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22 Hilarious (And Sassy) Retirement Shirts to Wear Proudly

If they’ve been counting down the days until they’re done with work for good, these hilarious and sassy retirement shirts will tell the world loudly and proudly that they’re done being a wage slave and are now living by their clock and on their terms. From subtle designs to in your face feistiness, these shirts will let them rock their retirement in style (while being really, really comfortable).
Retirement Shirts

The Legend Has Retired Shirt

He can let the world know how brilliant he is with this cool and casual t-shirt which comes in seven different colors and simply states that ‘the legend has retired’.


Adventure Awaits Shirt

Whatever they plan to do with their retirement, it’s bound to be an adventure, which is what this unisex tee shows, along with a subtle mountain graphic.


Does This Shirt Make Me Look Retired?

Some things are more important than the size of one’s derriere, and once they get past a certain age the question really is ‘does this shirt make me look retired?’


A Wise Woman Once Said I’m Outta Here Shirt

Pretty and amusing at the same time, this shirt comes in a wide range of beautiful colors and features a cute floral print along with a funny retirement phrase.


This Is My Retirement Uniform

Help her put the confines of stuffy workwear behind her with one of these soft and casual t-shirts, which state quite clearly that tees are her work uniform from now on.


Work Release Retriement Shirt

Spring him from the confines of the work day walls by gifting him this fun retirement shirt, which is printed with ‘work release’ beneath his ‘inmate’ number, i.e. the date he retired.


Hello Retirement

She can wave goodbye to the gruelling nine to five and say hello to the best part of her life with this cute retirement shirt which is available in a variety of color combinations.


Teacher Retirement Shirt

They say that school days are the best days of our lives but when it comes to teaching, retirement sometimes can’t come soon enough, as this funny casual t-shirt suggests.


The Queen Has Retired

In every work environment there’s always one employee who stands head and shoulders above the rest, and this tee will make the perfect retirement gift for the office royalty.


Weekend Forever T-Shirt

Weekends and weekdays all roll deliciously into one when you’re not bound by the Monday to Friday 9 to 5, and this shirt (which comes in 4 colors), captures that sentiment beautifully.


Retirement Camping Shirt

Sticklers for being sensible will have a very different retirement plan to those who are wilder at heart, and this tee is ideal for the free spirits who are enjoying their freedom.


I Worked My Whole Life For This Shirt

If all they’re going to get as a retirement gift is a t-shirt, the least you can do is make sure it’s funny, like this mint green one, for example.


Retirement Schedule Shirt

Just because they’ve left work, it doesn’t mean they’ve left their potty mouth behind, and this tee will appeal to a retiree who plans on doing whatever the f**k he wants.


Out of Office Shirt

No longer confined to lunch breaks and personal days, ‘Out of Office’ will be their brand new mantra for every day of the rest of their life.


Retired Not My Problem Anymore Shirt

They can leave all the office politics behind when they retire and just concentrate on enjoying their new found freedom, and if drama ever arises, they can just point to this shirt.


Retirement Gardening Shirt

Everyone has their own definition of what retirement means to them, but this tee is ideal for the gardener who is looking forward to spending more time with their roses.


Retired Untritional Facts Shirt

Let them know that you recognize (and will miss) all their traits by giving them this nutritional facts retirement shirt, which lists all their attributes on a daily percentage basis.


I’m Retired Do It Yourself Shirt

They’ll have the luxury of saying no once they leave work for good, and if they wear this funny t-shirt they won’t even have to open their mouth to say it.


Seven Day Weekend Shirt

Ah, retirement…when every day rolls into one and life becomes one long weekend. Celebrate that freedom with a tee which is as comfortable as staying in bed on a Monday morning.


Hasta Luego In My Winnebago Shirt

If they’re heading into the sunset in a well-equipped Winnebago, this shirt will make the ideal driving attire as they say hasta luego to their previous life and begin a brand new adventure.


Adios Bitchachos Shirt

Let her start her retirement as she means to go on…in true fiesta style. This shirt allows her to bid a fond ‘hasta mañana’ to the wage slaves left behind.


Retired & Living On Island Time Shirt

It’s a well-known fact that time is different when we retire – life slows down and the days tick by on island time, which is exactly what this tropical t-shirt explains.


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