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50 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends

Finding Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be hard with the help of this list. We’ve hand-selected some of the best gifts that boyfriends would love to receive, so all you have to do is take your personal information that you know about him and put it to use by choosing something that you know he will love.

This is a great list of unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boyfriends…

Couples Letter Book

This book helps document your love by providing you with the cards and envelopes needed to express how you feel about each other. It gives you a place to store everything so it can become a keepsake of your relationship and something that you can look back on over the years.


Personalized You and Me Art

Here’s a piece of artwork with a very personalized feel to it. You get to come up with up to six different lines that complete a sentence that begins with you, and ends with me. You also get to choose the color that you want for the canvas itself, and it comes with an espresso, white, or black frame.


Silk Boxers

While not very practical as an everyday boxer, silk boxers are unrivaled when it comes to a sleek and sexy feel. He’ll look great in these boxers, and when it’s time for you two to get intimate you’ll get to feel just how silky these are. That makes it a gift both of you can enjoy.

Prices Vary

Travel Stub Diary

There are two types of couples that this gift would be perfect for: those that have done a lot of traveling, and those that plan to. It is doubly suitable for the couple that meets both criteria. It helps you organize and keep track of all of the artifacts collected while out traveling like ticket stubs and boarding passes.


Star Wars I Love You Cufflinks

This classic dialogue between Han Solo and Princess Leia gets immortalized on a pair of cufflinks that he is sure to love if he is a Star Wars fan. It features Princess Leia’s face on one cufflink and Han’s face on the other with their respective line.


Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

It’s not easy to give your man a gift that helps him take care of himself, because you don’t want to send a message that he’s not doing a good job of it,. But when its called Working Man’s, there’s a ruggedness to it that let’s him keep his machismo without losing face.


Soft Kitty Panties

Fans of the show The Big Bang Theory will definitely be a fan of these panties that feature the Soft Kitty from the song that Sheldon and Penny sing to each other when they are sick. Let him live out his Penny fantasy in a wholesome way with these adorable panties.


BBQ Briefcase

This briefcase contains everything he needs to properly man the barbecue grill when summer rolls around. With summer just around the corner it’s good to equip him with the proper utensils, and a briefcase is perfect for keeping it all organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” Vinyl

Perhaps no other song is as responsible for furthering the romance in a relationship than Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On. This vinyl record is a classic way to play back this classic song, and it is a not so subtle way of letting him know what you have planned for this Valentine’s night.


Beard Care Pack

Whether your man already has a beard that would impress the duck dynasty crowd, or whether he is simply trying to grow it out, you can get him this beard care package to make sure that it comes in soft and sexy. Nothing is worse than trying to kiss a prickly beard, and this pack can help smooth things out.


Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards

If he is a zombie fan then you can’t go wrong with this zombie Valentine’s Day card which puts a different spin on the holiday and is sure to get a laugh out of him. Each pack contains four different cards so you can choose the one you think he would like best, or give him all four with different messages on each.


Razor Pit Sharpener

We’ll let you in on a little secret: your man doesn’t like paying more than he has to for disposable razors. That’s why this gift makes so much sense because it keeps his razor sharp in between shaves and it also means that he’ll have to buy fewer cartridges. Keep his face smoother longer with this thoughtful gift.


Chrome Hand Warmer

Winter is not over quite yet so there’s still a chance to help keep him warm with this chrome hand warmer. Its from the trusted Zippo brand so you know it will be reliable and provide many years of use so he can keep it stored away until next winter and think of you all winter long.


What I Love About You By Me Book

This book walks you through all the different reasons why you love him and it makes a very thoughtful gift that will remind him that someone cares. It’s easy to keep it safe and secure because it is in hardcover book for form so it will last for years.


Personalized Pub Glasses

These pub glasses are just like the ones you getting a real pub, except for you get to come up with your own fake pub information and have that emblazoned on the glasses. It’s a fantastic gift for a guy that has his own home bar, or is simply a beer enthusiast with the dream of owning a pub.


His Life Story

This book helps him document his life story, and the fun part is you get to fill in the parts where you entered his life before you give it to him. He’ll be responsible for filling in the other pages, but imagine the look on his face when he sees that you’ve already taken the time to make it special.


Healthy Feet Cream

Women aren’t the only ones that love a good foot rub, and if your man spends his day on his feet then he surely would appreciate having them looked after. This foot cream is renowned for its ability to take beat up feet and put them back to normal. There’s also a chance you might get a reciprocal foot rub so keep your hopes up.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This breakfast sandwich maker makes making breakfast sandwiches much easier, and will help you provide a nice hot meal for him on his way out the door. Why spend a fortune on fast food breakfast sandwiches that are loaded with unhealthy ingredients when you can make them from home and have quality control.


Moldable Magic Chocolate Kits

This moldable chocolate makes it possible for you to come up with all sorts of different characters and shapes so that you can make a personalized chocolate treat for your man. It lets you mold it into different forms so you end up with something truly unique, handmade, and delicious.


Past, Present, Future Watch

This watch helps keep him in the present moment because it reminds him that the past is the past and cannot be on changed, and the future is yet to come so it doesn’t yet exist. The only moment that matters is the present moment, and this watch is a consistent reminder that’s it’s always the present moment.


Hot Sauce Gift Basket

Hot sauce makes a great gift on Valentine’s Day because there are so many cute sayings that you can add as a gift note along with it. You can talk about heating things up, or making things spicy, and of course this makes a great gift for any hot sauce loving boyfriend.

Prices Vary

Men’s Health Subscription

The gift of health is something that never goes out of style, and you can get him this Men’s Health subscription which includes a print copy of the magazine as well as the digital version. As an added bonus for you each issue usually involves something about improving his performance in the bedroom.


Guilty for Men by Gucci

Colognes are one of the more popular Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends, but it can be hard to choose one because there are so many to choose from. That’s why it’s good to go with and familiar name brand like Gucci, and this scent is one of their crowd pleasers, getting a top rating from actual users.


Man Coasters

Using a coaster might not be the manliest thing to do, but with these coasters it’s just about the most masculine way to go about it. They are not your flimsy corkboard coasters, but rather they are made with durable materials which insures they will last year after year even with repeated and frequent use.


Iron Man Power Band

If he is a fan of Iron Man or The Avengers, he will definitely be into this Iron Man Power Band, which is a replica of the wristband that Tony Stark wore in The Avengers movie when he was battling Loki. It is also magnetized and the makers of the band say that it provides added benefits to wearer.


Survival Fire Starter

This fire starter comes from the Bear Grylls line of survival tools, and it allows him to start a fire in the middle of nowhere using very simple materials. The reason it makes such a great Valentine’s Day gift is you can add a cute note to it like “You know how to start my fire…”.


Whisky Stones

If he likes to drink his beverages on the rocks, there is no better gift than a set of these whisky stones. They keep the drink cool without watering it down, and face it, they just look cooler than ice cubes and add new meaning to the term “on the rocks”.

Prices Vary

Design Your Own Bronze Belt Buckle

This kit lets you design your own bronze belt buckle that you can give to your man. It is a thoughtful gift because it involves you actually making it for him, but luckily you’ll have all the tools and materials needed for it to come out looking great, like something you bought from the store. He may be surprised to learn that you actually made it yourself.



The Chromecast is a way to take whatever is on your computer screen, tablet, or smart phone and put it on to the TV. Watch whatever videos you and your man want to watch on the big screen rather than the computer screen. This is the easiest way to go about broadcasting whatever website you want onto a larger screen.

Prices Vary

Stuff Every Man Should Know

If he likes to read, you can’t go wrong with this book which includes tidbits and facts that every man should know. It can come in handy for him when he is confronted with a situation that a man needs to handle. Don’t be surprised if he claims to already know it all though.


Wingman Multi-Tool

Make sure he has the right tool for the job no matter where he is with this multi tool. It is shaped like a pair of pliers, but contains an assortment of tools that can take care of plenty of jobs around the house. As a bonus it folds into itself for easy storage and portability.


Beer Tasting Flight

This is a gift that will absolutely knock him off his feet if he is a connoisseur of beers. You can replicate the feeling of being in a microbrewery as long as you pick up some craft beers from the grocery store and present him with four different beers to sample.


Sweetheart Filled Cake Pans

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and these cake pans will prove it to you once and for all. They allow you to put a secret surprise in the middle of the cake, and you can choose whether you want that to be a fruit filling, a different flavor of cake, or even some ice cream to make it an ice cream cake.


Indoor Electric Grill

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t permit going outside to barbecue, and this indoor electric grill is the solution for those days. It allows you to get the delicious taste of grilled food without having to wait for the charcoal to be ready, or use the gas grill.


Deluxe Nose Hair Trimmer

This nose hair trimmer is a cut above the others because frankly, it just works, not just now but for the long term. It has a vacuum system that sucks up the nose hairs as they are trimmed, so they don’t go flying all over the bathroom counter. He will look well-groomed, which is something everyone can appreciate.


Sunset Sand Art

If he is missing the summertime during these long winter months, this sunset sand art is one way to help keep his optimism up. It features sand that dribbles down into unique shapes and creates a piece of artwork every time it is flipped upside down.


Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is well known for their cologne, and Eternity is one of their most popular scents. Make sure that he is always smelling his best, either for a fun night out, or just as an everyday scent.

Prices Vary

The Complete Book of Pilates for Men

Many people think that Pilates is something just for women to do, but it was actually created for men, and this book helps guys realize that they can get in massive shape without having to go to the gym, as long as they follow the instructions in this guide.


Fogless Shower Mirror

Shaving in the shower is one of the best ways to go about shaving because the steam from a hot shower will keep the skin just right for shaving. The only problem is you can’t see what you’re doing unless you have a fogless mirror, and this this shower mirror is rated as one of the best.


Cider Making Kit

If he enjoys a good hard cider, this gift is sure to put a smile on his face. He’ll be able to drink them all summer long with this kit, which includes everything needed to brew premium hard cider without having to buy it from the store.


Deluxe Zippered Tool Kit

This tool kit comes in its own handy case, with everything in its place safe and secure. It all zips up so he won’t have to worry about losing his tools once they are in this case. It includes some of the more popular items needed to fix small jobs around the house.

Prices Vary

Sasquatch Soap

This soap is a funny gift to give to him because it features everyone’s favorite Bigfoot in a classic pose. He might think its funny that you are equating him to a Sasquatch, but at the same time this is a high quality soap that will make his skin feel awesome after he uses it.


Premium Ballpoint Pen

A fancy pen will always be a good gift, and if your man is a businessman he will appreciate having this premium pen when signing documents or to keep on his desk. It makes him look very professional, and also writes more smoothly than the average pen.


Molecular Mixology Kit

Any man that is a fan of mojitos is going to love getting this molecular mixology kit. It takes the Mojito drink and deconstructs it in three different ways so he’ll never look at the drink the same way again.


Stainless Steel Wallet

Getting him a stainless steel wallet makes a lot of sense these days because identity theft is on the rise and one way scammers have of taking that information is by scanning his credit card information stored on a computer chip. This wallet blocks those scanners so his information stays safe.

Prices Vary

Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case

Here is the perfect gift for the man who travels for business on the regular. It lets him keep his laptop in the case so when he gets to the security checkpoint he doesn’t have to take it out of his luggage. It is part of a new line of FDA approved cases so there won’t be a problem.


City Map Glass

These map classes make great gifts because you can tailor them to fit your relationship. You can get him glasses from the city where you met, your favorite travel destination, or the cities where you are originally from. They feature the distinct streets and landmarks of the most popular cities in America.


Mousepad Message

This mouse pad leaves no gray area when it comes to who the best boyfriend is. It simply reads Best. Boyfriend. Ever. and is a great way to let him know just how you feel about him with three little words that are perhaps not as popular as the other three words, but just as powerful.


Secret Message Collar Stays

These collar stays let you come up with your own special messages to your man and he will see them when he is getting ready for work in the morning. Since these go inside of his collar, no one will see them but him, and he’ll know they are there and think about you throughout the day.


Putting Training Aid

This putting trainer uses a laser to guide his swing and keep it in line so that he putts better on the greens. This is a fantastic gift for the golf lover in your life, and is something that will pay dividends in a better golf game which he will definitely thank you for.

Prices Vary

10 DIY Valentine Gifts for Boyfriends

Valentine Pillows

These pillows make a great gift for your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. They are fun to snuggle up with with your sweetie, and instead of the classic heart they feature an x and an o so there’s plenty of kisses and hugs to go around.

Cute Sharpie Mugs

You’ll see mugs like these all over when you’re looking to make a quick and thoughtful gift for someone. But these Sharpie mugs are super cute and each one brings a cheerful message to brighten his morning over his cup of coffee.

Sugar Heart Candies

The best thing to give your sugar on Valentine’s is sugar, and these sugar heart candies are made by you so they’re more special than something store bought. Served up in a tin like they have shown here and you have a great gift.

Classic Candy Pinata

Go classic with these conversation heart candy pinatas. Fill them up with the actual candy and it makes a fun gift that you can share with each other later. Of course you can put other gifts in the pinata to make it better.

Love Tray

This tray isn’t really the gift, what you serve on it is the gift. Serve him breakfast in bed, or snacks for a movie on this tray and it will really show your love. It’s little things like these that guys love to receive from their girlfriends.

Lemon Drop Valentine

Make him pucker up all day long with this Lemon Drop Valentine. This makes a great gift if it’s one of his favorite candies, or if he likes sour things. This funny play on words is sure to give him a laugh and create the setting for an awesome day.

DIY Valentine Art

Create this amazing piece of Valentine art for him and he’s sure to melt to your wishes. It’s a nice way to decorate his office or home and it will be fun to see if he keeps it up after Valentine’s Day and makes it part of his daily decor.

Valentine Photo Props

One of the best things you can do this Valentine’s Day is take some cute photos with your Valentine. These photo props will really make those pics pop on social media sites or if you get them printed up.

Homemade Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day cards are pretty much a staple when exchanging gifts, and making your own definitely gives it more importance. These cards come out looking great because they’re half printed and half hand drawn.

DIY Heart Magnets

Here’s how to make cute heart magnets that can be used as part of a gift for your sweetie pie. They’re easy enough to make, and you can put them on a magnetic white board as they’ve done here, or on the refrigerator holding up a pic of you too.

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