sticks in the game features a different instruction, either a Truth or Dare. The one thing they all have in common is that it keeps the focus on sex and romance so its something you both can enjoy.


Syma Helicopter

These little helicopters are meant to be used indoors, and when you get him this you can watch it bring out the little kid in him. They are super fun to navigate around the house and they fly just like a real helicopter. The only difference is it’s a toy and you only use it inside.


9 Cool DIY Valentine Gifts for Him

You Drive Me Crazy

Place this on his steering wheel the night before Valentine’s Day, and in the morning when he goes to drive to work he’ll see this cute message and have a great day. It’s the perfect start to a great Valentine’s Day.

Origami Dollar Hearts

You don’t have to use dollar bills for this, you can use cute Valentine messages instead just make sure they’re cut to the size of a dollar bill. Folding them up into a heart with a bow on it is the cool part.

Customized Fortune Cookies

These fortune cookies will be ones he’ll never forget, because the one-size-fits-all messages usually found inside have been replaced by custom made messages from you. Be lovey dovey, romantic, or sexy, it’s your choice.

Glow Stick Valentines

Incorporate some glow sticks into these Valentines and he’ll surely be impressed. This includes a printable that goes along with the theme of the glow sticks, saying We Glow Together Valentine with holes to punch out so the stick can go through.

Paper Couple on a Shelf

This is a cute paper couple that resides on your favorite shelf. It’s looks super cute and is just the right size so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and doesn’t clash with your other decorations.

DIY Painted Mugs

Paint these mugs for your special Valentine and he’ll always think of you each time he uses them. They look cool because you can see the heart on the other side through the glass, and each way creates a different effect.

Valentine Take Out Night

Have an inexpensive Valentine dinner when you order take out and put it in this special box, complete with Valentine messages. If you really want to go all out, but keep things cheap you can pair this with the fortune cookies found above.

52 Reasons I Love You

Here’s a reason why you love him for every week of the year. It may take a while for you to come up with that many reasons, but he’ll be blown away by how much love you have for him, and he’ll likely reciprocate with a few reasons back.

Spooning Valentine Card

Let him know that you’re always down for spooning with this cute spooning Valentine card. You could even go one step further and add a second spoon to this, nestled nicely into the first one so it fits just right.

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